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What are Drones?

The high technology future, in which the hard human work is taken over by robots, has come a little closer to us with the invention of drones. The interesting flying objects are extremely functional: they are used to sow fields, protect state borders, search for missing persons and much more.

Drones also have great potential in the field of film and photo production. They enable dynamic video recording as well as the capture of important moments from various angles: The modern flying objects fill your archive with vivid photo and video recordings.

Drones are of course also used for active entertainment. Meanwhile, racing competitions with drones are also very popular and even bring the participants an additional income. The pilots and spectators also experience a lot of fun.

Drone Shot of a Coastal Road

What’s a Drone?

Drones are unmanned and autonomous flying objects that can fly themselves without human help. A computer or portable console is used to coordinate the drone’s movements. Most models automatically keep the position in the air and have a camera.

Some drones can even be pre-programmed with GPS. With the help of an app and a map with satellite images, you can program the route into the aircraft and the drone flies the route exactly.

In addition, there are drones that fly higher and further than passenger planes. Of course, a simple remote control is not enough. Many models are therefore controlled with complicated satellite, computer and radio technology. This is done by pilots who are specially trained for this purpose.

Today, however, there are also small drones with remote control that anyone can buy. The small multicopters are flown by many for fun – however, several rules must be followed.

What are the Rules for Flying a Drone?

The rules for flying drones differ from country to country. The following important rules are valid for Germany.

Don’t let the drone fly too far away. This means that the pilot must not lose sight of it. The aircraft must be able to avoid helicopters, airplanes and all other aircraft at any time. It must not take off higher than one hundred metres from the ground. This altitude limit may only be exceeded if the drone is launched from a model airfield. In addition, it must not weigh more than 25 kg. All drones that weigh more than two kilos may not be controlled without a kind of drone driving licence.

Drone over a residential area: Better not without permission of the property owners

It is advisable to have a tin plate with name and address on the drone. If it gets lost, its owner is known. This is even obligatory from a weight of 250g.

What are Drones and What are they Used For?

Most people buy drones with cameras to take photos and videos from the sky. When filming, the small flying objects are used by film and television crews.

It is also not uncommon for drone owners to compete against each other in special races. Here, for example, it’s the speed that counts: the fastest drone is the winner.

Special drones with thermal imaging cameras are used in agriculture. Such a camera can show the farmer exactly where animals are in their fields. In this way, landowners can prevent deer fawns, for example, from being injured in the field. With the help of drones, farmers can also view their fields from above and check how well the plants are developing.

Drones are also used by weather experts – the flying objects move at sky level and investigate the weather conditions. Valuable information collected in this way can ultimately be evaluated by the weather experts.

The fire department also uses the helpful flying objects. For example, drones with a (thermal) camera are used to search for missing persons. They are also ideal for monitoring forests under fire.

The military has been using the remote-controlled aircraft for years. In war zones the search for enemies takes place from the air, whereby soldiers observe everything on the screen and from the ground. The military in the USA has drones that are additionally equipped with rockets. These are used to fire at enemies from a great distance – at the touch of a button.

As you can see, the areas in which drones are used are now quite diverse. In the future, they will expand even more with the latest technology. Weather forecasts, breathtaking pictures, fast mail delivery, development aid and much more: in time we will see how far such possibilities can still go.

What Types of Drones are There?

If you are interested in drones with camera, then it is important that you inform yourself about the different types. You can choose from the following variants:

3-Propeller-Drones (Tricopter)

There are drones with three propellers? Yes, these are drones with a Y-shape. A tricopter has three rotors, is relatively fragile and unstable in the air. However, these types of drones are the simplest and cheapest variant.

Classic 4-Propeller-Drones (Quadrocopters)

In the field of amateur drones, this is the most popular variant. The four propellers are arranged in a Plus, H or X shape. A quadrocopter is also cheap and suitable for beginners.

6-Propeller-Drones (Hexacopters)

Such drones have six engines on one level. In contrast to a tri- or quadrocopter for hobby pilots, a hexakopter is used for scientific or commercial work by professionals. Of course, this model also has a correspondingly higher price.

What do I have to Know When Buying a Drone?

First and foremost there’ s the range. Simple models can be moved about 15 m from the checkpoint and professional models even more than seven kilometres. Flight time also plays an important role. A drone can stay in the air for up to 50 minutes, when you have to recharge the battery.

Also pay attention to the connection type. You can use either radio waves or Wi-Fi to connect the remote to the drone. Another crucial point is the quality of the camera. The higher the quality of the camera, the better the pictures.

Additional options can be very advantageous and entertaining. Drones with the Follow Me function, for example, can follow the pilot. This function is ideal for athletes who want to be filmed and tracked while running or cycling. A drone with Follow Me mode can also make great shots for snowboarders or skiers.

An aerial view of a snowboarder. Many drones can track moving targets with Follow Me.

Many drones can be controlled via the smartphone. A controller is often supplied with drones. The smartphone is attached to the controller and then serves as a screen. The necessary software can be downloaded free of charge in the form of an app.

For beginners a cheap mini drone is recommended to get a feel for the aircraft and find out if it is fun. In our comparison of different mini drones, we have examined lower and mid-range drones that are particularly suitable for beginners.

What are Drones and Why Should You Own One? – Conclusion

Drones are great flying machines for people who are lovers of exciting and unusual photo and video recordings. At weddings, birthday parties, interesting moments on vacation and on tourist trips, exciting photos and videos can be taken.

Drones are also very helpful at work. The practical flying objects are very popular with cameramen, clippers, journalists and representatives of other industries.

If you have dealt with all the questions before the purchase and found appropriate answers, then nothing stands in the way of fun. The interesting planes are agile, inexpensive and offer great fun and lots of entertainment.

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