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Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, Potensic D88 UHD FPV Drone with Brushless Motor, Camera Drone for Adults and Experts, GPS Return Home, Ultrasonic…

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Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, Potensic D88 UHD FPV Drone with Brushless Motor, Camera Drone for Adults and Experts, GPS Return Home, Ultrasonic…
Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, Potensic D88 UHD FPV Drone with Brushless Motor, Camera Drone for Adults and Experts, GPS Return Home, Ultrasonic…



  • 4K Full HD Auto Adjustable Camera: The FPV drone is equipped with professional 4K camera with 110° wide angle. Due to built-in gimbal, the camera can be adjust 90° automatically when the drone flying. Much easier to enjoy real-time images form different angles on phone.
  • Strong Power System: Four 1350KV brushless motor enable the Potensic D88 to fly stably at high speed, maximum up to 50km/h; 7.6V 3400mAh high capacity intelligent 2 battery provides 32-40 minutes flight, bringing a better flight experience.(come with 2 battery)
  • GPS Safe Flight, User Friendly: The combination of GPS and optical flow positioning makes for smooth and stable flying, even smoother flight. It meets the needs of beginners and experts. One button GPS return helps to control the drone. When the camera drone has low power or signals, it will return the start point automatically.
  • Interesting Features: follow me mode and interest of point are both available of this drone with camera. 4K HD images transmit through 5G WiFi (820ft-984ft) without delay.
  • Compact Design, Easy to carry: The drone with camera is foldable to store in your bag or in Aluminum Case(come with package). All stuffs of this drone can be placed in the case. Very convenient to take if for travel, outdoor.

Additional information

Specification: Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, Potensic D88 UHD FPV Drone with Brushless Motor, Camera Drone for Adults and Experts, GPS Return Home, Ultrasonic…


15.31 x 11.89 x 4.61 inches


5.72 pounds


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



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7 reviews for Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, Potensic D88 UHD FPV Drone with Brushless Motor, Camera Drone for Adults and Experts, GPS Return Home, Ultrasonic…

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Charlie

    This is where my drone experience begins. After years of putting off my first purchase, I did my research and came up with the candidate – the Potensic D88. The reviews came in as solid. It’s a very good hobby-level drone that is packed with features, and will likely lead people (myself included) toward the professional high-resolution devices. You have to start everything some where, with something. For the beginner with a little extra cash, I’d suggest this one. Avoid the hundred dollar ones, because you’ll quickly exhaust the features and wish you had up-purchased to the next level.

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  2. walter white

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     Very nice quality drone. The website didn’t say it will come with extra propellers, so that was a nice surprise. Other parts meet our expectations. It definitely not a cheap toy one, for more detailed unboxing introduce, you can check my video.

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  3. Michael Estes

    For Christmas, my brother received a great drone. I won’t list the model here, but it was on-par with the specs listed on the Potensic D88. After a bit of research on Christmas morning, I purchased a Potensic D88 for myself. It arrived quickly, and it was in my hands by Friday. (2 days later).

    The drone came in a sturdy carrying case, which was something my brother’s drone didn’t have. Everything was neatly and securely situated within the case. I pulled out the battery and setup the charger to give the battery juice while reading through the manual.

    The manual seemed straight forward, though I had a bit of a difficult time getting the drone primed for the first flight. After watching the “Quick Start” video from within the app, I was good to go! I did a final check of the GPS settings, and ensured that the high-speed mode was off for my maiden voyage!

    Once airborne, the drone felt pretty good. I live in Central Florida, and the winds are generally pretty mild. After 2 or 3 minutes of small circles, I decided to take it out a bit further; I was enjoying the video feed coming through to my phone, and wanted to see what the rest of the neighborhood looked like. I popped the drone up to about 50 ft, and sent it out about 75 yards to get a lay-of-the-land.

    At 75 yards, the controller started beeping (Reviewing the guide, it looks like signal was lost) and my phone’s video feed froze. The drone wasn’t responding to my controller anymore, but I didn’t panic because of the [Safe Flight] feature. The drone should auto return home when the signal is lost. Guess what didn’t happen… To my dismay, the drone kept going! It sailed over the treeline at the end of my driveway, and disappeared.

    I quickly ran after it, trying to use the controller to determine the distance from the drone. I started to realize the distance indicator wasn’t changing, regardless of how close or far I ran. After about an hour, I gave up the search. On my first flight, the drone flew away and was gone.

    I’m not sure if I was simply unlucky, but without the drone there’s no way for me to determine if there was some sort of mechanical defect. Don’t trust the Auto Return setting… it just might cost you your drone.

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  4. Charlie

    My first Drone, but didn’t wanna start with something for beginners only. After several hours of research, I made the perfect choice with the Potensic D88. Easy to use and loaded with high-end features!

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Just opened it today and after the charging time I got to test it out. Looks good out of the box and it’s pretty simple to jump right in in. Very responsive and pretty quiet. Pics and video seems to be in good quality but I will need to test it out some more for a more comprehensive review… so far so good…

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  6. Amazon Customer

    This is a great mid to entry level drone (it’s only my second) . it is very easy to fly, and does ok in light to medium wind. I wouldn’t fly it in more than a 10mph wind. it does pretty well at holding position in the wind, but video is very jumpy, and flight time is shorter than usual since it’s fighting the wind.
    The camera is good, mostly the reason I got this drone 2K was an upgrade form the 1080 I had before. It takes great still shots. video is ok if you aren’t flying too fast. fast flying tends to give the “jello” affect to the video. It folds up nicely, and the case is comes with is pretty nice. The controller feels pretty good, and doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy like others I’ve held.

    It only comes with one battery, and maybe because it is a new product, but I had a hard time finding an extra battery to purchase. Also the battery charger has bays for 2 batteries, but unless you have an extra USB A to USB C cable around it will only charge one battery at a time even if 2 are inserted. there are 2 USB C ports on the side and both need to be powered to charge 2 batteries at once. There is a GPS on and off switch on the side of the controller I’ve found that taking the controller in and out of the case can move this switch to off. you can fly the drone with GPS off, but if you aren’t a skilled pilot it is difficult. the plus is the drone will more or less maintain altitude with GPS off, but you are 100 percent in control of where it goes. I accidentally had the GPS off, and before I knew it the thing was headed off on its own ridding a slight breeze. Luckily the return home button does work with GPS off. Landing it with GPS off is tricky too, I ended up just getting the thing pretty close to me, and rather then risk a crash I just snatched it out of the air (from underneath) with one hand while hitting the emergency shutdown button on the remote with the other hand. The way the phone is held blocks the 2 upper shoulder buttons, which is not too big a deal, just be aware that if you have hands larger than a kid you might have trouble operating those buttons. first couple flights I had some connectivity problems between the drone and the Potensic app. I finally ended up deleting and re downloading the app that seemed to solve the problem.

    All in all the positives out weight the negatives, and so far I’m Happy.

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  7. Amazon Customer

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     I really like the carry case. Everything that I need is neatly put in its place in the case. 2K camera is very clear and stable. The unsteadiness of the video is from my inexperience. Loving it so far.

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