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DJI Drone IPAD Ground Station Guide

The DJI autopilots Phantom 2, Naza-M V2, WooKong-M, and A2 are all completely compatible with the iPad Ground Station app. It simplifies complicated waypoint flying to the point that it just requires a few touches on a screen.

Supported Devices

iPads running iOS 6 or later and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 are able to use Ground Station successfully. All iPad models up to and including the Air mini are included.

Data At A Glance

View the flight’s route, attitude, and other critical statistics in a moment, all of which are legible.

Touchscreen Flight Control

Fly directly from your iPad by making use of the adjustable joystick control mode and without the need for a radio control system.

Tap And Go Waypoint Flight

Simply choose a single waypoint and then hit the Go button to launch yourself into the air.

  • The Planning of Routes

You can plot a flight route and then make changes to it while you’re in the air in real-time.

  • Templates for Routes

There are four flight route templates that make setting waypoints simple and precise. The contour of each path may be altered to suit individual preferences.

Make incredible films with our collection of prebuilt templates.

Additional Features

  • Editable home point for Return to Home
  • One key takeoff and landing
  • Flight simulator


Accurate timing of the flight Offline map support. There are three ways to orient a map.

  • Voice control
  • Real time alarms
  • Reduced travel time

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