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UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

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UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers
UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers



  • Upgrade your audio experience with the Pulse drop-in speakers from UCLEAR Digital
  • Featuring a gold-plated, standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack and 40mm diameter driver
  • Pulse speakers plug into most helmet communication systems, audio devices, and Smartphones
  • High Fidelity Audio, gives you HD quality sound inside almost any helmet
  • Includes speaker set and installation mount set

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    These little speakers are awesome!! I ride a Harley Road King, it’s a bit of a noisy machine and I’ve tried many different ear buds in an effort to get tunes for the ride. None worked well enough. I bought the Uclear speakers, put them in Bear Claw shorty helmet ear pads and they’re unbelievable providing a full range of frequencies. I plug the speakers into an Apple 5S phone so the next step is Bluetooth speakers if these ever fail, although the wire isn’t much of an issue. The entire install took about 15 minutes, all Velcro, and I should mention that speaker placement in the Bear Claw pads is critical for good sound. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how it’s going), you will still hear some engine noise but the speakers can be turned up to deafening levels if you so choose to drown out most of the noise. Be aware though, I believe these little dudes can ruin your hearing if used carelessly.

    Update: 11/30/16 Only one side works now, sounds like a wire is broken. We’ll see how the customer service is!

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  2. ShopHereTooOften

    Noticeably wider range in sound . . . the lows are much lower and more powerful, the highs clearer and brighter compared to the stock Sena 10s, 20s, etc line of speakers. The difference in bass is quite impressive. However, the perceived volume increase is not nearly as noticeable. It may seem maybe 30% louder than the Sena OE speakers. So get these if you really want to improve the sound quality primarily. If you want more volume, you’re probably better off using in ear monitors or earphones with a good seal.

    I personally run a PA2V2 inline amplifier with my Sena whether I’m powering these speakers or the in ear monitors. The IEMs are still louder and clearer. But there’s a time and a place where I prefer the speakers, and when I prefer ear buds. That makes me think, maybe I should get a second helmet . . .

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  3. Webbj

    I was placed these speakers in my HJC IS-Max II modular helmet and wanted a way to listen to music and my navigation from my phone. For my helmet, these were very easy to drop in and tuck the cables away. My helmet already had drop in speaker cutouts. I got lucky the cutouts were exact match for the speaker size. My cheek pads also have a speaker cover piece built in. So, I had no need for any of the other items in the box outside the speakers and cables. They do not move. The speaker quality seems to be pretty good, decently load with pretty good sound quality. It could be better but for $39 who is going to really complain. The cord is long enough for my needs. It reaches to my mini-tank bag for my phone. My only true complain is waterproofing of the cable and connector. There isn’t anything that states they are and I’ll assume not because of reviews as I’ve yet to get caught in the rain to see for myself. A good buy.

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  4. Douglas M. Robertson

    LOVE these drop-in speakers in my helmet!!! The closer you can get them to your ears, the louder and better quality the sound! PERIOD! I have a modular helmet and with speaker pockets, so they were perfect for me. If they could supply a foam spacer a little thinner than the ones they give you, it would be much better. If they get TOO close to the ear, they press your ear closed, so there’s a fine line… but when you find the spot, they are PERFECT!!! I’ve actually had to turn them DOWN on the freeway/interstate because they were TOO LOUD! I use these with an iPhone Xr paired via bluetooth to a jumbl… mounted right in front of my mouth inside the flip up portion of the modular helmet and can actually use all the controls on the jumbl by pressing the buttons with my tongue inside my bottom lip. (where chewing tobacco would go)

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  5. Caleb

    I purchased these to replace the stock speakers for my Cardo PackTalk. They fit nicely in my helmet speaker cavities that I created for the originals that came with my com device. The originals had issues with higher volumes( cracking, real high pitch not balance properly, and almost no bass). The UCLEAR speakers I would say are not the top of the line speaker quality like you would get from say Bose or Klipsch but they are definitely better quality than stock for a puck speaker. I would say for the price you are getting a middle of the road quality. They reach higher volumes than my stock speakers, decent balance of sound, voice calls are clear and the bass is definitely better. Over all I am happy with the product as of today. Only time will tell how they will hold up over time.

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  6. steve

    Arrived today attempted to install into my main helmet (bell star newest version) and they will not fit no matter where I placed them in the ear pocket. They were too thick and the helmet does not have ample room for them. Got one of my older helmets also a bell star about three years old and they happen to have a pocket inside the ear space for speakers, so looks like they will stay in that helmet. Also tried to install into a shoei rf1200 same issue as the new bell star helmet no room for them. I suggest to look in your helmet before buying. I got away with them only having multiple helmets.

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  7. Dogboy

    All these complaints about the sound quality of these speakers fail to acknowledge the importance of the source in the quality and volume of the sound produced. The speakers will produce as much volume as you want…as long as you have sufficient wattage driving them. Further, they will produce relatively distortion-free sound as long as your source is not running at full clip trying to power them. Personally, I’m running them at full volume from an old Garmin GPS model and the sound isn’t all that wonderful, but it’s because I need the volume to get through my earplugs and the Garmin is not an audiophile device. But I realize that it’s not the fault of the speakers, which sound great when attached to a higher quality source and are run at a more reasonable volume.

    They installed very easily and perform exactly as I hoped. If and when I want more volume and/or high quality, I’ll need to get a better sound source with more wattage. The speakers, themselves, are just fine.

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  8. A.T

    Horrible headphones. You turn up the music and they sound horrible because there is literally zero bass. The loud music combined with no bass is like cheap headphones from the 80’s. Their ad stating more bass for your buck is frankly a complete joke. Dont expect to even have bass from any pitbull, reggaeton, or pop song to even register on these headphones. And…when contacting the seller about their false advertising, you will be told that you dont have the headphones in the right position. Nah, plug them directly from your phone, hold it in your hand and put it against your ear. No bass still. They went in the exact same cut out that my other headphones went and had no bass still. Immediately filed for a return due to inaccurate listing. They expect buyer to pay the return shipping which amounts to around $15.00. So be prepared to waste your money for something that is only at best 5% better than stock motorcycle speakers. The only thing these are good for is talking. Not music!! The cord that goes from the headphone to your control module on the side of your helmet is really short too. I have an AGV ks5 helmet. Nothing out of the ordinary and the cord does not reach without using an extension cable or putting a lot of strain on the jack port and cable. I’m going to spend my money else where of the 45mm JBL headphones with Cardo, as at least I know they will have bass so it doesn’t HURT MY EARDRUMS to play pop music at 80% volume.

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