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Business Opportunities for the Disabled: Aerial Photography

Give those who are confined to chairs the opportunity to see the world in a way they have never done before. You will have the ability to fly and discover areas that most individuals with competent bodies would never have the chance to go.

With the help of this drone, a little kid who is confined to a wheelchair was able to soar above the forest, have a closer look at the waves, and fly into a cave and explore the cave. These are just a few of the options that are available.

If you find yourself confined to a chair and searching for a hobby that you and your children can take pleasure in, consider purchasing a drone. Kids like going on adventures.

Are you a veteran who served our country and now suffers from disabilities that have rendered you unable to work? If so, even if your body may be damaged, you shouldn’t allow your talents go to waste. Think about putting your abilities to use by doing things like doing site assessments, doing picture work, or even investigations.

You may also get money by capturing beautiful photographs from creative and original vantage points.

If you, a physically disabled hero, prefer starting a business that allows you to be outdoor than getting a work-from-home job, then this blog is for you.

New Careers in Aerial Photography

If you are interested in working outside as a drone pilot, we have drones that are ready to fly and can take off and land just next to your chair.

It’s possible that your wheelchair will restrict you from entering certain locations, but your drone won’t have that problem.

Develop your skills as a real estate photographer or offer your services as a freelance photographer. There are so many business ideas to explore for camera drone possibilities.

Disabled Access Tourism

This picture was shot from the parking lot around 200 meters away from the location shown, which made it possible for a little kid with a disability to explore the beach and the remnants of the old logging wharf at Hamelin Bay in Western Australia.

To drive his wheelchair with road tires all the way out to this point on the shore would have required a significant amount of effort.

Disabled drone Pilot Come along with a little boy as he explores his surroundings and takes his dog for a stroll with the help of his drone.

Boat Ramp Auguster

Discover the sea in a whole new light as you ride in the warm confines of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle while the camera captures the view from above. Filmed on a chilly, clear morning in the morning.

Discover some amazing new locations to visit with your kid who has a disability. There are no boundaries other than those that people strive to construct for themselves via society.

You should do new things, go to new locations, and snap images that are so amazing they take your breath away so you can remember your travels.

We provide a wide selection of camera drones, many of which are suited for those who have restricted movement, dexterity, or finger strength.

Eye Gaze technology, which can be installed on your iPad or Dynavox communications tablet, can be used to operate certain of our drones.

Some models have GPS waypoint navigation that may be controlled from a tablet computer running iOS, Windows, or Android.

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