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How Much Is Commercial Drone Insurance for Business?

If you want to use a drone in any capacity for the operation of a company, then you absolutely need to get commercial drone insurance for that operation.

The amount of $10,000 is going to hurt, but what will the judge give the lady who suffered major wounds to her body? Although it is uncommon, it did occur. This might destroy you, or perhaps make things worse.

Drone Insurance Business Quote

I have received estimates ranging from $15,000 to $700 per year for the same level of insurance for the same company and the same number of drones. These estimates are for the same coverage.

We have devoted a significant amount of time to addressing this topic with the owners of other drone businesses. Any money that we can save on the bottom line is money that we can keep for ourselves. This means that we are putting money in your pocket and making it easier for you to make a profit with your drone business.

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