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Best Action Camera For Running

Buying an action camera for running can be a difficult task. In this buyer’s guide, we compared all the best action cameras for running so you can make a decision easily.

Running is one of the most versatile ways to keep fit. Whether you prefer to run on the roads or take to the hills, each day brings with it differing landscapes, challenges and mind-blowing views. 

One of the best ways to re-live those memorable moments is to capture them all in stunning HD with an action camera. That way, you can feel safer on the move while you enjoy all of nature’s sights and sounds around you. 

Beyond that, action cameras allow you to share your experiences on the go with all your friends. From live streaming, vlogging and content creation to simply enjoying life to the max, an action camera can take your running journey to the next level. 

So what will it be? Here’s a taste of all the best action cameras for running available right now.

What to look out for in your action camera for running

Video quality: Let’s be honest, no one wants subpar grainy footage that is awash with overexposed lighting and very little detail, and with 4K Ultra HD coming pretty much as standard across the board, there’s no excuse for poor quality film! 

Whether you want to grab a cheap deal or snap up a high-end piece of kit, make sure you lookout for the video resolutions on offer. It really does make all the difference, trust us. 

Ease of use: Whatever action camera you go for, you need to make sure that it is compatible with how you run. But alongside that, you need a device with an intuitive interface that is not overly complicated. 

Size: Any action camera you buy is going to add additional weight to you as you run. Fortunately, the best devices around tend to be lightweight, compact and pocketable. But it’s worth checking out ahead of time so that your action camera is something that enhances your experience and doesn’t hinder it.

Mounting options: You might already have a few ideas about how to carry an action camera with you as you run, but having a few mounting options to choose from can make all the difference. From hooking or clamping your camera onto a belt or mounted onto a cap, the more conspicuous and secure the camera, the better. 

Battery life: Nothing is as disheartening as running out of battery in the midst of an extraordinary moment, and having a backup on hand when you really need it is a rarity no matter how organised you are! So make sure you look out for battery capacity. Anything that cannot run for at least 90 minutes is not worth the risk. 

Durable design: Running is an all-weather sport, so you need a decent action camera that can not only withstand rough terrain but take on all the elements too. Make sure you keep an eye out for bonus waterproof housing, as this usually offers maximum protection beyond light rainfall. 

Storage: Shooting anything in 4K takes up more storage than your standard 1080P footage. So any device that comes with anything less than 32GB is not going to be up to the task. 

Sharing: Whether you love to connect with others through your experiences, create eyecatching content or consider yourself the next Tik Tok star, we live in a socially-minded world. To keep up with all your sharing, you need to make sure you have an action camera that can easily upload your footage. Most devices come with built-in WiFi and can connect your phone via an app. But make sure you check out all the tech specs first, especially as the cheaper end of the market often has limited capacity. 

GoPro HERO 8 Black

Best action camera for running on this list.

[amazon fields=”B09CJGT2ZN” image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B09CJGT2ZN” value=”button”]

GoPro is an industry leader, and their 2019 release Hero 8 Black has continued to top all the bestsellers lists. It is incredibly streamlined and pocketable and has outstanding design features, such as the folding fingers at its base swapping your mounts quickly, that make it stand out. 

Paired with its intelligent Hyper Smooth 2.0 stabilisation and exquisite shooting features such as Time Lapse, the Hero 8 is the perfect partner to any vlogger, aspiring creator, pro filmmaker or sports enthusiast. 


  • Super lightweight, streamline and pocketable
  • Rugged and waterproof 
  • Hyper Smooth stabilisation and hyper-realistic footage
  • Various shooting modes and features to choose from
  • Good range of accessories and mounts
  • Quick loading features such as flashes, microphones and LCD screens
  • Easy sharing


  • No HDMI out port
  • Microphone audio quality could be improved
  • No protective case included

AKASO Brave 7 LE Action Camera

[amazon fields=”B0881FLJ1Q” image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B0881FLJ1Q” value=”button”]

Akaso is rocking the boat with their impressive Brave 7 LE action camera. Delivering gorgeous 4K supported by powerful gimbal-like image stabilisation to iron out all the bumps in the road, this is an impressive piece of kit. 

You get a whole range of shooting features to play with, including burst photo and fast motion to help you take your footage to the next level. With the Brave 7 LE’s innovative dual screen, you can easily frame and monitor each shot as you go. 


  • All-weather action camera
  • Water-resistant design can withstand depths up to 40m
  • Innovative dual display
  • Impressive gimbal-like image stabilisation
  • Incredible detail from 4K 30fps and 20MP photos
  • Good range of free accessories and multifunctional mounts
  • Good battery life


  • Battery housing is difficult to open

GoPro Hero 7 Silver

[amazon fields=”B07GTD4ZD9″ image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B07GTD4ZD9″ value=”button”]

The Hero 8 might be flexing all its muscles with its outstanding features and pocketable design. However, its predecessor, the Hero 7, is still holding its own. This action camera is a perfect companion for all your running adventures, featuring stunning 4K, hands-free voice control and an incredibly robust design. 

What’s more, the Hero 7’s intuitive navigation and easy sharing still stand out amongst many of its peers. 


  • Various shooting modes, including gorgeous 4K
  • Compact, resistant and perfectly waterproof
  • Impressive image stabilisation
  • You can go hands-free with voice control
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Good range of accessories and mounts


  • Non-removable battery
  • Fewer video functions than later models
  • Short charging cable

GAKOV Kids Camera

[amazon fields=”B08BC42L3R” image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B08BC42L3R” value=”button”]

One for the kids! 

Whether you want to support your child’s new found running obsession or want to see the world through their eyes, Gakov has delivered an all-rounder. It’s rugged, durable and you can quickly transfer and upload your live videos to your phone or computer in no time. 

Don’t expect crystal clear 4K here, though. The Gakov may be bursting with a range of exciting features to inspire your kids, but they won’t be shooting any footage more than 1080P. 


  • Great gift for kids on the go
  • Easily controlled via your smartphone
  • Quickly transfer and upload footage
  • Compact, durable and waterproof design
  • User-friendly
  • 1080P high-resolution video quality


  • Limited by the video resolution

KitVision 4K Action Camera Adventure Pack with Action Camera

[amazon fields=”B0824BYWT3″ image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B0824BYWT3″ value=”button”]

Kitvision’s “Adventure Pack” certainly lives up to its name. Featuring everything you could possibly want, including an excellent 4K action camera, a range of accessories such as a 32GB memory card, floating grip and extension pole, you’re all set up!

This intelligent kit also comes with a robust, sturdy waterproof case, so don’t be afraid to get a bit wet and wild on the road. 


  • Bumper starter pack with many desirable accesories
  • Excellent 4K action camera
  • 32GB memory card
  • Robust, sturdy waterproof case (up to 30m)
  • Video and photo modes
  • Easy sharing


  • No USB
  • Other branded accessories may not be compatible

LeadEdge Action Camera 4K

[amazon fields=”B08FDCB4J3″ image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B08FDCB4J3″ value=”button”]

Challenging terrain and the standard rise and fall of running can quickly make your footage take a turn for the worst. Fortunately, LeadEdge has come up with an innovative 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer to create smooth, seamless footage. 

This bestseller also features an external mic that delivers some of the clearest recorded sound that outperforms many of its peers. With its rugged, lightweight design, the LeadEdge action camera should be your new favourite running accessory!


  • Multiple video resolutions including 4K/30 fps
  • Innovative EIS anti-shaking and image stabilisation feature
  • 170-degree wide-angle fisheye lens
  • Dual microphone and a good range of accessories
  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy upload, editing and sharing


  • Splashproof, not waterproof wrist remote control
  • Struggles in low light

AKASO V50 X Action Camera

[amazon fields=”B07RHHWNK9″ image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B07RHHWNK9″ value=”button”]

Akaso’s V50 X action camera not only boasts stunning visuals but captures all the vivid details no matter how fast you are going. With its built-in electronic image stabilisation (EIS) working its magic and the innovative touchscreen to hand, you’ll be partying with the professionals in no time!

What’s more, you get a bumper pack of handy accessories and mounts to make sure you can get caught up in the moment, rather than worrying about your kit letting you down on the go. 


  • Re-live your world in vivid 4K Ultra HD
  • Anti-shake and image stabilisation for smoother footage
  • Intuitive touchscreen and wrist remote control
  • Various shooting modes, including time-lapse, diving mode and loop recording
  • Excellent range of accessories 
  • Good battery life


  • Wrist control is not waterproof
  • Struggles in low light

Drift Ghost XL Action Camera

[amazon fields=”B07ST83GKZ” image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B07ST83GKZ” value=”button”]

Battery life can be a real dampener for anyone seeking a quality action camera for running. Fortunately, Drift’s game-changing Ghost XL boasts 9 hours of battery power if you opt to film in 1080P. That’s a whole day of uninterrupted adventure in the palm of your hand. 

Alongside its rugged and durable design, you can make the most of the video tagging feature to support your action-packed vlogs and even live steam on the run. What’s more, if you’re part of a big event and want to capture multiple shots, you can sync up to 10 Ghost action cameras for simultaneous recording. It just doesn’t get better than that!


  • Longest battery life on the market
  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Flexible shooting with rotating lens up to 330 degrees
  • Sync up to 10 Ghost cameras 
  • Intuitive editing, live streaming and sharing 
  • Versatile and aerodynamic


  • Limited video resolutions to choose from
  • Must have a fast SD card
  • Jarring dashcam mode

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen 

[amazon fields=”B07K55FL73″ image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B07K55FL73″ value=”button”]

Akaso is continuing to deliver high spec action cameras with a friendly price tag. The upgraded EK7000 Pro edition is no different. You can capture crisp, unparalleled clarity through 4K.25fps and create mesmerising time-lapse videos and more through the broad range of shooting features available. 

You’ll also find an intuitive touch screen that makes switching between setting, shooting modes, and previewing your footage much simpler. With its waterproof, lightweight but rugged design, you’ll have a hard time leaving this innovative piece of kit behind. 


  • Beautiful high definition video 
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Easy uploads, editing and sharing
  • Superb image stabilisation
  • Highly versatile – suitable for a range of outdoor sports
  • Adjustable view angle
  • Valuable mounting accessories


  • EIS only works at 1080P or less
  • Navigation could be improved
  • Intermittent red flashing light during recording

Apexcam 4K Action Camera 

[amazon fields=”B07HP18CWC” image_size=”best” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B07HP18CWC” value=”button”]

Since its release in 2020, the Apexcam 4K action camera has continued to secure its place in the bestselling lists. From creating smooth, stable footage right in the heart of the action to offering a wide range of desirable features, there’s a lot to get excited about. 

What’s more, there is an intuitive wireless remote control that makes everything from recording to sharing more simple. Whether you want to run, climb, surf or dive (up to 40m underwater), the Apexcam is ready to support you on all of your high-paced adventures. 


  • Vivid and detailed footage
  • Built-in anti-shake function
  • Supports underwater shooting up to 40m
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Wireless remote control
  • Quick and straightforward sharing, uploading and editing
  • Excellent range of accessories and mounts


  • Struggles in low light
  • Wrist control remote not waterproof
  • Fewer shooting modes than other models

Whether you’re a vlogger, creator or simply like to live in the moment, getting your hands on one of the best action cameras for running can enhance any experience. Now you’ve seen some of the top bestsellers around, did any make your must-have list? 

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