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Action Video Camera from Sony HDR-AS10 (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Compact, rugged HD video action camcorder
  • High quality Full HD 1080p recording
  • Ruggedized, waterproof housing with universal tripod mount included
  • 4X slow motion
Action Video Camera from Sony HDR-AS10 (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Action Video Camera from Sony HDR-AS10 (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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8 reviews for Action Video Camera from Sony HDR-AS10 (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Nice video quality, but quite a few problems, too. (I see it’s discontinued from Sony.)
    * My START/STOP button is extremely hard to push. I’m afraid I’m going to break the camera because I have to push it so hard. If it’s in the waterproof case, FORGET IT! I cannot physically push the exterior button hard enough to do anything.
    * Now, after owning it for 4 months, it has decided to start turning itself on for no reason. I hear the “POWER ON” chimes as it sits on my desk in the middle of the night, during the day, anytime, seemingly at random. At first I would go and turn it back off, but now I don’t care.
    I reset it back to factory settings. I hope it helps. Do I really have to remove the battery?!?
    * The micro-SD card sits very precariously in the slot, also be careful which way the card is facing. It goes in easily the wrong way.
    * The “Play Memories” app for smartphone is a great idea, let’s you use your phone as a wifi monitor and gives you external controls for the camera. Great idea if you can connect it and keep it connected, that is. You may have to wiggle the SD card, then cross your fingers that it will connect to your phone. Then it will simply “disconnect” for no apparent reason.
    * It’s got a port for an external microphone – COOL! But you can’t use an external mic if the camera is in it’s case – UNCOOL! I guess you could modify (drill out) your case, but there goes your “waterproof” capability.
    * Plus, the cam needs to be in it’s case if you plan on using any kind of mount system. The camera itself is oddly shaped; with a rounded top and bottom. I’ve seen some Youtube people who attach it with velcro or whatever, but I’d rather not use ghetto solutions.
    I purposely bought this because I trusted the Sony name. Now I have buyer’s remorse.

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  2. Chuckels

    I watched some reviews on action cameras and my findings kept leading me to the Sony AS-10 or 15. The clincher was a store clerk in a Sail store which only sold Gopro’s said he loved the Sony AS-15 “best video camera on the market for its price”. Sold!!!

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  3. TgreG

    I bought this video camera not knowing much about it, my son quickly informed me how cool it was and he wanted it for paintball, as if! lol The seller was awesome, it didn’t come with the HDMI cable and he was quick to ship one out to me. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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  4. Oliver Poirier

    My only complaint is the shape, it can’t lie flat without the case on it and I can’t find any accessories locally.

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  5. Capt. John

    The media could not be loaded.

     A lot of this is in the eye of the beholder. Owning a GoPro 3 White and Black Edition
    I speak from what I’ve seen with no techie jargon. Sony’s action cam is a lot smaller
    size relationship compared to a Contour which I had on loan for a month.

    Sony’s battery life is a lot longer, low light performance, and audio is far superior
    to the GoPro White Edition and probably better then the Black Edition too. Battery
    life is almost twice to my Heroes.

    These action cams with stock lens are strictly POV (point of view) cameras,
    what your eye sees is about the same size is what you’ll see recorded. Keep that
    in mind when shooting there’s no zoom for drawing attention to content expansion.

    I did the 2.0 Sony upgrade with the water scene option and cannot find any major faults like
    my GoPros before I upgraded their software. GoPro 3s locked up and had to pull the battery
    to reboot the system back working order.

    Sony’s Steady Shot menu option does help.

    Watching raw QuickTime footage I give the edge to this camera.

    I did buy the Sony add on doors with a new door that lets in sound and the underwater lens
    for 48 bucks here at Amazon. Sony’s sound it impressive after using Hero 3s. But it’s a long
    ways from a great sound track you can be proud of.

    I’m far happier with my Amazon Sony Action Cam (non wifi) then the bucks I laid out for Hero 3s. Are Sony’s the end all, be all? …no, but $178 is not going to buy paradise in the video world.

    Updated 1/9/14:

    Uploaded a short raw test clip shot in extreme low light with the sun setting on Lk. Michigan.
    This was one of the first times I used AS10 SHOT AT 30 FRAMES PER SECOND full HD 1080.
    Sound quality is to the low side is at least 3 times better then GoPro performance.
    AS10 sound tracks are rich and full outside the water proof housing. Color is richer
    than an my white and black edition Hero 3s.

    Audio quality is something GoPro seemed to have forgot about. Low light is superior too,
    better then my $399 black version Hero 3. Battery life is far longer too.

    I now own 4 of the HDR AS10s and regret spending a grand on GoPro stuff.
    Multiple cameras are needed to capture on-board action from above and below the water.

    Optional case with the rather large video display I do recommend, along with the
    additional doors for underwater filming. When you purchase these doors, there’s one
    that lets in more sound still staying water proof for a short distance down. Think, but
    check first, the waterproof sound door was good to 30′

    The AS10 can gather enough light to video a 140′ deep on my down rigger camera.
    Granted, it’s grainy that deep down. Same circumstance GoPro white ceases to gather enough light to
    make video and the image goes entirely black around 80′ deep.

    Short clip of test footage I posted was shot in the very last light of day. The quality of
    Amazon’s video compression does not do the original test footage justice appearing far darker than it actually is. Sound track is flawless and that’s where the AS10 beats GoPro hands down
    and going away.

    I know there’s video techie geek speaks with fancy jargon to tear down anything.
    My eyes and ears have proved to me this is the way to go for action cams.

    Prices range a lot at Amazon depending on the time of day. Recently bought a AS10 at 4:00am
    paying 139. Bought during normal business hours and paid over 160. Purchasing during
    the “off-hours” will save you money at Amazon. Which has the best service, best shipping
    and best return policy of any company selling stuff on the web.

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  6. Bruce Sharland

    The product does not work at all. I have to throw it … 2 problems. Invoice said no returns. First time I have had a problem with an Amazon vendor!

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  7. Eduardo F.

    Very good action camera, after all it’s a SONY!

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  8. Jeffrey Galicinao

    Sony Action Camera HDR-AS15 HD with WiFi

    The Sony Action Cam is a well-built device used to capture point-of-view video recordings and rugged just as we would expect Sony would build.

    There is a slight/minor design flaw with on camera menu controls. Controls cannot be accessed when in the waterproof case. The camera needs to be turned on and off, in addition to accessing the menu settings via the side buttons and is inaccessible when in the waterproof case.

    (***Note: Lens protrudes out of its main body and may be prone to scratches. Users should be cautious when taking camera out of waterproof/rugged case.)

    Wi-Fi Capabilities & App Control
    Built in Wi-Fi makes the action camera capable to connect the to a smartphone to control the camera. Just download the app and you will be able to control the camera.

    Using the iOS application is easy to use. Setting up the unit to pair with the phone took a little while and although at times it may take time to connect, once connected it works. In the app you can control the settings, press record and most importantly has a monitor so the user can check framing of the image so the unit can be positioned appropriately.

    (***Note: When pairing unit to phone have unit next to phone for a reliable quick connection and should not go more than 10 feet away otherwise WiFi connection may be lost.)

    Action Camera Controls
    The menu system is unfortunately not the best menu system to access and maneuver. When the camera is in the underwater housing, there is only one useable button, which is the record button. In order to access the menu, you would have to remove the camera from the housing. This is not really a large issue but it is just a small annoyance.

    When in the waterproof body, the Sony only has one usable button. This would be ok if they had mad a menu system that could be navigated with that one button. To change the setting on the camera, including turning the camera off, you need to use the two buttons on the side of the camera. The side button settings are useless when the camera is in the underwater housing. By pushing the record button on the back when the unit is in the housing, not only turns on the camera but starts recording right away with previously set settings.

    (***Note: Set user preferences before putting in underwater housing so when you press record it will start recording with last set settings.)

    Image Quality
    One thing that impressed me was the image stabilization on this camera. Although it does not take the large bumps out, the minor camera vibration/bumps, when compared to a GoPro silver is very impressive.

    The image color is nice when compared to the GoPro silver. Where the silver has a really warm image, the Action Cam, although has a slightly cold image, actually captures a more natural image temperature then the GoPro.

    Low light image quality is actually good on this camera. Of course, the image has a little noise in the image but actually captures a better/brighter image compared to the GoPro silver. Again, the image stabilization on this camera is a wonderful addition to have.

    The action camera has ability to go from the standard 120 lens view to the 170 wide-angle lens view.

    Still images for stop motion is unfortunately taken at a 2MP .jpeg image capture but still workable.

    (***Note: When recording for slow motion footage, the camera does not record audio.)

    Audio Quality
    The audio quality on the Action Camera is good and again comparable to the GoPro Silver edition. Will capture a good amount of ambient noise as well as wind noise. The unit also has a microphone input.

    Recording Format
    High Definition
    1920 x 1080p / 30 fps
    High Definition
    1280 x 720p / 120 fps / 60 fps / 30 fps
    Standard Definition
    640 x 480p / 30 fps

    Memory Cards
    The camera will utilize memory stick PRO, memory stick micro or a Micro SD/SDHC Memory card (class 4 or higher).

    Battery Life
    Supposedly, the battery life on the action cam is about 13 hours but I could only get a max of 2.5 hours of usage time before battery dies.

    Accessories (Recommended)

    Waterproof Case – Limits access to on-camera menu controls.

    Head Mount – Great accessory to use for hands-free recording. Great point-of-view accessory.

    Sony Grip-Style LCD Unit – Although this was not part of the test package accessories this would be a great addition to have for individuals who do not have a smartphone to view faming of image and will be able to use the unit as a regular compact camera.

    Recommended For Purchase

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