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SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…

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SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…
SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…



  • Optical Flow Positioning and Altitude Hold . X500 is extremely user-friendly that comes with Optical Flow Positioning and Altitude Hold. The feature of Optical flow allows the drone to hold its position without a pilot’s maneuvering,which conduces to more stable hovering and ensures your clear photograph.One key take off/landing function adapts to all experience levels even for beginners.
  • Considerate Design and Easy to Carry. A battery can support up 8 to 12 mins play for each charge which grants more enough time to perform a perfect fly. Also, Simrex X500 provides perfect solution for indoor and outdoor flying, foldable and lightweight makes it exceptionally easy to carry. Bring it anywhere, saves the space with folding size: 110*80*35mm.
  • 720P Pictures & Live Videos Function. Upgrade dual camera, switch the camera of view arbitrarily which captures high-quality video and clear aerial can see what your drone sees from smartphone, enjoy a live video feed up from far away .Phone direct control with transmission which compatible with Apple IOS / Android phones .
  • Headless Security Mode. Once the fuselage direction can not be recognized, it can enter headless mode so as to continue the flight.The pilot can fly the drone to any location without worrying about which direction the drone is facing. Help x500 to prevent from losing the direction.
  • 360 Degree Flips & Rolls. One step 3D rolling special effects. Continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. 3D Flips function makes flight attractive even for the drone newbies.

Additional information

Specification: SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…


6.42 x 4.61 x 3.86 inches


11.3 ounces


1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)



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12 reviews for SIMREX X500 mini Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter with 720P HD Camera, Altitude Hold Headless Mode, Foldable FPV Drones WiFi Live Video…

4.3 out of 5
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  1. V. Taras

    This drone is compact…. making it easy to transport, and most fun — easy to fly indoors (of course, I’m talking about inside a gymnasium or something like that.

    The camera is decent quality, and I’m expecting to use this for indoor events like… basketball, wrestling, etc. at our school.

    Outdoors it’s pretty cool… just be sure you follow all applicable rules and regs.

    Battery life is good!

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  2. Tariq

    Incredible hoe strong this product is at this size. I cannot stress how small it is. Built from very strong plastic, with all the folding bits being very sturdy and able to handle all sorts of knocks and drops. Loads of spare parts included. The best part for me is the software. The phone app is brilliant, clear, easy to follow and we’ll laid out. The camera is only 720p on this, but couldn’t really expect more for the size. Will be taking it on holiday with us at Xmas. Recommended!

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  3. V. Taras

    After I removed the drone from the box and installed the batteries in the controller, I tried powering it on and lifting off. It immediately started flying to the left so I pushed right on the joypad to compensate and was able to land it safely. I reset the controller and drone and tried again. The second time it nearly flew into my wall before I was able to catch it in mid-air and set it safely on a surface, which disabled the propellers. I I had high hopes for this little guy but sadly wouldn’t recommend it. I did return it and had no problem receiving a refund.

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  4. Molly

    The media could not be loaded.

     Awesome drone lots of fun, great for beginners. First time flying drone.
    as a beginner I was a little nervous flying the drone. I made sure I read all of the instructions first, I recommend you do this. Took a little getting use to, drone is very light, but still very sturdy and robust.
    Once I figured out the trim flying the drone was easier to increase the speed up one.
    The video quality is good and works well.
    Would recommend if it’s your first time flying a drone, make sure you have plenty of space around you, stay away from obstacles, try to go out on a day when its not windy, you well have lots of fun. This is well worth the money, me and the boys love it, highly recommend 👌

    I tried it indoors and it was accurate and stable, didn’t try outside.

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  5. GadgetLover67

    * Size

    The drone is smaller than expected, fits in the palm of my hand. As I’ll mainly be flying the drone indoors I see this as a positive as it gives more space to manoeuvre around without hitting anything.

    * Price

    Luckily I managed to get the drone for a discount due to either a Black Friday deal or a Prime Lightning deal (not sure which one it was). Even a full price the drone is worth the value given some of the advanced features it has.

    * Battery life

    The drone battery charges via a USB cable so you can use any USB plug you have laying around to charge this. Each flight last around 10 mins before the battery need a recharge. For a done this small I wouldn’t expect a longer battery life.
The controller take 3 AAA batteries which have lasted a long time. I’ve been using the drone for a week with heavy usage and have yet to drain the batteries on the controller.

    * Control and flight

    This is an area where this drone really excels! The controls on the drone are extremely easy to master even for an newbie. The controller has a button which takes the drop up a few feet and keeps it hovering there until you start to control it. There is a one button landing mode which is helpful.
Moving the drone is very intuitive, however I would suggest starting off using the controls lightly at first as the drone is a lot speedier than I though it could be.

    * iPhone app and camera

    The downloaded the iPhone app and was able to sync to the drone very easily. The app shows the camera feed from the drone. It’s as clear as can be for a 720p camera. Something you can use to enhance family videos. However it’s not a feature I see myself using and this will be used for flying around for fun.

    * Miscellaneous

    The done folds away and it very compact. The drone comes with 4 propeller guards which helps protect them when it crashed into a wall. It also comes with spare pair of propellers.
The build quality is great for the price, its hit the wall a few times on my first few flights and surprisingly the drone and propellers (I hadn’t installed the guards at first) where still in tact without a dent.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Great little drone! I’ve brought this as a present for my brother but I had to get it out and have a play.

    The app was super simple to set up and even for a total novice it was actually very easy to use. The instructions are comprehensive enough for a beginner and the controls were easy to learn. I love that you can capture photos from the drone and save them to your phone, I may have to get one for myself.

    The battery is decent and lasts about 15 mins or just under which is plenty of time to do a few tricks and take some photos

    Highly recommend

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  7. tim wilson

    The media could not be loaded.

     Surprisingly good.
    The drone is compact when folded, but quite sizable when unfolded and ready to fly.
    I was worried about how stable it would be, but it turned out better than expected. It’s quite easy to maneuver and control.
    You can pilot it using the remote control, or connect directly to your phone. When in the phone mode, you can use the controllers on your phone screen, or you can switch to the mode when you tilt your phone like a steering wheel to control the drone. The latter is the most intuitive to me.
    Also, lots of pre-programmed functions, such as quick lift-off, safe landing, and a bunch of tricks that the drone executes with a push of a button.
    Four spare propellers included.
    Very impressed so far.

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  8. tim wilson

    I purchased this inexpensive small drone for my 10 yr olds birthday present !! Of course I had to open it and operate it to make sure it is ready to go when he gets it ! I am the type that Hass to call Amazon support whenever I have to put something together ! It was so simple this is the first time I didn’t have to do that !
    I opened it up read the directions and had it flying in about 4-5 minutes !!
    I have a larger , more expensive one, but I like this one for the ease of operation! Especially for my smart 10 yr old !!
    So rest assured if you’re looking for in an expensive drone this is the one you should buy the Simrex x500 !!

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  9. Tariq

    It’s very easy to fly and has good hover and land modes which work at a click of a button on the remote. The controls are easy to use and the pairing it quick.

    I like the battery comes in its own case and slides into the drone very easily.
    It’s easy to charge via the USB cable that plugs into the battery case.

    Folds away very neatly and has a compact design.
    Also includes some spare props and 4 prop guards, which is great.

    Would have been nice to include a carry case of some sort.

    Only 1 battery.

    720p resolution is not great, but considering the cost its acceptable.

    Overall this is a great compact (about hand size) starter drone for someone looking to get into flying drones.

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  10. AZShopper

    I’ve never owned a drone before, and this was a great option to introduce myself to what they’re like.

    This is a very compact sized drone and folds up into an even smaller footprint, so it’s easy to carry. It’s great that it comes with extra blades and blade guards, because when you’re getting the hang of how to fly it (especially if you’re doing in indoors or in a smaller space), you’re bound to hit something at some point.

    It’s actually pretty easy to control and quite stable.

    Things that could be improved, but I wouldn’t really expect at this price point:
    1) Camera: camera is pretty low resolution and at least on my phone (iPhone 11), things appeared compressed (like we were short and fat) – I don’t know if this was just a display issue and whether a recording would look right. The camera placement is such that you see what’s ahead vs what’s below. Ideally, I’d like the camera placed more diagonally pointed front and downward so you get a bit of both.

    2) Battery: battery life is fairly short, which isn’t surprising given how fast the 4 blades are turning (it creates quite a bit of wind indoors) and how small/light the battery is.

    I don’t think longer battery life is necessarily a must, and it’s nice that the manufacturer now has extra batteries for purchase so you can charge a couple more and change them out as needed to have a longer experience on an outing without having to return home to charge your single battery.

    For my purposes (just having something small to fly for fun now and then), this is all I’ll ever need. I don’t have any plans to buy a bigger or more feature-rich drone at this point, but it was worth it to try this. And for younger kids, this is a really smart way to start. If they prove they can take care of this and continue to show interest in flying this, you can look to higher end models that can do more.

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  11. Buisness clownS

    Like the title says. Super fun. Easy to setup and control. It’s been raining all week, so we’ve just been flying it around the house. Which is a real test. Flying down narrow hallways, upstairs, seeing who can land it in the smallest spot😄 it’s fun. Even for my 5 year old (with a little assistance )
    Considering the price is so low it really is awesome, fun, and pretty durable ( again, 5 year old flying it, and crashing, and its still chugging on)we used to have a larger, drone that cost 3x as much as this one and it was definitely harder to fly and now just sits in a box. This is much more fun right out of the box.

    My only issue is the phone holder is too small for my phone. But I have a giant phone+case so it’s not a surprise.

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  12. Drpiercy

    The item did not work, I was very disappointed. I followed all the included instructions and after charging the main battery, the drone would not power on. I can’t speak on the performance of the drone if it would have worked but not even powering on to begin with is a bid no for me. I would not recommend this product to anyone and I would not consider purchasing it again. Also there were no videos available for this specific drone on the company website or any outside sources. Usually devices like this would have a video instruction or tutorial for setup and usage. I had to view several videos for similar drones to attempt to set up this product (after reading the included instructions which were not very helpful either). The design of the drone seemed nice enough. It may have been nice if it worked but I never got to find out since the power issued never got resolved.

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