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DEERC DE22 GPS Drone with 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal, EIS Anti-Shake, 5G FPV Live Video Brushless Motor, Auto Return Home, Selfie, Follow Me,…

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DEERC DE22 GPS Drone with 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal, EIS Anti-Shake, 5G FPV Live Video Brushless Motor, Auto Return Home, Selfie, Follow Me,…
DEERC DE22 GPS Drone with 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal, EIS Anti-Shake, 5G FPV Live Video Brushless Motor, Auto Return Home, Selfie, Follow Me,…



  • 2-Axis Gimbal and EIS : The Gimbal and EIS technology reduces blurring, provides better image stability, you can create 4k/30fps videos with impressive stable and clear footage than any other drones in this sector; 5Ghz support up to 3900ft FPV transmission, delivers live feed with zero-latency.
  • 4K UHD Camera 5x Zoom: DE22 offers 4K Ultra HD image (3840×2160p) with stunning clarity and deep contrast, Built in Sony Image Sensor, 100°FOV and 80° adjustable lens capturing a winder and clear view; 5 times zoom gives you a closer look at a distance to get more creative shots.
  • Enjoyable Design: Come with 2 intelligent batteries support up to 52 minutes flight, foldable design along with a carry case makes it a perfect companion for your journey. The brushless motor can resist 5 Level provide you a stable and powerful fly experience.
  • Easy and Safe to Fly: With functions of Altitude Hold, One Key Start and Emergency Stop, DE22 is more accessible to users. GPS positioning and Auto Return (RTH) function prevent your drone lose in any situation, automatically fly back even fly out of control.
  • Intelligent and Fun: Features with Follow Me, free your hands to take complex shots; Waypoints and Circle Fly let the drone automatically fly with a customized route, make aerial photography easier than ever.

Additional information

Specification: DEERC DE22 GPS Drone with 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal, EIS Anti-Shake, 5G FPV Live Video Brushless Motor, Auto Return Home, Selfie, Follow Me,…


15.9 x 11.2 x 3 inches


1.23 pounds


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



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7 reviews for DEERC DE22 GPS Drone with 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal, EIS Anti-Shake, 5G FPV Live Video Brushless Motor, Auto Return Home, Selfie, Follow Me,…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Phil

    Every time it takes off it veers HARD to the right. Day one and propellers are busted.

    EDIT** DeeRC contacted me after my 1 star review, and sent me a free replacement drone. Great Customer Service! They Made it Right quick and helped me trouble shoot what could have gone wrong the first time! Took it on its first flight and everything handled beautifully. Great drone

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  2. Corey Martin

    The media could not be loaded.

     This drone is amazing! Definitely the best drone I have ever flown. It Flys itself and is incredibly quiet. It compensates for wind and will track back to home and land when you ask it to return. The camera quality is excellent! Camera will.tilt and zoom. Still pictures and video can be obtained. Pairs easily with phone. Submitting pictures and video obtained with the drone.

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  3. Aviv Hod

    I was having a blast learning to fly this drone. It is easy to learn, control, trim, shoot video etc. Today I thought I’d take it for a short flight. Fired it up, calibrated it, checked for GPS mode and took off. Set it to climb and go forward ……beautiful. It leveled off and gave me the “max height” announcement. 30 seconds later I tried to turn it, tried to stop it and it just kept going straight. Eventually the wifi signal was too weak to return video but I could see the distance continuing to increase…
    800…..900….. I believe 1188 was the last distance reading. I thought “not to worry, it should return home in GPS mode” once it senses a loss of signal. Wrong. It appears to be gone. This happened about 90 minutes ago and I’m just sick as it was a gift from my wife. I’m hoping to get a replacement but am not very hopeful. Will update if seller gets back to me. 1 star

    UPDATE: Seller has been silent.

    UPDATE: Received response from “Hellen” the seller offering 50% refund or a replacement drone. I have requested a replacement, have added a star & will wait for it to arrive to let you know in a further update. 2 stars

    UPDATE: Seller has asked for a 5 star review before sending a replacement which is something I cannot do. However, I am upgrading my review to 3 stars as a token of good will and on the basis that a review of my email indicates the seller attempted to reach me a total of six times prior to my reading their offer. (Spam folder) This seems to indicate diligence on their part. At present I am optimistic and I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

    UPDATE: New Drone arrived about 15 minutes ago! Package looks like it has been opened previously but contents appear to be in new condition. Waiting for the batteries to charge & will update as soon as I have a couple test flights completed. Upgraded review to 5 stars.

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  4. Dale Guthery

    I received this drone today and was amazed at the quality and features. The app is very user friendly. This drones app talks to you ! Yeah no kidding if the compass needs calibration it tells you.
    I would recommend it to anyone

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  5. Dale Guthery

    I purchased this product and something is very wrong. I read the manual and did everything by the book. I took it for the first flight in a large open field and no matter what I did it could not get signal. After trying for almost an hour and doing the full set up multiple times I turned off the gps. This allowed me to turn on the motors and take off. Upon take off it was very unstable, kept bouncing up and down and crashed. No damage to the drone but two of the blades are bent at the tips. I would like a refund…

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  6. John Rutledge

    The media could not be loaded.

     First off, this is my very first gimbal drone…ever. I was very impressed with the control and stability of the drone, as well as the stability of the combination EIS and 2-axis-gimbal. This doesn’t have the optical flow sensor, as advertised, but it hovers in place like a champ with the GPS lock. True 4K video is another plus. Very smooth video, and no skipped frame rate, or jerkiness. Including 2 batteries is a bonus, which extends flying time. Follow mode, orbit and the other functions work as they should. DEERC’s customer service is always excellent, as well.

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  7. Aviv Hod

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is my first “real drone”, and I’m incredibly impressed at how much technology you can get for the price!

    There are three key components that work together to make flying this easy, and to deliver those “wow!” video shots that I want to capture.

    First, the drone has a GPS and it’s designed to know where it is relative to its take off point and relative to where you tell it to go. It’s trivial to take off and hover in place, compensating for any wind without any experience. It just stays there hovering until you tell it to move somewhere else. Pressing the return to home button and seeing it fly back on its own is magical!

    Second, the camera is mounted on a two axis gimbal that produces fantastic results – despite the drone pitching and rolling while flying, the horizon stays rock steady. Absolute game changer compared to cheaper drones that don’t have gimbals.

    Lastly, the camera itself is no toy, and produces a nice HD output. You can use the video and be happy with it out of the box for social media and smartphone use. Realistically, don’t expect true 4K quality from this price point, even if the drone upscales to 4K. Dynamic range is ok, but not great. If superior cinematic image quality is what you’re looking for, you’ll need to spend more.

    Batteries have lasted about 20 minutes for me, in sub freezing temperatures. With two included batteries, that seems sufficient for me, but I may buy another battery to keep me flying since they do take about 4 hours to recharge at 2 amps.

    It comes with a compact but nicely protective case that fits everything without fuss.

    One of the things in the case is the manual , and it is absolutely essential to read! You will need to make sure you calibrate the compass sensor and Gyros, and to interpret the lights and what they mean.

    Last, please be aware that this drone weighs 556 Grams, above the FAA threshold of 249 grams for registration.
    It took me about five minutes on the FAA drone zone website and I registered the drone.

    I’m very happy so far with this, and plan to do more flying to put it through it’s paces.

    Edit : added video and stills from the drone, flying on the coast of MA in about 10 mph wind at 32 degrees air temperature. Got about 20 minutes of flight time with a few minutes in reserve.

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