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DEERC Drone with Camera for Adults 2K Ultra HD FPV Live Video 120° Wide Angle, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Gesture Selfie, Waypoints Functions RC…

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DEERC Drone with Camera for Adults 2K Ultra HD FPV Live Video 120° Wide Angle, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Gesture Selfie, Waypoints Functions RC…
DEERC Drone with Camera for Adults 2K Ultra HD FPV Live Video 120° Wide Angle, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Gesture Selfie, Waypoints Functions RC…



  • User-Friendly Design: Comes with a backpack to store the drone and all accessories, 2 batteries support up to 24 minutes of flight, making this drone a great companion when you wish to have fun outside.
  • 2K Clear Footage: Built-in 2K Ultra HD Camera (2048 x 1152P) with 120-degree field of view and adjustable angle. Allows you to create high-definition footage and live FPV videos with a wider and clearer view.
  • Easy to Use: Equipped with auto-hovering and one key operation helps you to start, land or change speed by pressing a single button. 3 Speed modes handle the needs of both beginner and advanced users.
  • Add Fun to Your Play: The D50 can perform 360° flips, rolls and circles. With Waypoints, you can define an exact route on the Smartphone Application map which will bring you a superior experience.
  • Additional Smart Features: With the newest voice commands, you can control the drone with simple voice comments like “take-off” “landing”; if you pose for the camera it will take a photo or video on command.

Additional information

Specification: DEERC Drone with Camera for Adults 2K Ultra HD FPV Live Video 120° Wide Angle, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Gesture Selfie, Waypoints Functions RC…


13.66 x 11.38 x 5.79 inches


6.3 ounces


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



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6 reviews for DEERC Drone with Camera for Adults 2K Ultra HD FPV Live Video 120° Wide Angle, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Gesture Selfie, Waypoints Functions RC…

3.5 out of 5
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  1. WD

    The media could not be loaded.

     First of all I like that it comes with a cool case, it’s a tight fit for the drone but that’s good because it keeps stuff from moving around. It’s a cool looking drone with nice sharp features and bright lights in the front and back. The controller feels nice in my hands, the joysticks move smoothly but firmly in your fingers and are very responsive. I was not use to so many features being on the back of transmitter, the trimmer, speed control and headless mode are all back there… but with more practice I’m sure I’ll get to use it. The propeller guards are difficult to put on and eventually I just flew without them, but that was a minor issue. I like that the camera is adjustable and the pictures and videos that I took were pretty good. I’ve tried the App on the phone and it work really good, it was my first time using a phone app and I even surprised myself, definitely going to try it again. If you like flying drones you’ll have fun with this. Have fun and be safe.

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  2. Mike thompson

    I wouldn’t have even given this a star but I had to in order to right the review….when I received the package it looked great and is packaged great. I set everything up in accordance with the manual hit the start button and it fired up I hit the take off button when it reached 10ft I tried to bring it back down and it kept rising till it went out of site and I never saw it again !!
    Junk !!!! That’s why it’s $79

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  3. Southern Gent

    This is my second drone device and I must says it’s pretty nice, especially the leds are pretty. Setup was pretty simple and easy.
    The flight time per battery is less than that of my other drone, ~15 mins vs ~20 mins but it is smaller so understandable. The drone itself is is solid and seems well built. Accessories include carrying case and extra propellers. The controller is pretty nice and feels more solid than my controller of my other drone drone. I’m pretty much a newbie still with flying and I did crash it but it’s fine (feels really solid). The image quality is decent for the price (see pics).
    Overall, I’d recommend this drone for anyone who wants to get into drones before moving up to more expensive ones. Great price and great drone to play with. I’m still playing with it so I’ll update as I go along but I can definitely so far so good.

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  4. Southern Gent

    This drone is very cheaply made. Has all thin plastic parts. The remote broke trying to attach a phone to it for app use. The contraption that holds phones on the remote turns into a sling shot if not careful and sends your phone flying.
    On the very first flight this drone flew away, which left me and my son searching for it for over 20 minutes.
    We followed all flight and calibrating instructions. We were in the middle of an open field in the country so there were no obstructions for miles. We would loose control of the drone constantly, causing us sprinting for it, in hopes it would somehow respond to the remote. We had to use the emergency stop several times causing the thin plastic landing gears to break.
    All in all we had a great cardio work out running after this thing and shared a few laughs. So unless your looking for a reason to run for physical fittness. I would not reccomend.

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  5. bjhbuyer

    so far I am not enjoying this. I read all the reviews…there were many that mentioned the same problem. For some reason I thought I’d get lucky and NOT have the same trouble.
    Did everything the manual told me to do for each flight (only 3 tries).
    Paired, slow speed and calibrated.
    The drone took off nicely, as soon as I tried any inputs it took off completely away from me and landed in a tree once and bounce off a tree the second time.
    It’s a shame. The drone packaging and carrying case are all top notch. I was so excited to fly this.
    I quickly realized I received a “bad one”. I will be returning it.

    ADDING EDIT:::4.2.21….necessary reached out to me and replaced the drone. No questions asked. I must say their customer service is truly wonderful. I would not hesitate to do further business with them. They are concerned with getting it right, by whatever means necessary.
    Due to weather I have not attempted to fly the new drone, but will, within the next week or two.
    I give Deerc 5 stars for customer service. The drone is very nicely built. I look forward to trying it again.

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  6. WD

    As someone who is new to flying drones, I haven’t experienced all the nuances or know all the ins and outs of drone flying. That said, I recently purchased a mini drone from Holy Stone to mess around with. My 3 y/o loves it. So I decided to try a bigger drone with a camera, for me to have fun with. I also found that certain drones need to be registered with the FAA, but not under a certain weight. I didn’t want to mess around with that, since this was just for recreation purposes, to fly around my backyard and amaze the kiddos. I think this drone is a good value especially for the beginner. It comes in a nice packaging and carry case, and includes extra batteries, rotor blades, a controller to mount your phone (you just download an app to your phone to control the drone). These accessories seem to usually be extra on other drones I looked at. It was fun to fly, easy to use, and get used to the controls. Some cons I had were that it’s light weight makes it very susceptible to wind (but to be fair I wasn’t looking for something I’d need to register), and the camera isn’t the greatest quality even if it claims to be 2K. Also, the camera swivels 180°, but you have to set it manually; this wasn’t very clear to me when I was initially looking at the product. So if you want to change the camera angle, you have to land the drone, adjust it, then launch again. Not a deal breaker for me as a beginner, but something to be aware of.
    Bottom line, it’s a fun drone that won’t break the bank as some of the $500+ drones would. And if you’re looking for something as a beginner or a hobbyist, or even something not too expensive for the kiddos to fly, this one is a pretty nice deal.

    *I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*

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