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TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K, Drones for adults, WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with Gesture Control, 3D FlipFoldable Mini Drones Toys Gifts for Kids…

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TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K, Drones for adults, WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with Gesture Control, 3D FlipFoldable Mini Drones Toys Gifts for Kids…
TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K, Drones for adults, WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with Gesture Control, 3D FlipFoldable Mini Drones Toys Gifts for Kids…



  • 🕹【4K HD Camera & Flat Layer Camera 】TizzyToy drone has a 4K high-definition camera, which can adjust the angle freely at 90°, and has a wide-angle shooting range of 120°. The picture is transmitted in real-time with the phone App. There is a flat-layer camera at the bottom that can be viewed from a bird’s-eye view. And the lens adopts a new generation of zoom technology, which can be used for 50x zoom shooting through the remote control
  • 🕹【Front Automatic Obstacle Avoidance & Cool Lighting Fan】TizzyToy drone can sense whether there are obstacles in the front side, can intelligently avoid obstacles, 60 meters perception, equipped with LED fill light, infrared obstacle avoidance sensor, can sense the distance of obstacles, and then It will automatically avoid obstacles when encountering obstacles. And the fan blades on the drone are equipped with cool LED lights, let you better know where it is flying。
  • 🕹【Control Drone in Different Mode】TizzyToy drone is very easy to control for children and beginners. It has a “one-click take-off/landing” button, which allows beginners to use it easily, and the drone has a hovering system in the air, which is convenient for taking photos or recording videos. Advanced gameplay also have headless mode and high-speed mode, just enjoy it in your own way.
  • 🕹【One-key 360° Stunt Show & Support Gesture Photographing】Using advanced intelligent object recognition technology, the drone will intelligently recognize and take photos/videos by making corresponding gestures to the drone during the flight. There are buttons on the remote control machine to perform 360° stunts in the air with one button, without cumbersome manipulation
  • 🕹【Foldable Design & Super-capacity Battery】 Adopting a classic three-dimensional folding design, the folded drone is equivalent to a mobile phone in size, which is convenient to carry, and can guarantee flight stability even after multiple foldings. And the battery uses high-quality polymer batteries, supports 15 minutes of battery life, reliable battery technology, you can use it safely.

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Specification: TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K, Drones for adults, WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with Gesture Control, 3D FlipFoldable Mini Drones Toys Gifts for Kids…






15.5 ounces


‎8.62 x 7.01 x 2.99 inches

Mirror Adjustment

‎Remote Control

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6 reviews for TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K, Drones for adults, WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with Gesture Control, 3D FlipFoldable Mini Drones Toys Gifts for Kids…

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Zahid Mehmood

    I purchased this drone for my son. It’s so easy to operate and it flows so freely through the air.
    lights look so cool.

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  2. Dennis

    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ve had this drone for a few days now and it has worked very well. I am using my iPhone and have not had any issues with connections. It connects every time. This is my first drone and I am very happy with how easy it is to fly and land. I have flown it in winds as high as 20 mph gusts and it is more challenging to fly but seems to handle it fine. I received an email from the seller right after I purchased it and they are very polite and prompt in answering questions. I recently thought I was having a battery problem with the remote and sent them an email. I had a response within hours with things for me to try and if it did not help they would take care of it. It ended up being a mistake on my part so I’m up and flying again. Customer service is great and in my opinion, one of the most important things when purchasing. If you have a great product and no service, better hope it never fails.

    I chose to purchase this drone after looking at the Mavic Pro for some time. I just could not get myself to spend that much more for my first drone but also didn’t want to just waste money on something that would be of no use. This drone is great and will help me better know what I truly need for my applications prior to spending more money. With this said, this drone had a nice camera. If you are hovering over your target or just taking scenic video it is not much of a problem. But I take work to move it into place and have a good photo angle since when you move the drone it changes the camera angle. It also does not have any sensors which is not much of an issue for me since I am not flying it too far away from me and can still see where it is. If you plan on flying it far or in tight areas, that would be a needed feature.

    I highly recommend this drone for a first-timer or if you are not completely sure of what options you really need. As I progress in my needs and get the funds to upgrade I probably will. This will make a great backup or the one I can have my kids work with so if there is a large mistake it will not be as large of a loss.

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  3. Vic

    This drone came in a zipper box the size of a lunch box. The wings can be folded it and made this super portable. It’s one of the reason I got it since I rarely bring my full size drone when I travel. The compact size is definitely a plus. The drone is pretty easy to fly. I even this indoor inside my house. So far no crashes. The LEDs are pretty bright and lit up the surrounding area as it fly around. The video recording works well and you can mount the phone on the controller. Pretty fun drone overall.

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  4. Zahid Mehmood

    this isn’t a bad frame! All the reviewers that are leaving a bad review are RR fan boyz. I get that Tommy took time to develop the Acrobrat, but! this is not the same as Acrobrat! It is very similar but with a few key differences. The first one is that the canopy is much higher than the lower profile Acrobrat. So for me this is a bad choice for top mount batteries and would work good for a bottom mount. You can get a triple stack AIO like the EMAX MINI MAG 2 without moving the VTX. The OG Acrobrat will pretty much only allow you to stack the FC and ESC with the VTX installed on the other 20×20 mounting. The other thing about this “sort of clone” is that it doesn’t come with different soft mounts for colder or warmer weather applications. Im also not sure if the quality of the carbon is the same or of lower quality than the original Acro design. My thoughts on this frame is that this “clone” would be a great option to test your electronics and tune before throwing it on your 50 OG Acrobrat frame. The original Acrobrat frame is 44 dollars +shipping so this clone is half the cost. If your worried that much about RR getting their profit then buy all the electronics on the RR store and grab a few other accessories. I would have paid RR for a frame that was built in AMERICA but both are made in CHINA so your giving Tommy and RR 20 extra. If you feel bad about it the next time you talk to the crew just hand them 20 bucks lol

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  5. Alicia Capozzi

    Audio folks, why let video shooters have all the fun?!

    I suspend a three microphone Decca tree about 10 feet in the air above the conductor’s head for choral and orchestral recording. A recent challenge was to suspend the rig slightly from the side to keep the center aisle clear. This 12 foot jib has worked very well, a very steady and surprisingly unobtrusive solution. I highly recommend to audio colleagues as a boom stand on steroids.

    The tripod base is a heavy speaker stand rated for at least a 100 pound load. Pinning the center adjustable shaft at the fourth hole (out of five) lifts the jib to just under 6 feet (depending on how wide the legs are positioned). The jib fulcrum is set back at 2.5 feet, leaving 9.5 feet to be arced into the air. This provides 13 to 14 feet of total height, plenty for my needs. It takes 35 pounds of weight plates (not included) to balance the unloaded jib and 85 pounds to balance the maximum 10 pound load. The 30 pound jib + 85 pounds of weight plates + a 10 pound load = 125 pounds total weight on the tripod stand. This has been safe and steady for me.

    I made three modifications. First, the bar that holds the weights is a 6 inch 3/8 inch threaded bolt; I replaced with a 12 inch 1/2 inch jag bolt to beef up the rigidity and provide more weight plate elbow room. The fulcrum pin was only a 1/4 inch threaded bolt, which seems a little thin for a 125 pound load, so I replaced with another 1/2 inch jag bolt. Finally, I installed a tilt brake (ProAm tilt brake, ~$20 from Amazon) to gently hold the balanced jib in place once elevated. And, yep, you’ll need a bag to transport.

    Tripod and jib are all aluminum, bolts are steel. Wobble and stability from movement are not really a concern as I set and forget, I don’t pan and tilt on the fly like video folks. Lifting the mics from the side keeps the rig away from center aisle foot traffic, a definite safety advantage.

    For about $250, this jib is a great addition to my audio kit.

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  6. Dennis

    The reviews are for a book. One of them is for the drone

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