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Contixo F30 Drone for Kids & Adults WiFi 4K UHD Camera and GPS, FPV Quadcopter for Beginners, Foldable mini drone, Brushless Motor, Follow Me, Two…

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Contixo F30 Drone for Kids & Adults WiFi 4K UHD Camera and GPS, FPV Quadcopter for Beginners, Foldable mini drone, Brushless Motor, Follow Me, Two…
Contixo F30 Drone for Kids & Adults WiFi 4K UHD Camera and GPS, FPV Quadcopter for Beginners, Foldable mini drone, Brushless Motor, Follow Me, Two…



  • [4K Ultra High Definition Camera] Our Ultra High Definition camera utilizes every pixel giving you crystal clear photos and video. This allows the camera to provide smooth 4k video at 3840×2160.
  • [Portable & Lightweight] This 4K drone with camera has a compact design that allows the quadcopter arms and propeller blades to be folded. The small drone design (Folded Dimension:5.59*2.91*2.04) and weighs less than 250g/0.55lbs, you don’t need to register your drone with the government. Excellent choice for Beginners or Experts!
  • [Endless Fun with our App] With GPS Follow Me, Point of Interest, and TapFly, the aircraft can shoot stable aerial photos and video. Carrying case included, making it convenient to carry while travelling.
  • [GPS & GLONASS] Dual satellite connectivity using both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, which means you should never loose a signal outdoors. Along with the optical flow positioning, barometer and satellite systems, it features a great return-to-home point function and the latest in precise landing technology.
  • [Brushless Motor] Featuring a brushless motor with aviation propellers for high aerodynamic efficiency, allowing more quiet and longer flights than older brushed motor technology

Additional information

Specification: Contixo F30 Drone for Kids & Adults WiFi 4K UHD Camera and GPS, FPV Quadcopter for Beginners, Foldable mini drone, Brushless Motor, Follow Me, Two…


5.57 x 2.93 x 1.91 inches


8.8 ounces




1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




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9 reviews for Contixo F30 Drone for Kids & Adults WiFi 4K UHD Camera and GPS, FPV Quadcopter for Beginners, Foldable mini drone, Brushless Motor, Follow Me, Two…

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Russ Cleroux

    I have to say that I have just recently picked up the Contixo F22 which I was already amazed with and now the deal here can not be beat !! It’s $459 at Bestbuy .. Very impressed with Contixo !!

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  2. Skillman

    First of all this was my first time buying a drone…man did they make it look easy and uncomplicated…BS!
    You have to go through all these loops to get the thing going…first the drone and the transmitter have to be introduced to each other with some ritual by pushing, sliding, holding, turning, etc…then you have to calibrate it horizontally by spinning it around counter clockwise three or more times until some light flashes but you are not done yet…then you have to calibrate it vertically three or four more revolutions counter clockwise of course until some light comes on. Then you have to “unlock the controller and push both toggles to the lower left position simultaneously to get the thing to come on and give you the green light that you were waiting for. If the procedure is not done in the correct sequence you will find yourself starting from square one again. And get this…THIS MUST BE REPEATED EVERYTIME YOU LAND IF YOU WANT TO TAKE OFF AGAIN BECAUSE THE DRONE LOCKS ITSELF UPON LANDING! And this thing when it finally comes alive its either idling or God forbid you touch the throttle lever it looses it mind and and goes Balls to the Wall! No throttle control on this puppy…it’s either all off or all on! If you think you are going to give this thing a little bit of throttle and watch it come off the ground slowly, steadily you’ve got another thing coming. I think to control this thing you have to have the reflexes of Batman! And watching videos off this thing flying is nerve racking…twitchy, unsteady, everybody seems to be fighting it and it seems to have a mind of it’s own. After watching the shaky video’s for a few minutes you say to yourself this is not what I imagined…this is just BS. And one last thing…this little drone is noisy as hell. I still can’t for the life of me understand how these tiny propellers are so noisy and buzzy. You won’t be doing any backyard flying unless your neighbors within a three house radius are all out of town or at work…that’s how noisy it sounded to me. Overall not for me.

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  3. J. Pickett

    The media could not be loaded.

     The F30 is a great mid level drone, it’s small enough that you don’t need to register with the FAA, but still flies very well.
    I also have the Contixo F24 pro, and I can tell you the F30 flies a lot faster, I get at least 12m/s. So make sure you don’t fly close to trees until you learned how to fly it well.
    Note that you cannot control the camera tilt using the remote or the app, so before take off, you need to decide where to point. I simply tilt it a bit to get a good view of the surrounding area.
    I love the remote control, this one gives you battery level of the remote and drone, number of satellites, so you know if you are at risk of a fly away, without needing to use the mobile app.
    It’s well made and having the extra battery is great to get around 30 minutes of fly time.
    Oh, and the video quality of the camera is very good, it’s 2.5K and the colors are very vivid. Just note that this drone doesn’t have a multi axis gimbal, which means that while the drone moves from side to side, the video will also move, but if you let the drone go in a straight line, you get a pretty stable image.

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  4. Stefan

    I liked the price and order arrival time. Happy with quality of drone and picture quality.
    Difficult to learn how to start flying – set up and initiation/calibration depends too much on LED lights that are barely visible in daylight- it took hours to figure out how to calibrate get get started flying.

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  5. Niner31

    Fast shipping. I really like this drone. Once you get it you can also sign up for a free battery. My first drone – somewhat easy to learn. Have the book with you for your first flight it helps alot. Just a very very cool little drone. Comes with 2 batteries and other things in a hand carry case. Very small. Handles wind good. I have to return due to a camera issue, waiting for restock to repurchase. Company is great – very fast response and excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

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  6. Diego Medina

    I took the drone out for one 3-5 minute test flight and then packed it away until the next day. When I tried it again the next day, the battery was completely dead and wouldn’t charge and the drone refused to unlock with the second (full) battery.

    I tried contacting Contixo via email 3 times and did not receive any response. I also tried calling their 800 number, but that had a message that they were not answering calls and to email instead. After multiple attempts over 2 weeks to contact them with no response, I returned the drone.

    Although the initial test flight seemed promising, the poor quality of the drone and complete failure of their customer service response is absolutely unacceptable. I will not buy another Contixo product again. Only positive is that I was able to return it via Amazon.

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  7. Rob Estey

    The media could not be loaded.

     Just received my Contixo F30 drone. I was excited to start to play with it. It was complicated to pair the remote to the drone. I would recommend to have the manual on your first flight. Once the drone was in the air I was astonished how well this thing flew. It was responsive, and quitter than my other drone the Contixo F20. I have only flew a hand full of times and flying this drone was extremely easy. As you see in my video I did loose control and hit a near by tree. Miraculously when the drone hit the branched it flips but was still able to hold the altitude and it did not crash. Very impressed on how it recovered. In all great drone for beginners to mid level. Its handle’s great the GPS is fairly accurate (even with no phone) and is very responsive. My flight time was approximately 15 – 16 mins.

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  8. Stefan

    The media could not be loaded.

     This drone is great for beginners and average users as well. Ready to go out of the box, just charge the battery and go.License is not required.Took a little time to setup and calibrate for the first time, but after that smooth sailing. My first flight was a little windy and it handled it like a champ. This drone is very fast and nimble compared to my other drone. Picture and video were great and easy to download. It came with two batteries and a well laid out instruction manual.

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  9. J. Pickett

    I’m an experience pilot, I’ve been playing quads for years, I can say honestly, this one is not ready for prime time.

    This WAS a gift for my niece.
    All the glowing reviews convinced me this would be a great starter quad.
    As any good uncle “and nerd” would, I decided to take it out for a test flight before giving it to her.

    The first strange thing I noticed upon lunch was instead of staying in one spot, it does concentric circling around the launch site.
    This is Odd behavior since it’s supposed to have optical flow positioning,
    I made sure I had a satellite lock of 12 before I even took off.
    It refuses to hold itself in one place no matter what.
    The longer you let it hover the larger the circles it makes. I let it go for a while and after about 3 mins it was doing 30-ft circles for no reason, in hover.

    I sent it again, after making sure all the props were okay.
    This time it lost connection from the wifi of my phone. I manually landed, grabbed a different phone. Flew for about 5 minutes, then it Lost connection again.
    I tried my spouses phone, same issue.
    As soon as they’re about 50 ft away from it all Wi-Fi is lost.

    The last straw wad when I decided to test the return home feature.
    I got it into a hover in the backyard, then I pressed return home.
    It flew straight up to about 15 m like it’s supposed to, then started a crazy circling around my house.
    I never had a quad that circled when it was doing a return home procedure.
    I tried to cancel the return home, but it did not respond.
    It kept circling above my house, and larger and larger circles, until it finally crashed into the woods across the street from my home.

    So I ended up waddling my fat domesticated azz around in the woods looking for this little thing, never found it.
    Now I’m going to contact Amazon customer service and see if they’ll accept the components that I still have back as a refund. 😒

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