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The Doctor, the Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

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The Doctor, the Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
The Doctor, the Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)


Reviews (13)

13 reviews for The Doctor, the Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

4.5 out of 5
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  1. A. D. Smith

    A great movie for Motogp fans, and Ewan McGregor is great as the narrator!

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  2. Horde

    I actually bought this for my boyfriend for a Christmas gift. We love motorcycle racing. He wanted this since it is the sequal to Faster. I watched it with him. It was interesting. I’m sure that if we didn’t like motorcycle racing it wouldn’t make a difference one way or the other. If you are buying this for buying this b/c you are a Rossi or Hayden fan I don’t know if I would. Me being a fan of Hayden’s I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t go into him a whole lot. Rossi either. Most of the video seemed to be on Edwards. Which he was entertaining, I just expected it to be more of Rossi and Hayden.

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  3. J. B.

    Good documentary. RIP, Nicky Hayden.

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  4. Dale

    If you like motorcyling, are a racing fan, or both, this is a great video. If you are a MotoGP fan, you should go and get FASTER, first, then this one. It’s alot to watch, but it’s really interesting to get a bit of 500 GP history along with the transition to the MotoGP bikes. This video is a great story about an American making it in a foreigner dominated sport, and winning his first MotoGP race, on his home track.

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  5. lasermax

    ….it’s late 2015 as I’m posting this, so I’ve bought and watched Faster and Fastest already, (Hitting The Apex is impossible to get right now) so this documentary is well made and interesting, but compared to the more current offerings it’s a bit primitive and doesn’t captivate you like the other DVDs. If you’re a serious Motogp fan and love Nicky Hayden, he definitely gets some time, and he’s a very likeable guy, as is Colin Edwards. Rossi is of course in here, but there’s much more Rossi in the other DVDs, so if you’re more interested in Rossi, spend your money on Faster, Fastest, or Hitting The Apex instead.

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  6. B. Schubert

    -Review of ‘Preview Edition’ (95min long, no extras)-

    I must confess, I’ve been a motorcycle racing fan for quite some time, but you needn’t be to enjoy this film. However, perhaps Mark Neale’s excellent film ‘Faster’ might make for a better primer to the world of MotoGP -the highest echelon of motorcycle racing. While THAT film gives a broad overview and (recent) history of MotoGP, this film’s focus is only on one race, the 2005 USGP. Held at the technical and challenging track–Laguna Seca (in Monterey, California)–it’s the first MotoGP race in America in 11 years.

    The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid is a close-up view of the chaos, drama and tension that a single MotoGP race weekend never fails to deliver. It’s both a behind-the-scenes look at the racers and their teams, struggling to adapt to the track, and detailed highlights of the race itself. The film is shot well, with revealing interviews about the track, and some very nice action shots.

    It’s a bit grainy and low-res looking (read: spontaneous) and not quite as polished as Mark Neale’s ‘Faster’. It is, however, an exciting and in-depth look at one of the finest races (and racing series) in recent memory. You might want to wait for the inevitable Special Edition/ Director’s cut, as the lack of extras was a little disappointing; ‘Faster’ had a whole extra DVD worth! Either way it’s a fun watch, two thumbs up.

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  7. Detrich

    And, it’s pretty amazing that to this day he’s still on the grid and racing- albeit on a 3rd rate bike. His sincere antics and devotion to the MotoGP sport, as well as to his colleagues, family, and friends are very clear in this film. Oh yah, Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi are in this too… 😉

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  8. j.liversedge

    An absolute must for any moto gp fan its an inclose look into the true rarely seen world of the worlds greatest MOTO GP riders all backstage footage of what goes on to make a race possible and happen when bringing the show to Laguna Seca a formidable track and an incredible race, top marks , buy and enjoy

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  9. Guns: fun for the whole family.

    Must watch. Do it now.

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  10. Jon B.

    A Fine DVD. RIP Nicky Haydn!!!!

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  11. A. Pitts

    I was nearly put off buying this DVD based on some negative reviews and a relatively low star rating by reviewers. I’m glad i did buy it. The other reviewers comments about the lack of rossi is true to a point in that he doesn’t feature in the initial interviews yet his nickname is the first on the title. You need to be aware of the slightly misleading title-yes, but you also need to know that this is a stylish film that tells the story of the return of GP to the USA at Laguna Seca. The title refers to the podium finishers (not necessarily in that order!) The film gradually closes in on race day using three american riders-hayden, edwards and hopkins. This is fair enough as it was a big moment for them and this comes across in the film. I think the film is stlylish and slightly abstract. For instance what one reviewer calls the “telephone” interviews at the beginning i took to be a stylistic device. Or the way the on board camera on hopkins’ bike is slightly off to one side. For me that enhanced the sense of speed. The use of the various different sounds at a circuit and the relative volumes. The title itself and the way the circuit – the real star- is left out. etc The narration by Ewan Mcgregor is good. For me this is a professionally put together film. Buy it!

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  12. T. Watson

    Moto GP comes to California. A great follow up to “Faster” and a wonderful in-depth look at a Moto Gp weekend.

    The Film shows John Hopkins, Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden as they approach their first ever home GP. Some great on and off-track scenes and very candid comments by the riders.

    The dodgy sound at beginning was a bit worrying but pretty soon you forget about that and just get engrossed in the action.

    I found the second disc a bit useless, but since the main feature and the extras on the first disc are so good I can’t complain.

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  13. BD

    I managed to get hold of a brand new copy of this for only a few pounds so I took a punt and overall I wasn’t disappointed.

    So lets get the mild disappointments out of the way first. As you can guess by my review title, to use Valentino Rossi’s nickname in the title of the documentary is slightly misleading to put it midly. Basically apart from a few choice quotes which are on a par with telephone line sound quality from Mr Rossi, which are for the most part dubbed over some (awsome) racing footage, Valentino is hardly featured other than fully justified complimentary comments made by commentator Ewan MacGregor and other riders about the multiple world champion.

    Also although this documentary is only a few years old, it does show just how far film making technology and techniques have advanced in such a short period. Compared to more recently produced motor racing films and productions I have seen and purchased, the on board footage and trackside footage resolution are significantly behind today’s HD standards.

    Positives are the period feel of the film with the liveries of the bikes and riders leathers already starting to look like they are from a different era (which considering MotoGP moved to 800cc bikes less than two seasons later they probably are). It also tok me back by seeing Troy Bayliss riding in the Camel livery and the complete absence of Casey Stoner and the much loved and missed #58 Simoncelli. Oddly there was no mention of why the Yamaha’s featured their special livery for the USA race alone. I also enjoyed the open and frank views of the riders involved, especially Colin Edwards who’s interview from the extra features on disc one comment about Dorna getting parts of Lagnua Seca changed for safety, and if they tried to say to an Italian to change a corner of Mugello, they would be told to go **** themselves.

    The build up of atmosphere and tension throughout the film to the big race was superbly done with revealing insights from the three featured riders (Hayden, Hopkins and Edwards) about their own motivations and preperation for the race. Also despite the visual and audio limitations of the day, this documentary dragged me and had me hooked. I thought the film successfully demonstrated just how the USA took MotoGP to their hearts (although I thought mentioning Brad Pitt as a participant in the film was taking a bit far!) and just what it meant to Nicky Hayden and his family to win it, and how it boosted his confidence to be able to carry this monentum to take the Title the following year on the Honda.

    For a fan of MotoGP and motorbike racing I would say overall that this documentary is a very good watch. Get past the technical limitations of sound and vision of the day and prepare to become engrossed in this film. for me it was over far too quickly. ,


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