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Luxebell Accessories Bundle Kit for Sony Action Camera Hdr-AS15 AS20 AS30v AS50 AS100v AS200v HDR-az1 Mini Fdr-x1000v (14-in-1)

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Luxebell Accessories Bundle Kit for Sony Action Camera Hdr-AS15 AS20 AS30v AS50 AS100v AS200v HDR-az1 Mini Fdr-x1000v (14-in-1)
Luxebell Accessories Bundle Kit for Sony Action Camera Hdr-AS15 AS20 AS30v AS50 AS100v AS200v HDR-az1 Mini Fdr-x1000v (14-in-1)



  • 1. Chest Mount+Surface J-Hook+Mount Adapter+Screw.The Chest Harness Strap Belt and Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle helps your action cam to have a picture shooting and recording steadily on the chest. 2. Floating Handle Grip+Mount Adapter, Floating mount is easy to use to keep camera floating.Bright yellow in the water and can easily be found.
  • 3. The bike handlebar mount with universal 1/4 inch screw can firmly attach your camera to bicycle handlebars. The 180-degree swivel head of the mount for you adjust camera in any angels, it fits handlebar with about 20-30 mm diameter,perfect to record when riding. 4. Suction cup mount,This is an great addition for Sony Action Cam taking photos or recording in the car. It can hold the Sony Action Cam steady, easy to attach and remove.
  • 5. Handheld Monopod:The rust free aluminum construction will ensure that the pole will remain clean useable after use in salt or fresh water (we always recommend that you dry the pole after use).Waterproof extender monopod/pole: Extends up to 37.2″, Retracts 12″. Waterproof, Lightweight and Compact (4.83 oz).Also works with all cameras with a standard 1/4″ thread.
  • 6. Flexible Tripod:Versatile, compact, lightweight, portable, flexible. Great Travel Tripod – Compatible with Gopro Hero,Sony action cam HDR,smart phones -truly the tripod for those on the go – flex tripod that you wrap around objects and take pictures/videos hands free. 7. Head strap Mount:Adjustable and compact design, meeting different requirements of the users. Light weight, portable, easy to take.
  • 8. Storage pouch is provided for working as your moving pocket which you can find the camera and all the accessories right away.

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13 reviews for Luxebell Accessories Bundle Kit for Sony Action Camera Hdr-AS15 AS20 AS30v AS50 AS100v AS200v HDR-az1 Mini Fdr-x1000v (14-in-1)

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  1. ED Supay

    I bought this accesory bundle and everything was perfect. Great quality and comfortable to wear… The only flaw was that the metal piece where the screw screws on the headband was slightly tilted and I couldn’t screw the camera on place. I sent a message to the seller and although I never recieved an answer, I found a new headband on my mailbox today and it works perfectly.
    I’m super happy. I’m using the camera for daily vlogs and the accessories make everything so much more fun. I love the monopod! You might look silly holding a stick but it’s super convenient. The car camera holder shakes enough to make the video shakey despite the steady cam but that might be my car’s fault.

    I worked that out, though. I might still use that because of the suction cup… I’ll see.

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  2. Kijung H.

    I guess you get what you paid for… For $25 you get lots of options to mount your camera. However, the problem is when these mounts are not well engineered to endure the stress as some of the users will use it for their outdoor activities. I mounted my brand new Sony action cam to the selfie stick (shortest length) and mounted the assembly to the bike handlebar mount to raise the camera view so I don’t capture the handle bar in the video. Long story short, the ball joint assembly on the bike mount snapped dropping my brand new Sony action camera to the ground during my ride badly damaging the camera lens. The ball joint part is made out of brittle plastic that can easily snap so keep that in mind. Luxebell owes me a brand new Sony camera.

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  3. RT

    Nice kit and fits my brand new Sony HDR AS50 action cam perfectly. Tried out the helmet and chest mount while skiing and everything worked well. Nice selfie stick as well. Chest mount fits adult and kids perfectly, even with many layers of ski gear (I’m thinner build though). Not sure how long the plastic will last, but screws were nice and tight and gave me great action videos.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    For the sake of saving your equipment, look for another, better-made products.
    The selfie stick tether looked very sketchy due to its tiny thread-like nylon string tide to the end of the stick. However, it was the plastic end of the SS that it was tided to (plastic) that broke off. Thank goodness my camera was not mounted to it. The stick was simply laying on my motorcycle tank bag (tide to it at the tether). I was stopped. For whatever reason the stick simply broke and fell to the ground. Again, thank goodness my camera was not mounted to it. I would not recommend this package as enticing as it looks with all the goodies that come with it.

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  5. for your own good

    everything is made of plastic… just know that before you buy it… however… in most instances plastic is all you need… but……the mini tripod you can just throw in the trash right away mine came in broken the part at the top that screws does not it just slides off the threads and the tighener was broken coming to me so that is complete garbage.. however.. the selfie stick and everthing else i can report work very well… the suction cup in my windshield or mirror super strong hold… i love the selfie stick and everything else is as should be… would give it a 4 but the tripod being complete garbage…. cant do that… overall good kit for the money.

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  6. Zach

    I bought this set to use around work and home to do reviews and such of various products. I didn’t need the whole bunch but I’m glad I got it for those just incase moments. I been happy with the quality and how it holds my Sony Action Camera. Which all of the products hold it just fine. For the price this is a must have product for anyone who has an action camera, because who knows when you’ll go on adventure and it’s great to have everything ready to go.

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  7. José Mayoral

    El artículo es muy exacto a lo que se describe, solo que algunas piezas son completamente de plástico(tornillos) un poco de fuerza extra y se pueden quebrar o trasroscar les falta un poco de calidad en el material pero cumplen con su función!

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  8. thestiggg

    The items were delivered in a timely manner. The product contained many useful mounts for my Sony AS200V. I’m pretty pleased with the quality of the product for the price I paid. I recommend this product just because it’s pretty good in price and have multiple mounts that could be used. So far I have used the selfie stick, the tripod, the helmet mount, chest mount and the suction cup mount which works well on glass but not on my textured car dash. That works fine for me though so that is not a problem.

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  9. Nathan

    It is a good cheap introductory to accessories. Find out the ones you really want and then go buy the gopro ones as within a year or so they will most likely break, rust or you find you don’t use them all. Highly recommend though if you just bought your first action camera and want to try it out and not sure what accessories you will use. For the price it is totally worth it.

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  10. The Thoughtful Dressers

    Parts were fully not assembled by manufacturer (made in china).
    Nearly all parts were missing to fully assemble.
    The package didn’t include the following as described in provided pamphlet:
    Selfie stick, wrist strap, backpack mount, bike mount 2, silicone rubber locking buckles, anti fog inserts and, floaty backdoor.

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  11. A Simple

    These items are relatively cheap but useful for improvising different ways to hold your camera. Connections are biased to the Go Pro mounting but can be worked around for other cameras

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  12. Captain Morgan

    Got this for my sony action cam for scuba diving. At first these are great products but after a while they start to rust. This made the connector in my camrea housing rust up as well.

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  13. Yakamoneye

    Pas encore utilisé mais après observation les produit semble d’excellente qualité!!! Robuste et durable!!
    Il manquait le support pour vélo (handle bar) mais la compagnie va me l’envoyer .c’est c’est pour cette raison que je donne un 4 sur 5.
    Je recommande!!

    Edit le 07 juillet : comme je l’avais spécifier je redescendrai ma note si je ne recevais pas l’élément manquant donc vous l’aurai deviné -4 étoiles, pas fort le service de cette compagnie et Amazon pas fort non plus pour le suivi et l’aide apporté c’est àdire 0 + une barre.

    édité le 18 juillet : j’ai reçu mon effet manquant aujourd’hui. Il a pris plus de temps que prévu car il arrive de Chine.
    Merci pour leurs efforts.
    Tout est correct maintenant

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