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Potensic Dreamer Pro Drones with Camera for Adults, 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV Transmission Range, 28mins Flight, Brushless Motor,…

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Potensic Dreamer Pro Drones with Camera for Adults, 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV Transmission Range, 28mins Flight, Brushless Motor,…
Potensic Dreamer Pro Drones with Camera for Adults, 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV Transmission Range, 28mins Flight, Brushless Motor,…



  • [3-AXIS GIMBAL WITH 4K CAMERA]: -Capture impressive moment with the help of 3-axis mechanical gimbal and 1/3-inch SONY CMOS sensor, Potensic Dreamer Pro will allow you to record 16MP photo and provide 4K/30fbs video. The dedicated 3-axis gimbal camera ensures steady aerial capturing, so you can hone in on whatever you’re filming from high in the sky. The video transmission distance of up to 2 km and can also deliver high-resolution livestream directly from the drone’s camera.
  • [2KM TRANSMISSION RANGE]: -Adopt the latest Qualcomm technology, simply connect the phone device with the remote control with the USB cable to gain a control range of up to 2KM, gives pilots endless possibilities. It broadcasts on 5.8GHz for better Wi-Fi image reliability. The live video transmission and high-quality cameras offer a terrific flying experience, and allows you to see what the drone camera sees in real-time.
  • [BIG SIZE, POWERFUL PERFORMANCE]: -With its exclusive PowerAC dynamic system, Dreamer can instantly burst out triple power within 0.1 seconds to provide the best performance at a speed of 10m/s, and witty responses to various emergencies. Besides, equipped with a powerful Brushless motor, enable this 4K drone to work at a temperature of 0°to 40°, and can withstand different weather conditions within gentle breeze.
  • [MULTIFUNCTION 4K DRONE]: -With multi-function like follow me, DIY circle flight, waypoint flight, precise altitude flight, auto return, APP control and so on. The new function of DIY circle flight allows you to DIY set the drone circle direction, speed(1-5m/s), and radius(10-50m). Get ready for the simplest and most intuitive flying experience!
  • [ACCESSORY EXTENDED]: -It features a aluminum carrying case, a 32GB micro SD card, a smart battery, 3 USB cables, and a spare remote control and propellers. With the extended carrying case, you won’t be missing anything.

Additional information

Specification: Potensic Dreamer Pro Drones with Camera for Adults, 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV Transmission Range, 28mins Flight, Brushless Motor,…


14.25 x 13.5 x 8 inches


7.39 pounds


1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)



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6 reviews for Potensic Dreamer Pro Drones with Camera for Adults, 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV Transmission Range, 28mins Flight, Brushless Motor,…

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Richard Dunlop

    The media could not be loaded.

     I love this drone, it was a birthday gift from my husband , which arrived on my birthday April 1st it is easy and wonderful, love it.

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  2. Earl

    I recently purchased a 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Drone with Camera, Potensic Dreamer Pro GPS Quadcopter with 2KM FPV.
    My first flight did not go well and I had an accident that damaged the camera and mounting bracket beyond repair.I sent an email along with pictures describing the accident to the Potensic Technical email address. Within 24 hours I received a response to my email.

    One of the main reasons I had selected this drone was for the 3-Axis Gimbal 4K camera. At this point the drone no longer had the ability to take pictures. I was willing to do whatever it took to reasonably get the drone camera repaired.I was totally blown away with the Potensic Team sending me a replacement Gimbal bracket and camera at no charge. After receiving the bracket and camera with mounting clamps the Drone is back in service.
    My experience with their customer service more then exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Potensic to anyone looking for a Drone with outstanding customer service!

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  3. William Frank Lambert

    The media could not be loaded.

     I purchased the Dreamer Pro package with 3-Axis Gimbal, 4 K camera, 32 GB SD card, and 2 batteries for significantly less than $500. What a fantastic drone for the price. This is only my second drone, so I am still learning, but this drone was very easy to set up and fly. Everything that you needed came in the box with an unusually good User Manual. This drone is very easy to fly. If you take your thumbs off the sticks, it will hover in place until you tell it what to do next. But this drone is about video. It comes complete with a 32 GB SD card so you are ready for video right out of the box. The 3-Axis stabilization works very well. Videos, even in a breeze, are very smooth with none of the jerkiness that you get with a non stabilized camera. There are more than enough flight modes for the average user. So if you are looking for a drone with a 3-Axis Gimbal at a reasonable price, you might consider giving the Potensic Dreamer Pro a try.

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  4. Firefighter Steve

    This is my 3rd drone, I decided to up my drone game. It comes with a very nice case which can accommodate 3 spare batteries (if you leave one battery in the drone) along with the standard accessories. I have a phone I dedicate for drone use, and it fits in the case as well. The drone is big and could do some damage if you lost control of it, so be especially careful if you’re a newbie!

    I did have a few startup problems. Powering up for the first time there are a couple things that are mildly confusing. Standard behavior for most devices is to press and hold to power on and / or off. For this drone you must press and release the power button on the battery, then press again for two seconds. Similarly, to turn it off, you must press and release then press and hold until it powers down. The markings on the props are easy to see and they are color-coded (red for CW, grey for CCW); but the markings on the drone body for the props are not easy to see and you MUST put the correct propellers in the right position or your drone WILL crash on takeoff! You can install the props on the wrong arms — they don’t sit quite right, but it’s possible to miss that. I plan on putting a black dot with a magic marker on the CCW arms to make that more easily visible. Installing the props was a snap — literally, you align, press down and twist to lock in place. Make sure that the dust cover on the right side of the gimbal is properly seated — mine was not and it caused me to get a “camera gimbal is overloaded” message. Be careful when removing the gimbal stabilizer. Last, I kept getting a message that the SD card was not inserted when it was clearly in there. I removed and re-seated it 3 times before it recognized it, then it said I needed to format it. There were no clear instructions on how to do that — I eventually found it under the camera settings. After taking a couple pictures and a video, and viewing them on my laptop, the drone again complained that the card was not there after I re-inserted it — had to unseat and re-seat several times again — hope it’s just a flaky card and not a problem with the card slot, I’m going to request a replacement card from Potensic support.

    The video is sharp, clear, color-balanced, bright and smooth, much better than my previous toy drones — and no noticeable fish-eye distortion! Having the phone display how many satellites it sees is much better than the usual displays. And not relying on Wifi I believe will give better FPV video at distance. Can’t wait for my first long range flight, just keeping it close for now until I am more comfortable.

    UPDATE: April 14, 2021
    Ended up having to get a replacement because of the SD card not being recognized. When powering up the new drone it required a firmware update for both the drone and camera and the update started automatically; however, during that process the drone started beeping and flashing and things went a bit haywire. The camera update stalled at 4% for a long time (> 15 mins) forcing me to power both drone and controller down. That’s when the fun (NOT!) started — the camera update completed, but after that the controller and drone would not connect. I tried submitting feedback through the app, then emailing Potensic for support, no response yet (> 24 hrs). There was nothing in the manual that even indicated what was going on. Out of desperation I went to YouTube and stumbled across a video for the Potensic Dreamer 4K that talked about pairing the controller to the drone if they wouldn’t pair. I figured it was worth a try and voila! it worked.

    I took a short video. Even though the drone was visibly shaking from the breeze, the video was very stable. The gimbal did its job.

    I have to knock off a star due to the relative lack of support and insufficient documentation.
    UPDATE: June 14th, 2021
    Well, sadly I have to knock off another star, but not because of the drone, because of the support (actually the lack thereof); when one pays this kind of money spare parts SHOULD be available. The drone is heavy so when I accidentally crashed it and it fell on some rocks it broke badly. Problem is, you can’t get any consequential parts. All I could find was the camera, props and other small parts — you can’t get a replacement body, landing gear, nothing. After several back and forth emails with Potensic the only offer I got was an “employee discount” coupon but since the cost of the drone has now been jacked up, I would end up paying more for the “deal” than I paid for the original drone.

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  5. William Frank Lambert

    I was very impressed with the Dreamer Pro at first. According to the instructions, you should not have to calibrate this drone for 186 miles from first calibration. Well, I ran into a serious problem after only 10 days of flying it. I was in a remote area, with no power lines for miles, when the drone asked me to calibrate again upon startup. I did as it asked. Once calibrated again, I took off using the auto lift-off. It immediately lifted off to about 4 or 5 feet and then freaked out. It started to wobble, spin and then threw itself to the ground upside down after 20-30 feet and broke the camera mount and data ribbon. I tried to correct manually, but it was literally out of control. It acted as if it didn’t know which way was up or down, north or south. It was completely lost. I’m hoping this is a one-off issue, but I have no idea.

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  6. Richard Dunlop

    Nice looking drone. Everything went smooth until it gave error about no SD card detected. Tried 3 different cards. The 32 gig that came with it, a 64 gig samsung evo and a older Kensington 16gig fat 32.
    Formatted all 3 on my pc and all 3 gave same error. Did a firmware update and that did not help.
    Also had interment connection issues with samsung Tab S4 and it hated my Lgv60 phone.
    I’m guessing that all the rave reviews are for the 80.00 gift cards or free battery that potensic is shelling out for positive reviews.
    Sending the unit back for replacement.
    Value for the Money? =fail
    Easy to learn = fail
    Other thoughts:
    The price for this toyish drone isnt that far off of the Fi#! 8xse or others that are more capable.

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