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SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor,…

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SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor,…
SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor,…



  • ✈【HD Camera & WiFi FPV Drone】Built-in 1080P HD Camera with 90° adjustable angle, FPV Real-Time transmission, you are able to see real time first-person-view on the App. The video clips are automatically saved to the Micro SD card. You edit HD footage and directly upload it to social media from your iPhone or iPad.
  • ✈【Multifunctional & Add Fun to Fly】Our camera drone can perform 360° flips and rolls, circle fly makes fly more attractive. You can define an exact flying route on the App map, brings you spectacular flying experiences. You can fly the drone by moving smart phone up or down with Gravity Sensor enables the drone follow your phone’s direction. Great best drone toy gift for beginners.
  • ✈【Steady & Intelligent Alert】This drone does Auto Hovering, this mode that ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude when we focus on take great aerial pictures and videos. It will easier to control under headless mode, especially when the drone is out of sight. If the battery of the transmitter or drone is low, the transmitter will sound an alarm. Also when the drone exceeds the distance of 100 meters, the transmitter will sound an alarm, you need to press the return home button.
  • ✈【Easy to Control】The Big drone is suitable for beginner, press the “One Key Start/Landing” button, the drone will take-off or landing automatically. There are 2 speed switch, low speed drone suitable for kids and beginners; high speed drone suitable for adults and profession operation. With One Key Return, press the button in emergency situations and get it returned to you, so it can’t be lost.
  • ✈【Safe & Long Flying Time】The RC quadcopter has protective propeller guards to ensure a safe flight for you. High-quality ABS material to free your worries of a sudden shock or drop. One battery can support about 10-13 Minutes flight which makes it easy to replace the battery and safe to charge battery. We also sell this type of battery separately, you can contact us if you need it.

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Specification: SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor,…


12.6 x 11.2 x 2.3 inches


14.4 ounces



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8 reviews for SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor,…

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  1. Sam Bhattacharya

    Good quality and great price, easy for beginners and kids to play with, super easy to set up

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  2. Dan

    I read up and did some research about drones before I bought the SANROCK U52 Drone. It meets or exceeds expectations. The user manual has instructions that are pretty straightforward. As soon as you press the take off button, the propellers start spinning and the drone flies up and hovers in the air. That is a nice surprise. It takes a while for you to get used to the controls. For practice, I recommend you find a wide open space that doesn’t have any obstacles. You have to apply the controls gently. The drone flies smoothly and is responsive to all commands. You can also control the drone by downloading an app on your smart phone. I especially like the gravity induction mode that is available with the app.

    All in all, this was a worthwhile purchase. I would buy again.

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  3. Barby4321

    I had one of the early DJI Phantom drones that was a pretty awesome machine but this little Sanrock which costs a fraction of the DJI has better wifi and a very adequate camera and frankly, it’s a bit hard to believe it has this much technology for such a great price. It doesn’t have GPS hold or things like that but it’s pretty simple to fly and control regardless. Just stay out of the wind because it’s light enough not to need FAA registration. And remember, the higher you fly it, the more likely the wind will be stronger. I’ve not tested the limits yet and will probably stay pretty conservative in flying it so not to lose it.

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  4. John Gunz

    So I’ve had cheaper drones (35-45 bucks) from another company that starts with an “S” and ends in a “A” and is four letters long…. so nothing crazy to compare this drone to.

    The good:
    -Build quality and fit an finish seems excellent
    -“beginner” is definitely accurate to describe this drone. The take off / landing feature + auto hover = extremely easy to fly
    -I did not test return to home or headless mode…. I’m pretty sure I’d crash quickly in headless mode after flying non-headless drones / RC planes
    -Battery life seems to be at least what is advertised….maybe more.
    -Flips and does all of that.

    I think the other reviews covered the positives so I’ll focus on things to consider and one major issue I have:

    Major Issue: The camera takes photos and videos upside down. Not sure if anyone else ran into this problem. It’s possible the camera is installed upside down (see photo above… unfortunately i had the camera pointed down to the ground too far but that fence is suppose to be at the bottom at the top left of the pic not bottom right). If I get ambitious I might disassemble the drone and flip the camera if possible…. or just post process the vids/photos. Sort of a pain though.

    Minor issue: Today it was only a 9 mph wind and this thing gets blown around very easily. I kept it in speed 1 and then the breeze kicked up and I kicked it into speed two to avoid a tree and was very surprised it could not over come that mild breeze. Speed 1 and 2 seems like there is very little difference.

    So these are the considers:
    1. This drone is so user friendly I think most will get bored quickly if you have any RC experiance
    2. This drone really needs very very mild wind or your going to loose it in a tree quickly (I did but luckily this mid age dude can still free climb trees 30′ up).
    3. The auto hover function while nice for taking photos I think really cuts into how well the drone can turn and maneuver, and ultimately top speed. The motors for the size drone are quite powerful, but I think since it is programmed to auto hover it severely limits how much the drone can pitch / yaw / angle in flight severely affecting top speed and the ability to avoid objects if the wind kicks up.

    All and all I had much more fun flying the cheaper drone. It went about at least 2-3x faster in flight in the advanced mode (no auto hover though), but the camera was no where near as good. I am wondering how it would preform in a non-winding situation where it might struggle less to hold altitude … I was definitely a bit disappointed in how sluggish it was, but it does have certain features that a total beginner might appreciate.

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  5. James B.

    The “feature” that impressed me literally right out of the box was the honest way this company asked for feedback, review, or offered assistance. There was no outward gimmick to entice you into writing a positive review. When a vendor does that you can just about guarantee the product is not going to be impressive. And true to form, this drone IS impressive and works very well, the setup was a breeze, pairing it was simple, the drone itself can take a nasty spill or three and keep working like new. They did not beg for a review and they did not offer a free prize for a review because they do not need to. The drone is worth every penny. You cannot beat the price.
    One small thing, it is a bit of a stretch saying this is for a beginner, but i do not say that as a negative, the craft is advanced enough to do quite a lot of droning beyond the beginner level. I could DRONE on about it for ever, but i will leave it at that. With my funny joke, ummm yea well, the drone is better than my joke! I promise!

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  6. NA

    Great starter Drone for a 10 year old!!
    Exactly what I was looking for.. it’s very durable , has been in nearly daily use for a month.. taking lots of crashes, and holding up very well ..
    fun and easy to operate!! Soon he will be able to move up to more extensive models thanks to this drone.. perfect intermediate level for kids.
    Decent picture Quality at this price and also works well with his Samsung galaxy.
    My son has gotten hours of playtime in a day.. the battery recharges quickly.
    The price Is right !! Very happy with this purchase!!

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  7. hari-bhari

    It’s an ok drone, fun to fly, but it drifts quite a bit indoors and outdoors even without wind. Don’t think it’s stable enough for photo or video but fine as a toy

    Also my battery was defective

    Edit: they tried to bribe me with a $50 gift card to delete this review. The review is honest and I’ll be leaving it.

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  8. John Gunz

    Was supposed to get 20% discount, but didn’t. Supposed to be delivered 4 days ago. Purchased based on promised delivery date and discounted price. Also, there is only 1 battery. I should have read this more carefully, but an extra battery is 1/3 the cost of the whole drone. I don’t really like the app either. It just doesn’t work right on my phone.

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