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3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

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  • 3DR IRIS+ Multicopter 915 MHz
  • Camera Accessory – Aerial Camera Accessory
  • 3DR IRIS+ Multicopter 915 MHz
  • 3D Robotics 3DR171
3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter
3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter


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6 reviews for 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

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  1. Jere Roche

    This was a great aircraft for me. It fly’s smoothly and offers great adaptability. The Pixhawk controller is what I was looking for. The IRIS+ is the least expensive of 3D Robotics aircraft and the perfect platform to learn Pixhawk programming features. The controller has many exciting options to customize your IRIS+ to do more than what 3DR configures in it basic package. That basic package is more than enough for most users. Much more would overwhelm you. Get one, you’ll like it.

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  2. Laura B.

    Overall the quad seems well made, however the documentation is weak. Firmware for this unit is very specific, however, as with any unit being used with Mission Planner, the firmware will be updated automatically with initial setup and causes problems with operation. This is not indicated at all in the owners manual.

    3DR and Amazon both came through with good customer service to resolve the problem to my satisfaction.

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  3. Tabasco

    Love it, love 3dr, they make a phenomenal product. I own a quad I built for learning and got this one with plans on expanding it for video and photography. It flies like a dream. Easy and capable, it doesn’t requite a lot of know how but as you get more obsessed with the hobby it has all the components to grow.

    Initially you can fly it as is, then you open Mission Planner on your computer and start fiddling, add ways for it to fly by simply checking a box. Screw it all up and then ask for help on any of the forums or facebook pages dedicated to it. If they can’t help you 3dr Support has proven they don’t just want your business, they want your love and will work hard to get it.

    I would recommend this to just about anyone who wants to learn and then advance in the hobby.

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  4. Robert Cockrell

    I bought this after only having flown a cheap drone. I went nuts watching youtube videos trying to prepare. I am amazed. I can’t remember the last time I was amazed in a good way. This thing does everything they say it does. My first flight was in my tree filled backyard as it was getting dark. I dodged the trees with no problems at all. It is much quieter than I thought it was going to be. Much more stable and easy to fly also. I think the battery time is supposed to be about 20 minutes with no camera or gimbal (I have neither yet) and I was amazed at how long that 20 minutes seemed to last. With 3DR having released the Solo and reducing the price on this, it’s an amazing bargain. If you are like me and not rich, then jump on this while you can. Under 500 Dollars versus a thousand for Solo or 700 for the standard DJI Phantom. This has got to be the best bargain on a new drone at this time.

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  5. Lee B.

    What a great little quadcopter! I’ve been having so much fun with this, sending it to where I can just barely see it then bringing it back with the Return to Launch feature! I’d suggest going ahead and buying extras of everything just to have them on hand for the inevitable crashes as you’re learning to fly. Also, extra batteries for this are super cheap compared to some of the other quads, so pick up a few of those so you can keep flying all day!

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  6. Gary

    Ok So here we go. This is a great drone. It is not without problems. It takes forever to hit GPS on initial start. But once it does. it is rock solid as a performer. In comparison to the DJI Phantom 2 it is as good or better on flight. The advantage that DJI has is it loads up fast and gets you flying quicker. This thing takes a while to load up and doesn’t have as good a GPS system as the DJI.
    However it does have things that make it better. Easy to read and understand directions, something China needs to work on.
    It hovers perfectly on taking pictures from the air. The DJI tends to wonder a bit at time, and this one doesn’t. Well built and well thought out platform. A few modifications and this one would give DJI a run for their money.
    I had this in a 10 mph wind and it held perfectly. Keep in mind this is half the price of a Phantom 3 but since I have both I would highly
    recommend this unit due to the price. Ok a week later, I have tested this product and found that with out a doubt it is great. Its a bit tricky to land. But if you have experience in flying then you will love this model. It is rock solid and great for photos.
    I would recommend you train a bit on flying, but this model has it all. Im empressed.
    I want to test their Solo version but waiting on the price to drop or if they want me to test it for free Ill accept the offer.
    If it works out the way they say it does. Ill right a great review and video to show the quad in action.
    The only cons I have with this unit is the battery door, and the initial start up delay. But other than that , I would say this is the best bet for the money

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