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What Is a Military Tactical Drone?

You’re about to go on a new mission, and you’re going to need a high-end tactical drone. Do you need night vision with the help of thermal imaging, or are you interested in mapping a region with the help of Lidar laser mapping tools?

Those that are eager to investigate new technologies may find that Hover Drones give them many options.

Before the Gulf War, it has been standard procedure to make use of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones. The pursuit of ways to level the playing field with the adversary is a constant focus for military personnel.

With the use of a tiny tactical fixed-wing UAV, a small Special Forces vehicle patrol that is operating deep in the desert may monitor dead land for up to ten kilometers or even beyond.

Hover Drones may be flown anywhere from one to five kilometers away from their operator in order to track and record any activity. Hover Drones are capable of flying at heights of up to 2,000 feet, and when positioned at this height, the operator has a wide field of view.

Search for possible ambush locations as a Hover Drone is used to clear the path in front of you.

Security Professionals

With the use of a tiny tactical hover drone, a small team of security specialists who are doing Embassy security and PSD or Security chores may monitor the local region surrounding the Embassy, restrict access routes, and deny any dead ground to the adversary up to 1 kilometer away.

Both the Hover Drone and the UAV are able to do duties that are comparable to one another, and both are also able to send live stills or video back to the base station.

Hover Drone for use by PSD Teams

When it comes to completing PSD and Security-related activities, a small crew will find that the Tactical Hover Drone is the ideal instrument.

A squad will be able to monitor the region surrounding their forward operating base (also known as a FOB) with the use of a Tactical Hover Drone. When you have one of these, you won’t need to worry about dead land or access routes that pose a significant danger since you’ll be flying over it all. They are ideal for embassy security tasks.

This little drone can remain airborne for up to 30 minutes, fly at a speed of 10 meters per second, and cover up to 15 kilometers on a single battery. The Tactical Hover Drone will gain simple access to routes and any dead terrain out to 1 kilometer. Changing the battery just takes fifteen seconds, and you can fit enough batteries for an entire day’s worth of work into a relatively tiny travel bag. Plugging your battery charger into a common 12 volt plug fitting in your vehicle allows you to charge batteries while you are on the go.

The average flight duration for a tiny hover drone in the business is generally about 12 minutes, but we provide Tactical Hover Drones that have a flying endurance of 30 minutes, which is twice the time and double the range.

See at Night with Thermal Camera Drone

However, despite the fact that you will utilize your drone during daytime hours 80 percent of the time, there will be numerous situations in which you will need the capacity to see in the dark.

There is a variety of compact thermal cameras that will allow you to locate the adversary throughout the night or in conditions with low light levels. Using one of the Thermal Camera Drones, you will be able to see in the dark and identify a heat source up to one kilometer away that is the size of a person.

If you are working on boats, you may clear the way ahead by using a hovering drone that is launched from the deck of your boat.

Handsfree GPS Drone for perimeter security 

Do you need a drone to carry out pre-planned flights over your area? There are drones that are capable of carrying out autonomous flights with the use of a simple app that can be downloaded onto your iPad. Simply enter the routes into the software.

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