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Sena 3S Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters and Motorcycles (Full Face Helmet Kit) – 3S-W,Multi

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Sena 3S Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters and Motorcycles (Full Face Helmet Kit) – 3S-W,Multi
Sena 3S Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters and Motorcycles (Full Face Helmet Kit) – 3S-W,Multi


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13 reviews for Sena 3S Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters and Motorcycles (Full Face Helmet Kit) – 3S-W,Multi

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  1. Mike Eff

    For the price this is a great basic bluetooth set of speakers and microphone. I was surprised how loud it gets. Remember to turn up the volume on your phone and in the device for max volume. Install is easy if you know how to remove the cheek pads on your helmet and there are great video instructions online. The slim volume rocker mounts to the side of the helmet more discreetly than the big ones that look like space suit attachments. I’m using it on a Shoei rf-1200. I use it to listen to music, talk on the phone, listen to my Waze app, listen to podcasts, etc. Connects seamlessly to my phone as soon as I turn it on. My only gripe is that one speaker has wires coming out of both sides rather than one side, this speaker takes up more space in the speaker cutout hole in the helmet and it took a lot of shoving to get it in there flush, which almost broke one of the wires. Be careful of this. It will get in, I shaved off a little rubber from the bendy joint at the end of the wire. Overall it works great and doesn’t look obvious or ridiculous on the side of my helmet and that’s what I was looking for.

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  2. Mateo

    Good sound quality. I feel like it is a little tingy sometimes. But overall a solid good for a grade. Easy to install and I love how low key it is. Hardly noticable on helmet unlike some of it big brothers. Battery life is as advertised, about 3-4 hours of music. Only con so far is that they don’t provide a wall charger. Just a cable. They say requires a 1a charger, than include one in the box. I have a ton of wall chargers but not 1a so have use weaker charger or will have to buy one. Overall thou very happy and would recommend.

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  3. mayhem

    We use these for rider and pillion communication and for GPS instructions. I’ve no experience of playing music through them. They were very easy to fit and are straightforward to use. I think they are best suited to helmets with recesses for the speakers as the speakers are quite wide.

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  4. kat_korner

    The sound quality is pretty good, but if you’re riding in the freeway it gets a little hard to hear, ESPECIALLY any bass or lower instruments if you’re listening to music. The microphone works REALLY well though – if I’m talking to someone on the phone they say I’m crystal clear but I do struggle to hear the other person sometimes – again, mostly on the freeway. This is NOT compatible with newer editions of Siri however, because the Bluetooth struggles to process any commands with hands free voice recognition. The other controls such as skipping or repeating songs work really well though.

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  5. BGSeaton

    Installed in a builtwell lane splitter, the helmet already has a cut out behind the ear pads for audio systems, I’ve found out that these speakers don’t have the juice to put out good sound with how deep the cut outs are, so I have filled the holes with a cutout piece of foam to get the speakers closer to my ears and it is now better, but the speakers really lack bass and seem they are re more designed for intercom than used as music headphones.

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  6. Jock

    The Sena 3S-W is small, unobtrusive and was easy to install in my Shoei GT Air crash helmet. The voice from my satnav was set to be not too loud at sub-30mph, yet was still audible at 70mph. Much above that (on the autobahn obviously) and I would need to increase the volume, but that is quite easy to do on the move.
    I wanted a headset that didn’t have lots of bell and whistles (I won’t be listening to music and don’t get me started on making phone calls while driving or riding a motorcycle!), and the 3S-W fits the bill. I use the headset paired with a TomTom Rider V5, and it is very simple to do the pairing once you read the instructions, which being a bloke, I only did as a last resort.

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  7. Matt

    Has a lot of promise, too bad the right-side speaker was defective out of the box. No matter what volume, the speaker was distorted with a garbled mess and got progressively worse with any kind of bass and the louder sounds (left side was flawless). I took it apart and saw nothing wrong but did find a very pathetic Chinese-nothing battery in it that’s also not replaceable. Very disappointed.

    What I’ll add to what could be a great product:
    1) The speakers are huge, diameter and depth. Not only might you need to enlarge the holes for them in your helmet, but there’s a good chance they’ll add pressure on your ears; exacto knife may be needed.
    2) Volume could be an issue. I have a loud bike to begin with, wearing a full-faced helmet I can hear fine at lower speeds no problem; highway becomes near inaudible. What’s interesting is I cannot tell much difference between using and not using ear plugs; they need to produce more volume either way to work for all riders.
    3) Charging dongle. I seriously had a hard time finding a place to put this; either you put it in a good spot where the padding bunches together and it becomes hard to grab when you need it, find an air channel behind the liner to try and shove it in, or end up where it falls out of position and several inches of wire is flying in the wind by accident. Micro and mini USB are small enough, wouldn’t be difficult to just put the port on the controller.
    4) Riders DO ride in the rain, get rid of this “water resistant” nonsense and finally design a product that’s waterproof or even better, an IP weather rating.

    That said, it’s a good setup that could be excellent come version 2 should they (definitely the feel of a gen 1 product) release a newer version.

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  8. FE

    It works. All I wanted was a device to listen to music and GPS and it works. I used to have a fancy, tons of bells and whistles Sena, but I downgraded to this and I’m happier. The button timing is a little weird, so -1 for that. I haven’t successfully skipped a song yet.

    It’s small (which looks good and cuts down wind noise) and does the job though. The ear pieces are thicker than the newer Senas, but the diameter is smaller. So if you have cut outs, even though they’re thicker, they actually fit in the holes opposed to the thinner newer Senas that don’t fit in the hole and despite being thinner are more intrusive.

    It does kinda suck having to charge your entire helmet since there’s no small removable unit, but I can live with it.

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  9. Donald Leitch

    Excellent piece of kit. Sound crisp and clear,pairing to navigator and MP 3 took seconds and operation controls are simplicity personified. No unsightly controls on outside of helmet small slim and compact. Would certainly recommend you all to try one.

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  10. P M

    Love it but sent it back the same day. Some PC computer manufactures don’t recognise the device driver. Not everyone has this problem. Some can be resolved by going into Windows Programs- Program Files- Sena Technologies- dpinst64. This reloads driver. For some, problem solved.
    Other problem is poor USB cables (not supplied). Same problem with Dads PC. Shame. Great product, slim profile, small price.

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  11. Jake McAdams

    I installed this headset into my Shoei RF-1200 helmet all by myself and it took me only about 5 minutes to do so. I really like how low-key it is. The volume control mounts discreetly to the bottom rim of my helmet. The sound is impressive and the speakers do not take up any room in my helmet as the pads of my helmet fit right over the top. Would recommend this product to anyone looking for hands-free telephone call capability and the ability to listen and control your music all via bluetooth!

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  12. David Wall

    Fit well, sounded okay for the price, connected to my phone with no issues, and the key commands (how long you hold the buttons to do things) were really complicated. I would have given it 4 stars because it was good for the price, but it completely died the 3rd time I used it, 4 days after I bought it… I tried recharging, I tried updating the firmware – no luck. I upgraded to the Sena 10r and LOVE IT. Put in the extra $100 if you can!

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  13. G. Heath

    This benefits from being a simple device, making it easy to use, and connecting easily (when once I read the instructions!) to both a mobile phone and a TomTom Rider 2 SatNav. My only regret is not buying it sooner.

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