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Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids – Dragon Touch Foldable RC Quadcopter 1080P HD FPV Drone Live Video with 2 Batteries, Voice/Gesture/Gravity…

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Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids – Dragon Touch Foldable RC Quadcopter 1080P HD FPV Drone Live Video with 2 Batteries, Voice/Gesture/Gravity…
Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids – Dragon Touch Foldable RC Quadcopter 1080P HD FPV Drone Live Video with 2 Batteries, Voice/Gesture/Gravity…



  • 【1080P HD Camera & FPV Real Time Transmission】Dragon Touch RC Drone is equipped with 1080P HD Camera captures high quality live crystal clear aerial videos and photos.Our WiFi real-time FPV transmission system can instantly transmit live video from your drone to connected mobile phones and VR glasses(not included).
  • 【Foldable and Lightweight】 This mini RC quadcopter’s propellers can fold easily for portability and easy carrying. You can take this drone on your next adventure and quickly shoot aerial photography and videos on the go.
  • 【ABS Material / Lacquer Body】 The lacquer body can make the DF01 Drone super drop-resistant. Even if the drone falls due to improper operation, you don’t need to worry about the risk of excessive damage. ABS material can protect mini drone to the highest degree . Avoid damage to the mini drone so that you can take photos safely.
  • 【Multiple Flight Modes for Aerial Maneuvers】 Easy for beginners and professionals. Taking off, landing, or returning needs just a press of a button on the remote control or using the free app. Headless mode, custom flight trajectory, altitude hold/auto-hover, 360° flip, gesture control for selfies, and 3-speed settings give you more flight options. LED lights at the bottom of the fuselage bring vibrant colorful flying effects.
  • 【Double Flight Time 】The DF01 drone accompanied with two removable batteries, can flight time up to 20 minutes. Giving you a more extensive flight experience.

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Specification: Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids – Dragon Touch Foldable RC Quadcopter 1080P HD FPV Drone Live Video with 2 Batteries, Voice/Gesture/Gravity…


6.69 x 5.51 x 2.56 inches


1.39 pounds


Dragon Touch

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10 reviews for Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids – Dragon Touch Foldable RC Quadcopter 1080P HD FPV Drone Live Video with 2 Batteries, Voice/Gesture/Gravity…

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  1. HERVE M.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Super drone facile à manipuler très stable en vole. Livré avec 4 hélices supplémentaires 2 batteries et un câble usb pour les recharger petit livret bien détaillé qui explique tout très facilement faut télécharger l’appli ou simplement scanner le QR code pour pouvoir le connecter au tel.
    La manette et bien et le support tel m’a l’air bien assé solide attention ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ la manette et livré sans les piles il vous faut 3 pillés.
    Très bon achat il est superbe et pour les amoureux des drônes vous serez conquis.
    Je le recommande.

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  2. Alan

    The media could not be loaded.

     The done is a great entry level drone to have. It can connect to your phone and you can control the drone with your phone. With it connected to your phone you have more functions then with the remote that it comes with. One slight draw back is the holder for the phone is not big enough for my phone with a case on it but if I take my case of it would fit.
    Great overall for starter drones for the price. This will help you learn how to fly a drone. For the camera quality what you would expect for the price. it will take pictures and video but they are grainy but works. It comes with extra propellers.
    The batteries last about 10 min per battery so you get a total of 20 min of flight time with switching the batteries.
    Great overall drone for the price.

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  3. HERVE M.

    Bon produit avec un très bon rapport qualité/prix.

    Les plus :

    -Livraison soignée et rapide. La boite comporte : le drone, le manuel, la télécommande (prévoir piles AA), des pièces de rechange, 2 batteries, câble de recharge.

    – L’application mobile est facile à installer (tester sur iPhone), elle est très intuitive et maniable sans difficulté.

    – Le jumelage drone / télécommande et drone / application mobile est rapide.

    -L’autonomie de la batterie est correcte.

    – Le drone est léger mais résiste aux chocs et accidents (chocs lors du premier vol sans impact sur l’appareil)

    – Une très bonne portée lors du vol.

    – Qualité des photos et vidéos très satisfaisantes pour un amateur.

    Les moins:

    – Absence de sacoche

    – Absence de carte SD intégrer au drone

    Je recommande ce produit car pour un petit budget et pour une initiation il fait largement le boulot.

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  4. Alan

    The media could not be loaded.

     I really like this drone. It’s the first one I ever owned and I really didn’t want to spend big money until I had a sense of whether I liked using them or not; I do they are quite fun.

    This drone has two ways of controlling it: you can use the physical remote or use your phone and the drone’s built-in wifi. Using the controller is easy; it works like any first person action game so it works the way you expect it to– up/down, rotate left/right, steer left/right. A 12 year old who was using it with me mastered it in about 30 seconds. The phone app is more complicated, but also more powerful. It allows real-time video to display on your phone from the viewpoint of the drone. It feels a bit like you are on it and it’s very cool. You can also snap still photos or save the video. The picture isn’t amazing, but it is better than I expected. The rechargeable batteries lasted longer than I expected. My only quibble is that you can’t aim the camera straight down. It can face downward, but not directly downward. Trying to get a picture of my house from above wasn’t that easy given all the trees I have and I couldn’t just fly above it. If you’re considering getting into drones, this is a great one to start with.

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  5. Cole Beebe

    Hi I just wanted to take a moment and leave a review about this drone. It was purchased as a Christmas gift for my 9 year old son. We have purchased several drones over the past couple of years. Many broke only after a few runs and one even took off on its own and never returned. I have to say that this drone is the best one we have owned yet. The packaging was great and came with all the pieces. My son loved that the four arms fold in and out. We kept the box that it came in so we can have a place to store it when not used. My son couldn’t wait to fly it and luckily the battery was charged enough for him to fly it. He was able to figure out quite quickly how to fly the drone. The controls worked great and it was easy to control the drone outside. The best part about this drone is that it has low, medium and high speed. This is great because my son can be on low speed and I can play with it on high speed. The battery lasts for about 8-9 minutes in a fully charged battery. My son also loves that this drone comes with a camera. He was able to get some really great shots of our street. For the price of this drone I got everything that I was expecting. This is a really great drone for beginners.

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  6. Cole Beebe

    With all drones in this price range the battery life is not going to be spectacular. After several battery charges the life of the battery began to increase. If you are going to fly one of these with a camera you should be able to fly it longer than ten minutes. The longest flight time we got out of this drone was a little over twenty minutes. The Amazon description says up to 20 minutes so we are happy with that. As far as other things things we like about this little drone is it’s foldability and it’s capability to hold steady once you get it calibrated. Once the batteries are charged several times you can keep it in the air long enough for it to be useful.

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  7. abbyeb

    To start off, I already own a DJI phantom three drone. I really love my current drone. I got this one knowing the functionality and operation would be much different from my current drone. I bought this one to have something my kids could learn to fly.
    packaged well, in box is the drone, controller, extra blades, two batteries, charging cord, and instruction booklet. First impressions, it is nice that the four arms fold in, making the drone very compact and easy to store. Especially if you remove the blades. I definitely recommend keeping the box to keep everything in for as long as you on this. drone and controller are very plain, drone felt very light but not flimsy, controller seemed chunky and buttons rattled a little bit.
    Setting up-
    One battery came installed and was already charged=good. Put three batteries in controller, they are not included. Followed steps in instruction booklet to connect a controller to drone, worked first try. Followed instructions to calibrate, work first try.
    First flight-
    as I have already flown a drone before this part was easy for me. The controls worked great. Wondered initially why movement was so slow but then remembered the drone has a slow medium and high speed. And those speeds once I figured that out, they worked…well…low medium and high. I enjoyed the high setting, but it was great to hand controller to my daughter on the slow setting. This first flight I did not use the app or camera, wanted to see how flight controls work. Battery lasted about nine minutes on first flight on high setting. Landed drone to change battery and try with the app/camera.
    Second flight-
    Downloaded app, no problem. Connected app to drone on first try, worked fine. Once in flight, the frame rate is really slow but the picture is pretty clear. Tried taking videos and pictures, worked perfectly. Tried the 360 flip, worked no problem. Tried out the one touch landing, worked no problem. This second flight was all on slow setting for me and my daughter to fly, battery lasted about 13 minutes. If you are used to a drone with GPS, this drone does not have GPS. It will hover if you release the controls but any wind will move it in a horizontal position. With the slight breeze, this was a little difficult for my daughter, a beginner, to figure out. As with any flying aircraft. Please learn to fly in the largest open space that you can possibly find. Until you learn directional controls, it’s real easy to end up in a limb very quickly.
    We stopped playing for about 30 minutes and when I checked on my battery charging from the first flight, it was fully charged, I don’t know if it took 30 minutes or 10 minutes, but after 30 minutes she was ready to fly again.
    For the price I paid for this drone, with camera, with no GPS, it was definitely worth it.
    This complete review is based on the first day I had it, I will update it if I have any issues going forward.

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    J’ai acheté ce drone pas très cher afin d’apprendre à piloter les drones.
    Je l’ai reçu dans un emballage assez solide et après quelques heures de recharge des deux batteries fournies, j’ai pu commencer à l’utiliser.
    J’étais assez surpris de la stabilisation du drone qui est plutôt pas mal pour un modèle à ce prix, malgré son faible poids qui fait qu’il part quelques fois à la dérive quand le vent souffle fort.
    L’autonomie est quand à elle suffisante pour pouvoir profiter pleinement de son drone.
    La caméra retransmise en direct sur téléphone permet de prendre de belles prises de vue aérienne en sachant exactement ce que l’on filme.

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  9. AmazonCustomer

    The media could not be loaded.

     Le drone est livré avec 2 batteries, 2 jeux d’hélices et 4 protections d’hélices ainsi que de sa télécommande.
    Les batteries se rechargent en micro USB.
    On peut seulement reprocher le manque d’un voyant qui indiquerait la charge complète.
    La télécommande fait cheap en premier abord, mais se révèle être très réactive et performante.
    Le pilotage du drone devient une simplicité, même pour un non initié.
    On a aussi la possibilité de le piloter avec son smartphone, pour cela on utilise la connection wifi.
    Le smartphone devient obligatoire si l’on souhaite sauvegarder ses photos ou vidéos, car le drone est dépourvu d’un slot microsd.
    La télécommande permet le maintien du smartphone en position d’écran.
    On apprécie son repli des ailes qui permette de le transporter aisément même dans un sac de trail.
    Son côté pocket et léger, en fait un excellent allier pour les amateurs qui souhaiteraient conserver les images de leurs sorties.
    Son côté enfantin et son pilotage facile, font de lui un produit idéal pour de jeunes pilotes en herbe.

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  10. Parrotheadjoe

    Ce quad est très facile à prendre en main et peut servir tant à améliorer des manoeuvres fines que des parcours de vitesse. Avantages à noter: deux batteries (2x1000Mah), une caméra intégrée pour le mode FPV, un encombrement réduit (bras repliables). Tenue en vol d’environ 10mn par batterie. Hélices de rechange fournies. La télécommande utilise 3 piles AA (non fournies). La caméra (stockage des images ou vidéos sur le téléphone) donnes des images très correctes. On peut aussi piloter l’engin via le téléphone, mais la télécommande me semble plus pratique et précise.

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