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Camera Drones for Disaster Response and Relief Operations

A camera drone for natural disaster management might be a godsend for those who are seeking to appraise the damages. Natural disasters are dreadful for those impacted, they inflict so much damage to the societal infrastructure, discomfort to the daily food and water demands, long-term financial setbacks, serious injuries and impairments to individuals and too frequently loss of life.

Why use a Camera drone for natural disaster management?

With a camera drone, it is possible to do an aerial inspection of the damaged region affordably without creating an influence on the affected areas. One ready charged battery provides for roughly 10-20 minutes of flying duration, with multiple spare batteries for back up it is possible to perform several hours of aerial observation and evaluation without the need for recharging batteries. Camera drone has a very modest influence on the environment, compared to the harsh and heavy impact that a real-life size helicopter may have, those that are typically employed after natural disasters, to do an assessment, and collect images and video footage for the world news media sources.

Flying camera drone access to precarious natural disaster environments and situations

A flying camera drone may be used to reach the most dangerous locations. A flying camera can fly into regions and get incredibly near without making the situation any worse or harmful. An extremely low impact on the earth, and the capacity to fly, around, over, and into buildings via doorways and shattered windows that are too unsafe to access on foot. The numerous advantages of deploying a camera drone for a natural disaster environment scenario are pretty evident.

Samples of flying camera drones

Phantom 3 Advanced model.

DJI continues to develop, enhance and update its existing flying camera drones, below are some of the types available.

Position when in the air Take note of the camera that can rotate around a full 360 degrees without the need to turn the drone while it is in flight.

Phantom 2 in addition to H4-3D The DJI camera is not included with this particular model. It is compatible with the ZenMuse Gimbal and the GoPro camera that you may already have. Those who want to use their GoPro camera for a variety of purposes will find this to be the most useful. It is adaptable for usage in any other kind of recreational activity or action sport. It is possible that in order to utilize it or to connect it to a variety of sporting equipment such as a surfboard, skateboard, motor vehicle, etc., a specialized bracket harness is required.


  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Control brushless servo motors with high accuracy
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Built-in IMU module
  • Light-weight
  • Supported platforms include A2, WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2, and PHANTOM 2.
  • GoPro Hero4 Black was compatible with it.
  • Zenmuse technology

GoPro Camera.

This iteration of the GoPro camera is the most cutting-edge available.


  • Video: 4K30, 2.7K60, 1440p80, 1080p120, 960p120, 720p240 (super slow motion capture)
  • Photo: 12 megapixels, 30 frames per second burst, time-lapse mode
  • connection with the GoPro App (available for free download) and the Smart Remote through built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (sold separately)
  • Time-Lapse Video, Night Picture/Night Lapse, Protune(TM) for photo & video, SuperView(TM), and high performance audio are all features included.
  • Compatible with over 60 different GoPro mounts and accessories, as well as being waterproof up to a depth of 131 feet (40 meters).

This is an action camera that can be purchased from Amazon; its name is the GoPro 3. Developed specifically for use in active environments and outdoor settings. This intelligent device will be connected with software to the drone flight control, and it will keep the camera facing in the same direction and at the same level regardless of whether the drone is tilting, turning, climbing, or descending. There are gimbals with two-way axes as well as gimbals with three-way axes, both of which make it possible to remotely pan the camera. Even though the drone is not flying completely level, the quality of the camera’s video clip is improved since it becomes more stable and level as a result of this feature. The GoPro camera line is a collection of versatile cameras that can be attached to a variety of mounts and used to record a wide variety of activities, including skating, surfing, motorsports, and more.

You may use them as a model to choose what price range you want to shoot for, or you can start with a product on the cheaper end of the spectrum and acquire the skills necessary to fly and manage a UAV in a risk- and environment-controlled setting by beginning with one of these. Even at the higher end of the pricing range, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone is equipped with a plethora of cutting-edge technology, including a GPS system that can track satellites and enable navigation from a higher altitude.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to take photographs has a promising and bright future that will add a third dimension to the ability to perceive the world from above.

Since the battery life of the Phantom is said to be less than 15 minutes, it is highly recommended that you carry a spare battery with you at all times, particularly while operating the UAV drone away from its home base. Only a single battery with 2,200mAh capacity and a charger are included in the original box for the DJI Phantom. The additional weight that is added to a UAV drone when it is equipped with a camera causes it to use more electricity while it is in flight. 2.6 ounces is how much the black model of the Hero 3 weighs.

The information presented here demonstrates how useful a camera that is mounted on a flying platform may be in the event of a natural catastrophe. It is an aerial vehicle that has a minimal effect and extremely low operating costs, and it may be used for aerial surveillance and aerial evaluation of a region that has been affected by a natural catastrophe. A secure carry bag that is not susceptible to being damaged while being transported is one of the necessary accessories. Other necessities include replacement batteries and props.

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