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Sena (GP10-01) Bluetooth Pack for GoPro

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Sena (GP10-01) Bluetooth Pack for GoPro
Sena (GP10-01) Bluetooth Pack for GoPro



  • Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack allows users to add their voice to the video on-the-fly using Bluetooth Audio RecordingTM feature.
  • Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for *GoPro is a specially designed adapter for the GoPro Hero3 allowing for Bluetooth capabilities. With the use of Bluetooth headsets
  • The unit is perfect for singe adventures or group adventures and helps enhance video creation by allowing voice recordings to narrate the video.
  • It is designed to connect to both Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth products allowing users to pair their vocals with the video. With Sena Bluetooth products, users may add not only their own voice but also audio from their companions through the use of the intercom to create a mixed audio experience.

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13 reviews for Sena (GP10-01) Bluetooth Pack for GoPro

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  1. dubbua

    Unfortunately there is terrible cracking and popping sound when you turn the WIFI on the go pro. ….and since the screen is now covered on the go pro silver from the Sena pack…you want to be able to control the camera via WIFI app. I called Sena and the guy said…Oh yeah that’s normal interference. When I asked what to do about it he said they could send me 1 replacement out, but that was it. So I asked oh so this is a known problem then? and he quickly said no. Frustrating to say the least…Oh yeah that’s normal interference to…but this isn’t a frequent problem. One or the other. Im trying to update one more time and if doesn’t work sending back.

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  2. RobbySkateboard

    This goes great with the gopro and the Sena SMH 10. When riding solo it will be on ultra HD mode which records your voice at a quality far above what I imagined. Having it on and recording a dirtbike ride was amazing, I was narrating the video and watching it back afterwards I realized I didn’t need to talk as loud as I was. It picks up voice incredibly clear and doesn’t get drowned out by anything else (like a 650cc dirt bike engine). I did notice during a speed run that I couldn’t hear myself back in the video due to wind noise, but that’s to be expected with anything on a dirt bike helmet, they don’t keep wind out, it would probably fair well with a closed street helmet though. If you’re talking over the sena’s with another person, it records in standard voice mode, which is basically exactly how you hear the other person talking and how the other person hears you. Lastly: If you have the gopro pack on, you can’t listen to music via your phone, mildly inconvenient having to turn the switch off and on, but that’s my only problem with this pack so that really speaks to the quality of it. When my only complaint isn’t even really a big deal, you know it’s a great product.

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  3. MotoErgoSum

    I’d rate the bacpac higher if it didn’t obstruct the memory card slot. I never use the HDMI port, but I frequently remove the card. The upper USB port doesn’t read data, so you must remove the connector from the side of the camera and either use the USB port or pull the card. I use a really fast Lexar USB3.0 card reader, so it makes more sense to just pull the card.

    Otherwise, the bacpac works beautifully. It syncs up quickly with my 20S and records my voice perfectly. My only other gripe is that friends’ voices don’t record at the same quality and it’d be nice if the switches didn’t need to be turned off every time I shut off the camera. I’d prefer the unit to turn off automatically when I turn off my GoPro. The ambient mics are much better than the built-in GoPro mics, but they still pick up a lot of wind noise, so it’s a toss-up as to whether or not you’ll want to toggle that on if you motovlog.

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  4. Andy Kershaw

    This connected with no hassle at all very happy with the product.

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  5. Bill Booth

    I thought this would be a great product, but I was wrong. First of all I tried to do the recommended firmware update as soon as i received the unit! I followed the steps to do this and after several attempts the software failed to recognize the device! I spent nearly 6 hours trying to contact tech support on the phone as well as email! still no support 3 days later. I called the sales department at sena and she said keep trying… what a freaking joke of a company!!!! Very Dissapointed

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  6. Johannes

    Wenn man ein Sena Headset hat ist die Sprachqualität super, soland man aber eins von einem anderen Hersteller damit verbindet, läuft es mehr als schlecht!

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  7. vince sponselee

    only issue I have noticed is the range .and only works great line of sight for max 200 yards at best

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  8. Mr2oons

    Got this to record my radio comms onto GoPro. Which it does brilliantly.

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  9. Bytes

    There is no question with this purchase. If you have the GoPro attached away from your mouth (which is generally every time) this is a great tool to use to sync your voice into the video file without any hassle. Not only can you narrate the video but you can use the external microphones on the pack itself to record audio from the GoPro’s position. I use for my helmet’s bluetooth and it works perfectly, even at high speeds.

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  10. Cruiseman

    Does not work as advertised. I have been struggling to get this to work for 3 months. I have updated the firmware to the latest version, and updated the firmware on my Sena 20S headset. Terrible static coming through the audio stream makes it unusable. I only got it to work one time. I would prefer a full refund.

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  11. Paris Adrien

    UN outil idéal pour enregistré des vidéos comme des podcast ou des interview !
    La possibilité d’enregistrer seulement le son venant d’un micro bluetooth ou de combiner avec celui de la caméra est très ingénieuse.

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  12. Ross P.

    This is one of those special products that really help out in specific situations but can also help out in other situations. I purchased one of these here on Amazon so I could add audio tracks to explain what is going on around me when I have multiple GoPro’s mounted on my bike. They can also be used with any Bluetooth headset but if you purchase anything from Sena then you get HD quality audio and honestly it is CD quality which is a huge benefit if you are looking to get the best audio. I purchased another one of these when they went on special at another place because now my girlfriend uses it on her bike and when we need to record good audio we both can. You can “intercom” to other riders also if you have Sena headsets and they will be heard in the background also but not in HD quality. You are able to pair 1 of these to a person and for the price they are awesome!!!

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  13. Chip Mutza

    Works great and sound quality in UHD mode is excellent. It’s a bit finnicky sometimes and needs to be turned off and on occasionally when first starting up because it doesn’t always go into UHD voice mode, but that’s my only complaint.

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