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GPS Drone with 4K EIS Camera for Adults Beginner, 5G Professional Drone WiFi FPV Transmission with Brushless Motor,Foldable 60mins Flight…

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GPS Drone with 4K EIS Camera for Adults Beginner, 5G Professional Drone WiFi FPV Transmission with Brushless Motor,Foldable 60mins Flight…
GPS Drone with 4K EIS Camera for Adults Beginner, 5G Professional Drone WiFi FPV Transmission with Brushless Motor,Foldable 60mins Flight…



  • 【EIS Camera With 4 Sony CMOS Senors】– EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology can achieve reduces blurring and ensures video quality to maximize this effect.Not only take photos and videos stably even when working fast at high altitude.HD 4k image and 2 choices to achieve 4k and 1080p video transmission.
  • 【4K Camera &5G Wifi FPV】– 4k UHD camera can shoot out 4K HD picture and clear video with deep contrast and vivid colors.Your photos will be clearer and show more details than others. 5G FPV transmitter can save 4k video at 30 frames per second.First person view show you real time picture or video in your phone by the quickly 5G wifi.
  • 【GPS & Optical Flow Positioning with Optical Flow Auxiliary Light】– Accurate GPS positioning, you can control your drone to fly to a specified location where you want. The drone also optimizes the optical flow positioning, combined with GPS to be more accurate, keeping track of the position of the Drone and providing the Auto Return, Tap Fly, Follow Me,etc.
  • 【4000ft Long Range & Brushless Motor】Long Range Transmission to realize first person view. 4000ft Max Transmission Distance to remote control the drone.Included with two 3400mAh intelligent battery, each battery can provide up to 23 minutes of keeping flight time for high speed and 2 batteries included prolong your sky trip to 46 minutes. Drone can be fly up to 60 minutes time with double batteries in Low speed.
  • 【Multifunction & 50 Times Magnification Zoom】– In follow mode, you can choose to follow me or surround your points of interest, free your hands to adjust pictures and videos.Beside,drone has around mode,waypoint mode, one key take off, auto return,gravity control mode,VR Mode(Need to match VR glasses),etc. 50 times magnification zoom support FPV video 50 times magnification without distortion.You can enjoy the content within 5000 meters of the video.

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Specification: GPS Drone with 4K EIS Camera for Adults Beginner, 5G Professional Drone WiFi FPV Transmission with Brushless Motor,Foldable 60mins Flight…


3 x 6.8 x 4 inches


1.32 pounds


2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)



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5 reviews for GPS Drone with 4K EIS Camera for Adults Beginner, 5G Professional Drone WiFi FPV Transmission with Brushless Motor,Foldable 60mins Flight…

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  1. Barby4321

    This is my first review on drone and to be honest I was so excited to have bought one of the very nice built drone, batteries are solid but there is a problem with either software not working properly with hardware. For beginners read through the user manual several times to make sure you understood the setups and know how to operate the aircraft. When I setup mine after unboxing it, and fully charged the batteries, I did a thorough inspection and found that my drone was either refurbished or someone returned it and it got sent out to me since the battery cavity has scratches and the lights on the bottom of the drone were scratched up, but I did try to give it a shot and oh no, the drone was able to hover about 3 ft or so but then it crashed sideway to the right due to the right rear motor issues. Calibration part was easy done quickly. However, when I tried to land the drone the 2nd time by pushing down the lever it goes up full throttle and would not stop, it finally came down after several minutes. This is very dangerous for newbie to play and be sure to have insurance coverage for flying the drone because this thing can easily hurt somebody if it goes out of control leaving you hopeless with the remote control being unresponsive. I had several cuts from the blades because it would not stop spinning when it crashed sideway, so I had to catch it and forced to remove.the battery from its compartment in order to stop it. Wheew….injury wasn’t that bad, but think about how this thing come down on someone uncontrollable and causes injuries that’s not a good thing, so before you’re heading for one of these, know what you’re heading for. The camera is ok when it shows on your phone at 720p not very clear like 1080p. It can be fun if you can controlled it, I sent it back due to issues with the drone itself and the software as well. I rather spend a little more money to get the well know drone manufacturers like the DJI mavic and see if it works out for me. Good luck.

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  2. Alex Bustamante

    When you open the box you get very excited by the build quality of the drone. Everything is nicely packaged and looks like a $700 drone. Sadly mine was either defective or their software is not properly setup to match the nice hardware. Somehow the command to land for my drone meant to fly as high as possible to where the drone lost signal. It lost complete control for no reason at all. When it crashed to the ground all looked well so I went back to instruction manual and re calibrated the drone. Thinking maybe it was my fault I made sure to follow every step for setup once more. Seeing that the drone was calibrated and responding I once again started it up and it took off, hovered and I was able to fly easily. That’s until once again I attempted to land the drone and it took off again at full speed up. This time it almost hit a power line and was eventually stopped by a tree. When it fell it was completely damaged. Refused to shut down so I had to physically remove the battery to get it to power down.

    Like I said the hardware really was impressive but whatever was controlling it software wise was a mess. I hope mine was a rare defective one. Otherwise this could be a very dangerous drone to have.

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  3. DAT

    The drone is nice and this package really does come with everything you need. The setup isn’t as nice. Before each flight you have to rotate the drone in order for the sync to happen this op top of connecting to the software using the wifi module. (A pain) the other issue I found was that the RTH button is crazy and absolutely dangerous.

    I’m not a complete novice and have a ton of helicopters and drones, so I’m familiar with the features of GPS drones and the RTH isn’t something new. While doing a test flight all was going well until I hit that RTH button.

    It immediately began elevating from 5/6 ft to about 25ft and moved in direct line of trees and then dropped hitting ever branch. Oh did I mention once the button is activated you loose any control you had. (Be careful)

    The drone itself survived but the camera movement now no longer works. Sad because I had two friends who were excited when I showed them, not so much now. Shame.

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  4. James

    The media could not be loaded.

     I was using this drone to film my little brother’s memorial for his death I was going to gather everybody in the family and the sunrise and got it all set up GPS locked satellite for 18 and it took off on its own whenever I hit the launch button and brought it up let it stabilize and was hovering nicely next thing I know it’s flying a thousand meters away from me and I have no control I believe I deserve a replacement product or refund please Amazon help me or the company who makes these.. I lost a lot of vital memories and money at the same time, the Blue Dot and the photo is me a thousand feet down a canyon searching for my drone which is the Red Dot and is entirely inaccessible due to the elevation drop and the fact that it’s not worth my life I believe you should just send me a replacement please that was the last little bit of money I had. RIP Derek

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  5. Barby4321

    I am a complete novice. I own a few similar drones, but I really wanted this model because of the preset path feature.. it really helps with the overall experience..
    Upon opening it, The first thing I liked was the durable feel to it and it’s associated materials.
    I like the fact you can recharge the flight battery via USB BUT it does take 2 hours per.
    I get about 45 minutes between both batteries of flight time.. I thought this was pretty impressive!
    I am in a near suburb of New York so my range is limited to about 300 yards distance but at that range I cant see the drone, which brings me to a REAL good reason to own it, auto return to home.
    I thought I had lost it, no visual, no sound and the picture dropped out BUT, a minute or two later it showed up over my head. Whew ! was I relieved !
    It is extremely stable in tripod mode, this really helps give an even clearer picture than my other models.
    I was in 30 MPH gusts today and you would never know it as it hovered about 100 feet up. I decided not to tempt fate however and landed soon after.
    the flight experience is wonderful!
    to be totally immersed in the flying process is amazing!!
    great product and I highly recommend it !
    Worth the price!

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