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Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom – SMH10R-01

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  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Stand-by time: 7 days
  • Headset Profile (HSP)
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom – SMH10R-01
Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom – SMH10R-01


Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom – SMH10R-01

4.1 out of 5
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  1. david

    I changed from the bigger 10 for the smaller size and would reccomend it. I don’t think the range is quite as far or the battery life as long but, its compact, can be charged on the go and is just so unobtrusive. Ive used this with on a few long trips, Switzerland and 4500miles accros the USA with my buddies, also on sena, one the SM10 and one with the fancy Sena in helmet system for Schuberth. Sometimes the pairing was a pain and it can be frustrating but overall. Excellent

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  2. Fitter

    I love this! It’s a great piece of equipment which is very usable. I fitted mine to Shoei NXR helmet and it fits nicely behind the lining without any discomfort or even really being visible at all. The battery lasts a good week of commuting 1.5 hours a day. The sound quality is good – I can hear clearly upto about 65 mph but above it gets a difficult. But slowing for the occasional phone call is acceptable and GPS directions are fairly limited on motorways anyway. The only real flaw is the buttons with a gloved hand – especially winter gloves. I have read that the SMH5 is better for this – but I have not owned one so cant comment.

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  3. Steve C

    I ordered this from Amazon for a good price and I was not disappointed as I already used the SMH5 which is great too! this unit is much slimmer wit external battery fitted to rear of helmet and can be charged while riding (supplied cable) It has a very good menu system once you have got used to it and pairs easily with my Garmin, Phone (Motorola X ) and G it also pairs with more units for bike to bike comms. Very happy I got it. Thank you Amazon for quick delivery. Recommended

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  4. M Smith

    Best thing i have ever bought for my bike. I use Earplugs with this and the sound is perfect me and my buddy can hear eachother up to 90mph with no probs. Battery lasts a long time and the range is great. Sleek design easy to use. Honestly best thing you will ever buy

    July 2017 update!

    ok so my bro has now got a super bike and we can talk to each other easy with this at speeds of lie 120mph easy. Battery life is still perfect, Sound and use and everything is still perfect.

    We use this every time we go out. And if we are touring for more than 6-7 hours and need some juice we just use a battery pack to charge it.

    BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE A BIKE. We honestly say to each other regally that this is one of the best things we have purchased.

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  5. Hooee

    For years I had avoided in-helmet speakers, mics, etc. I want my life mainly untangled out on two wheels, but then I discovered the joys of motorcycle GPS, and the custom routes it builds, and wanted the turn-by-turn in my ear to go with it. I also thought it might be enjoyable once and a while to hear music instead of just the wonderful music made by my engine.

    Installation is easy, and if it isn’t, dozens of videos exist for probably just about every helmet on YouTube to help you install this. The wiring seems thin and easy to damage, but 2,000 miles in, I haven’t had any issues with breakage, shorts, or other concerns.

    Sound quality is NOT there. This unit is great for my primary use (GPS directions), but don’t consider it for sound. Music is tinny with ZERO bass or low-range tones. I don’t even consider myself a full-blown audiophile, and these are terrible for quality sound.

    I did not test the unit-to-unit intercom communication, but I’m going to assume that is excellent, because that is primarily what Sena is known for.

    As for the unit itself, though it is low-profile, I think I bought the wrong unit. These buttons are hard to find with gloved hands, stiff, and are otherwise distracting to the rider. I wish I would have bought a jog-dial style of unit.

    Battery life is AMAZING… I will give it that. I’ve accidentally left it on for a couple of days and it was still blinking its little blue light.

    Overall, because of the sound quality and operation issues (buttons), I gave it three stars. I feel that this is a reliable product, but it does seem cheap and the sound matches that. Sena needs to work hard on their sound quality, and find a low-profile way of still having their dial-based adjustments.

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  6. Amazonk

    Not sure if they still make these as last time I looked on the Sena website they had disappeared but you could still get them online.

    Simple to install, simple to synchronise, good range, good intercom, good phone interface, sturdy, waterproof, aerodynamic, discreet, good battery life, USB micro – what’s not to like? Maybe playing music through them is not the best, maybe you should be driving a car instead.

    Whether you have a standard, flip or race-style helmet it’s perfect – I have 3 of these.

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  7. Mittens

    My buddy & I bought these things, we both ride KTM 450EXC’s. I was concerned that we may not be able to hear clearly over the engine/exhaust noise but it is not a problem. I only run the volume about 50% and hear him very clearly. In VOX mode, the exhaust from my bike does break squelch so I’m basically transmitting all the time but it’s not a big deal. We did install the speakers and mic into our full face helmets which took about an hour and wasn’t a bad job if your helmet has a removable lining. Battery life is great, we get a full day’s operation out of a single charge.

    I also run a GoPro camera under the visor on my helmet. I mounted one of the two speakers in the headliner near the camera so its mic picks up my buddy’s voice so the camera records both sides of the conversation.

    My only disappointment is they are pretty much line of sight operation. If we’re in hilly or canyon country, the connection drops off pretty fast if we can’t see each other. Straight-line, in-view reception is good out to at least 1/4mile. It also connects to my iPhone so I can listen to music and the fidelity is surprisingly good. There are a lot of other features that I haven’t even tried yet. Overall, we are really happy with these units.

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  8. Fox

    First and foremost, the audio “quality” is ATROCIOUS. Hissing, crackling, popping, I can’t quite believe that I haven’t accidentally plumbed an old record player into my helmet somehow. It was not fun to install, the big fat plug connectors don’t exactly fit…anywhere. And the curve they put on the device doesn’t quite fit any place on my helmet properly (RPHA70 ST)
    Now that it’s installed, the sound is absolute garbage. Barely adequate for getting instructions from my GPS and USELESS for music. If you were hoping to listen to anything with even a hint of bass, well, look at some other brand (After this THING I no longer trust Sena to do anything correctly) I wasn’t expecting high fidelity or rumbling bass, but there’s a big difference between weak bass and NONE. And I really can’t get past the constant HISS and CRACKLING. It’s truly terrible, I’m honestly just shocked that anything made in the last 20 years can sound this bad.

    The ugly lump of a battery pack you have to stick somewhere else on your helmet was a lovely surprise. All of the pics show a relatively slim unit, that’s why I bought this thing. I get it, and there’s another lump of plastic about the size of the Sena unit itself but nearly twice as thick with more wires you have to try to hide. It’s very ugly. The Sena unit itself looks okay, the battery is a black rectangular lump of plastic. It looks like garbage and I wouldn’t even install it if A. I didn’t need a coms unit and B. I can’t afford to throw more money at one right now.

    I guess it was unrealistic of me to expect the slim unit to have a built in battery but at least show ALL of the parts and how dang ugly it all looks when installed so I can make an informed decision.

    All in all I feel ripped off by the poor audio quality (they had ONE job, etc.) and when I can afford to do so, I’ll be ripping this piece of junk from my helmet and pitching it into a river.

    I feel like I should try to say Something positive, they DID include a lot of velcro patches, 3m style double sided foam tape, a wired mike as well as a more solid mike for different helmet types, two foam wind screens and other small bits that allow one to fit this unit into a lot of different configurations. If we assume that they simply sent me a total lemon of a device and that not all of them sound like cr@p then this is a nice touch.

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