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HITTING THE APEX Collector’s Edition (Region 1 North America DVD+Blu-ray+BonusDVD)

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HITTING THE APEX Collector’s Edition (Region 1 North America DVD+Blu-ray+BonusDVD)
HITTING THE APEX Collector’s Edition (Region 1 North America DVD+Blu-ray+BonusDVD)


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13 reviews for HITTING THE APEX Collector’s Edition (Region 1 North America DVD+Blu-ray+BonusDVD)

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Urban Phantom

    I am a bit of a moto gp anorak , i’d go as far as to say my life revolves around it (sad I know) but I found this didn’t grip me in the way fastest did. To be honest I think it is mainly brad pitts mundane voice which barely changes tone throughout narrating, he reminds me of the priest from father ted who has “an incredibly boring voice”. This film is over 2 hours long and revolves around Lorenzo, marquez, stoner,pedrosa,rossi and simoncelli. If you were half as big a fan of simoncelli as I am then prepare to be moved as it is a bit emotional and it brought all the sadness of 2011 back, I think during the film marco’s dad held it together better than I did. It will bring back memories of so many races and famous moto gp moments such as the “your ambition outweighed your talent” comment that stoner made to rossi, stoner even makes it clear that he enjoyed watching rossi struggle for 2 years on the ducati. Basically it is just a collection of great moments mixed with interviews and a lovely simoncelli tribute in between. It is very good don’t get me wrong but not as good as I expected. Fastest is by far the better of the 2.

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  2. HariS

    Really enjoyed this film.

    Shows a really good insight into the world of MotoGP, and surprisingly candid interviews with some of the main players in the game. Really interesting footage of some practice laps and home footage of when the riders were younger, as well as a look into their headspace when they’re racing.

    Good commentary by Brad Pitt, but he doesn’t really ~add~ anything to it, just a bit of a novelty really. Haven’t got round to watching the extras yet, but definitely worth buying BluRay if you have an HD TV because as with the races, the close ups of the racing is far better!

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  3. S. OLEARY

    After watching the movie I have to say that it retains much of the “feel” of Faster even if the narration isn’t the same. Not that it’s better or worse, just different.

    The footage is sublime, just as it was in Faster. The story is much the same, just the players are different…save for one. Watching the Simoncelli segment was heart wrenching, Even 5 years on (I watched it happen live) all I could think was how nauseated I felt when I watched it live…the movie version is not nearly as graphic but captures the shock and disbelief of the moment.

    Also found the focus on Pedrosa in his segment to be somewhat revealing. He really comes across as a genuine guy which hasn’t always been the case. The rest pretty much meets expectations with regard to the segments on the rest of the riders. No surprises nor revelations that haven’t been covered a dozen times a year or more during the season. For that reason, I gave it 4 stars. Well, that and you can’t give quarter or tenths of a star

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  4. CA

    The best film from the director since Faster, there is the right balance between all the riders featured, and not too heavily focussed on Valentino Rossi, as Fastest was. The only criticisms would be that Brad Pitt’s narration isn’t on the same level as Ewan McGregor’s, and the 2nd part of the film could do with some editing to make it flow better. However if you love Motogp it’s still very enjoyable.

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  5. JM

    If you’re not a dedicated fan yet, you need to watch this movie (and the others!). They are a fantastic way to get to know the amazing guys at the top of this sport.

    This is good for some “backstory” info if you aren’t seriously into MotoGP already. It is similar to the other movies by Neale – it compresses events and facts that longer term fans already know and turns them into a 2-hour story. (Several little stories really) It didn’t feel quite as compelling and exciting as the prior two, but is certainly worth watching. Actually, I think that was mostly due to the narrator on this one rather than the movie making. If you’re just getting into MotoGP, it is a great way to get up to speed on a few of the current biggest names. Definitely a good way to make the subject more interesting to non-fans (maybe a significant other?). I’m particularly pleased that Pedrosa is highlighted and shown for the great talent he is and his amazing (and ongoing) career. And a good bit about Stoner’s unique talent as well. AND this gets Marquez into Neale’s treatment since he has exploded into the GP class so quickly. I’m really glad it’s on Prime, I’ve wanted to watch this since it came out. Thank you Mark Neale!
    P.S. – how about a movie about the “behind the scenes” folks. I’d LOVE a presentation of Jeremy Burgess in particular.

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  6. Scorpion1leader

    Absolutely a must see for All Riders and Fans of Moto Racing and Riding. Thrilling on the edge moments of Pure Adrenaline..!! And the Heartship that can come as a price., from Individual Riders.. In their own personal experience with The Pain and Sadness, to the Joy and Love n’ Happiness of Pure Exhilaration from riding at speeds only Riders alike Understand. From The Pro Circuit Racer like Rossi and Stoner … To the Guys and Gals that Just love to Ride and Feel that Rush and Excitement they Bring themselves around their home town or cruising across their State or County. Whatever the Reason.., If You Love to Ride..? You’ll love this. Narrarated By: Mr. Brad Pitt. You cannot ask for more.

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  7. Sultan of Tippoo

    As other reviewers have pointed out, this DVD doesn’t uncover that much which is new to the long time MotoGP fan rather it is a great intro into the sport and provides fans of Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Marquez & Stoner with some interesting insights into their heroes.
    Where it really scores however is as a moving (if maybe a little graphic) overview of Marco Simoncelli from his rise to the front of the grid through to the terrible accident that left his potential legacy unfulfilled.
    My favourite parts however are those that focus on my personal hero Valentino Rossi. From an overview of his changing fortunes over the years moving from Yamaha to Ducati then back to Yamaha to an insight into his adoring fan club all the way back to his home village with brilliant interviews with the worlds most knowledgable Catholic Priest on all things MotoGP, this is definitely a Valle fans must own title.

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  8. N. Vollrath

    This is yet another excellent documentary of MotoGP in the same thread as Faster, Fastest, The Doctor The Tornado and the Kentucky Kid, etc. It’s sufficiently in depth to keep me interested over and over, and sufficiently easy for non-GP-fanatics to understand and appreciate. My kids and my mother watched it and enjoyed it. Although, to be fair, they attend races with me and even at 72 Mom giggles happily as the bikes scream past.

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  9. Not a Robot

    This documentary is similarly formatted to the newer F1 Drive to Survive series on Netflix. I do hope Amazon continues to move forward with a similar series for MotoGP as any racing series stands to gain a major following when people are able to see the drama and intimacy of motorsport behind the scenes. This documentary in particular I believe led the way for the Netflix F1 series and hope to see more content like this.

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  10. Gary A Billburg

    This movie is very similar to Faster, for some reason I liked it better. It addresses the human side of the story as well. I wish there were more current versions as its been 5 years and this is an ever changing story. I watch this movie like my kids watch Disney movies, over and over. I’ve been riding for over 40 years now, movies like this remind me why, just wish I had 1/4 the talent of these young gladiators.

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  11. C’deg

    I am not all the way through this yet, but the story line and videography are top notch. 4 stars because Brad Pitt seems completely disengaged as the narrator. I hadn’t seen the footage of Marco Simonceli’s fatal crash – it is horrifying, but shows the dangers that these riders face everytime out.

    Dani Pedrosa’s criticism of sofa-watching Moto GP fans is spot-on.

    Overall, very interesting. Too bad Brad isn’t too into it. Ewan McGregor in Faster/Fastest is much more compelling. (My daughter has memorized every line from Faster – she’s SO into it.)

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  12. Stones399

    Wow!!! First off, let me say that I haven’t really followed MotoGP for quite some time; just little bits here and there.

    This was a great documentary of the top 6 riders in MotoGP of the past 3-4 years. For most of the riders highlighted, they’ve got some archival footage along w/ a brief bio on their rise through the ranks. Quite fascinating and somewhat amusing to see some of their initial “rides”. The quality of the footage is unreal. You can see the radiation of the heat coming off the bikes!

    The label claims it to be 90 min., but it felt like a good solid 2+ hours. Brad Pitt does a good job narrating; not too much but just enough to keep the story going.

    The only “downside” I found w/ the documentary was the subtitles. With the high-def film quality, it seemed as though they decided to have the engineer who created “Pong” or “Donkey Kong” create the text used for the subtitles. It just detracts from it being a truly Grade A film. Lastly, I had to trick my PC to think it was Australian, Region 2 DVD to play this video in the United States.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was a kid. I’ve occasionally paid attention to Moto GP, though up until recently preferred F1. But even though I had always known what I was watching was incredible, I never fully understood how unreal what these riders are doing on their bikes is.

    This documentary provided a fantastic, almost ground level, point of view showing how talented, strategic and courageous these men are. What they are doing as they go around the tracks at speeds over 200mph shouldn’t even be possible: Yet they make it look easy.

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