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Ruko F11Gim2 Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM HD Video Transmission, 2-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake with 2 Batteries, Brushless…

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Ruko F11Gim2 Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM HD Video Transmission, 2-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake with 2 Batteries, Brushless…
Ruko F11Gim2 Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM HD Video Transmission, 2-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake with 2 Batteries, Brushless…



  • 3KM HD Video Transmission: an extended HD video transmission range has been increased to 3KM/9800ft, and with the enchanced anti-interference capability, F11GIM2 provides you impressive image quality which is consistently smooth. A small update on the drone but make big difference for you.
  • 4K Camera with Gimbal and EIS: the 4K camera has a 2-Axis gimbal stabilization, and also carrying the Electric Image Stabilization technology inside, so pictures are taken stably at 4K; Videos records at 4K/30fps; the zoom function help provides more detail.
  • 56Mins Flight Time: the drone came with two batteries each can provide a 28minis flight time, the battery is intellgent and safe, its power status is monitored and reported in real time. Adaptable charger output currency: 5V/3A
  • Level 7 Wind Resistance: with the classic design of the F11 series, the drone performs a very stable flight while in the air, along with the powerful but low noise brushless motor, F11Gim 2 can resist level 7 winds, so your footage is stable even in a windy circumstances.
  • Multi GPS Features:the intelligent GPS assisted feature includes the auto-return home, GPS follow me, point of interest, waypoint flight make your fly adventure easy and creative. The app provides intuitive instructions, you can start the game with just few taps.

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Specification: Ruko F11Gim2 Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM HD Video Transmission, 2-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake with 2 Batteries, Brushless…






‎1.29 pounds


‎6.9 x 4.1 x 3.15 inches


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer Part Number


Mirror Adjustment

‎Remote Control

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5 reviews for Ruko F11Gim2 Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM HD Video Transmission, 2-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake with 2 Batteries, Brushless…

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  1. Stephen Michalski

    I had some trouble trying to connect the app at first but Ruko was very quick to reach out to me and help me get up and flying. The instructions are very easy to understand and the video shows you exactly what to do . I had never flown a drone before but have always wanted to. I watched lots of videos and read the instructions over and over. Once I actually launched and flew around a little bit I felt comfortable enough to go on up and farther out. This drone is so easy to fly and the pictures are video is so clear. Now I can’t wait to get home everyday to fly. This drone is perfect for a beginner. It’s worth every penny. Thank you to Ruko for the great customer service

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  2. Ben Dooley

    The Ruko F11 Gim is a really good drone.
    This one the ruko f11 gim2 is an improvement and that is the 3km control distance and wifi fpv distance.
    It has the same two axis gimbal and EIS so the video is smooth as butter and the safety features like the return to home, failsafe return to home and low voltage return to home makes this quad a worry free flyer.
    If it does get lost, it has gps so it will record the latest location and show it to you on google maps where it is located. You just cannot go wrong.

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  3. Eldon Brasche

    The media could not be loaded.

     Update 09/22/21:
    I needed to contact RUKO reguarding an issue with the drone. It started as an email and I actually wound up speaking with a real person on the phone. They were very helpful in resolving my issue and very pleasant to speak with.

    This is a very nice drone for the price. I have flone it and it handles very nicely. It holds possition in mildly windy conditions and the gimble counteracts and holds a steady image. During fast flight or slow, the image / video hold steady. I am please at the range that this has between the live feed to the phone with no highly noticable lag. The actual range is approximately 3/4 mile. You have to factor in the height, a 390ft altitude cap with the distance range. The lower you fly, the furture the range, the higher you fly, the shorter the range. The flight pattern function is really cool. You can set waypoints for flight and adjust your altitude during the flight with the stick or just set your altitude and press go. The low battery home function has not failed yet. It always comes home and lands within about 3ft of the take off spot.

    The 4K is 30fps not 60fps. 30fps is all you need unless you are doing heavy video editing with slow motion.

    I am very satified with this drone.

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  4. david glockzin

    I’m a first time drone flyer. Was very impressed with the quality and durability of this drone!

    When I opened the box I was immediately impressed with the premium look and feel of the compenents. Seems to be good value for the price!

    On myaiden flight I accidently ran into a wall and dropped it out of the sky from about 4 meters in the air. I thought for certain I had destroyed it! I was wrong. The drone fired right back up and flew no problem.

    As I become better at flying drones, I suspect I will not crash as much! Until then, this drone seems to be able to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’!

    It also comes with additional blades so if you destroy them (like me), you are not out of luck. Just replace them and keep flying.

    Overall, extremely impressed. I will be using this drone very much! I haven’t gotten to try the photo and video functions extensively, but the gimbal and camera appear to function excellently so far.

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  5. Eldon Brasche

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     When I first looked at the differences in the Ruko F11Gim Drone and this newer Ruko F11Gim2 Drone, I didn’t see much that was enticing me to buy it. But I decided to give it a try and see for myself.
    Upon first glance, they look pretty much the same. Right off the bat, I noticed the controller as well as the batteries are now equipped with USB-C connections which is a welcome change. Upon further inspection of the controller, I also began to notice improvements to the interface. To begin with, it displays the battery level of the controller upon power-up so you know how much juice it has left in it. Also, once powered on, I noticed a new display with distance, height, and speed of which I was very impressed.
    The setup of the drone was the easiest and fastest of any I have had the pleasure of setting up. From out of the box to flying was no more than five minutes. I left it in beginner mode to start until I was sure I got the hang of it. As soon as I reached the preset altitude of 20m, the control beeped and a voice informed me that max height had been achieved. I took a few pictures and video to review for quality. One thing this drone would be great for is for realtors that want to get aerial photos and video for real estate listings. It would also make for a great way to inspect roofs for damage. I flew it around for about ten minutes and went out about 50m at max height and then used the return to home button and the drone returned overhead and then a voice on the controller told me it was coming down. I was not really impressed with the landing as it only landed within about 3 feet of the home / takeoff position.
    Next, I went into the settings and took it out of beginner mode and adjusted the height to 120m and the distance to 300m. I then took it up to 100m and flew at a distance of about 250m. I then took video from that height and distance. Overall, the quality was pretty good of the video. I was able to clearly see things that were several miles away from me. I then used the return to home button and the drone returned to the overhead position of the landing point and once again the voice on the controller told me it was landing. I was able to watch the decent on the control as it counted down the height. I could also see the distance reading was right at the zero meter readout and when it landed, it landed within a distance of no more than 3-4 inches of where it took off from. That was truly impressive. I then flew it a couple more times at random heights and distances and each time the return to home brought it within inches of its take off point making this a reliable drone as far as that goes.
    The overall build and construction of the controller and drone seem to be very sturdy and sound. It felt very nice in my hands and did not seem like it was cheaply made.
    Overall, I would say this a first class drone with many upgraded features one would expect in a device of this price point.

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