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Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner, FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 2 Batteries 46 Min Flight…

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Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner, FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 2 Batteries 46 Min Flight…
Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner, FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 2 Batteries 46 Min Flight…



  • 4K EIS Anti-Shake Camera with Sony Sensor: The EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology reduces video blurring; Sony Sensor is equipped with advanced image-capture technologies for superior image quality than others; 4k(3840 x 2160) camera catches much more details; Videos can be recorded with 1080p@60fps or 4K@30fps; The remote controlled 90°adjustable angle broadens your view; besides, 5GHz FPV transmission guarantees longer (1640 Feet) and smooth image transmission.
  • Easy to Use: With air optical flow & air pressure altitude control system, the drone can hover stably both indoor and outdoor. GPS location and Auto Return to Home free of losing the drone.
  • Advanced Flight Modes: The intelligent flight modes enable the drone to fly automatically and free your hands and minds to do video or picture creation, including Follow Me, Tap Fly, and Point of Interest.
  • Brushless Motors: Brushless motors run more powerful with much less noise compared to brushed motors, which can enable stable and fast drone flights. Besides, they have a longer lifetime and spare you from motor maintenance.
  • Fly More Kit (46 Mins of Flight): Each intelligent battery support23 minutes of flight; 2 batteries included prolong your sky trip to 46 minutes. Less charging, more flying. The Carrying Bag included makes it easy to take the drone out and keep it when you don’t need it.

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Specification: Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner, FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 2 Batteries 46 Min Flight…


11.57 x 8.46 x 3.66 inches


1.09 pounds


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


Holy Stone®

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4 reviews for Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner, FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 2 Batteries 46 Min Flight…

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  1. SC Scott

    The media could not be loaded.

     As a previous drone owner, I felt more confident in my drone flying abilities and felt it was time to step-up and take my droning hobby to the next level. I decided to purchase the Holy Stone HS720E. There is such a remarkable difference from my previous drones. The notable key features include GPS, auto-stabilization, and the digital display on the remote. Instead of having to rely on the Ophelia Go phone app for signal strength, the controller helped me keep an eye on drone battery level, controller battery level, and most importantly GPS numbers. Although the drone has a failsafe feature for the drone to return to its takeoff location when the battery is low or signal is lost, the GPS count helped me realize when I might lose signal to go ahead and land. The drones 2 speeds allowed me to take it off of sport mode and let one of my kids try it out with slower movements without me having to worry about them veering hard in one direction hitting a wall or something and not having enough time to correct them.

    The camera is absolutely wonderful! The new Electric Image Stabilization (EIS) feature made my photos and videos extremely clear. Previously, I’d have to stop the drone to take pictures or features but this feature allowed me to continue my flight having fun without sacrificing picture quality. The camera field of view adjusts 90° and allowed me to easily look straight down for overhead photos and look out on the horizon. The phone app to drone response time was superb as well allowing me to look at the phone for drone placement/pictures.

    The only thing to make this even better was a nice carrying case, an extra battery, spare parts, and a charging station that can charge both batteries. While the charging station only charges one battery at a time, it auto-swaps once one battery is fully charged. So after a long day of flying, I plug both of them in and don’t have to worry about checking the battery and swapping them around to charge the other battery. I wake up to both batteries fully charged. Absolutely in love with this drone!

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  2. Janet R

    The battery after being fully charged loses its charge extremely fast within 2 minutes, causing the HS720E drone to lose control while in flight. After losing control due to the faulty battery, landing the drone in a controlled manner was not possible and I now have a scuffed drone. This was my first drone purchase ever and I was looking forward to having fun flying the drone. Extremely disappointed in this product!

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  3. SC Scott

    This is my first drone. I found it very easy to use. The instruction manual does a great job at walking your through getting started. Pay attention to the image for calibrating the drone. there is a specific way it needs to be rotated. Once I figured that out I was up and running.

    PROBLEM: It has a significant navigation issue that presents itself regularly. 4 flights out of 10 or 40% of the time, 30 seconds after take off the drone stops responding and flies off on its own. Yesterday it crashed into a tree and broke one of the propeller arms. This problem is consistent enough that the engineers should be able to diagnose and correct in future models. Because of this I am rating it 1 star because I have only had it for a month. Thats a short life span for a 300 $ drone.

    **UPDATE** This issue was reported to their engineering department for correction in future models and I was sent a free one time replacement. Based on this level of customer service and assurance I am updating the rating. The new model responds more accurately

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  4. Janet R

    This was my second drone I’ve purchased from Holy Stone. The first was a 90 dollar “toy” model that couldn’t hold up against 2 MPH wind without going way off course. I returned it for this one and paid an addition 200 for this model. The reviews were stellar, the features and app looked amazing, I was sold!

    I took it out for the maiden flight and at first it worked like a dream, controls were solid, picture and video looked decent. I wore the first battery down and switched them out. I calibrated the drone after inserting the new battery and sent it maybe 15 feet in the air, I noticed it was controlling weird and tilting to the left. I brought it back down and returned it to the home point. I knew something was up when all the propellers but one stopped and kept sputtering. I manually turned it off, took out the battery and reseated it, recalibrated the drone and decided to try again.

    Sent it up about 10 feet and it immediately went out of control, I could not control it at all. It was headed over a wash full of water and I prayed it wouldn’t crash into the water, I went to hit the return home button but before I could even do that it crashed on the other side of the wash into the dirt and I lost connection. I walked over to the other side of the water and was luckily able to reconnect and find where it had landed. It was in bad shape, 3 of the propellers were broken and it was pretty banged up and dirty. Luckily I had only had the thing a day and I shipped it back to amazon.

    I had very high hopes for this drone. Be weary of the reviews for this product as the company sends people a free battery when they leave a positive review here. Take all the reviews with a grain of salt.

    I recommend you spend a little bit more money and get a DJI Mini 2. It’s a dream come true after this nightmare machine.

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