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Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD Wifi Camera, FPV Quadcopter Foldable for Beginners with Brushless Motor, Return Home, Follow Me,2…

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Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD Wifi Camera, FPV Quadcopter Foldable for Beginners with Brushless Motor, Return Home, Follow Me,2…
Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD Wifi Camera, FPV Quadcopter Foldable for Beginners with Brushless Motor, Return Home, Follow Me,2…



  • [4K Super Resolution Photos] It is able to use every single pixel giving you crystal clear photos and film. This allows the camera to provide smooth 4k video at 16 frames per second, 2.7K video at 25 frames per second. HS510 is definitely a travel essential.
  • [Portable & Ultralight] This 4k drone has compact design in that the quadcopter arms and propeller blades can be folded. It is small (Folded Dimension:5.59*2.91*2.04) and weighs less than 250g/0.55lbs, you don’t need to register your drone with the government. Nice Choice for Beginners!
  • [Endless Fun in APP Control] With GPS Follow Me,Point of Interest,TapFly, the aircraft can shoot stable aerial shots. With carrying case, It is much more convenient to carry while travelling.
  • [GPS & GLONASS] Dual satellite connectivity using both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, which means you should never loose a signal outdoors. Along with the optical flow positioning, barometer and satellite systems, and it has terrific return-to-home point and a new more precise landing technology.
  • [Brushless Motor] Brushless motor with aviation propellers for high aerodynamic efficiency, which is more quiet and longevous than brushed motor.

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Specification: Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD Wifi Camera, FPV Quadcopter Foldable for Beginners with Brushless Motor, Return Home, Follow Me,2…


11.77 x 8.54 x 3.66 inches


8.8 ounces




2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


Holy Stone®

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5 reviews for Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD Wifi Camera, FPV Quadcopter Foldable for Beginners with Brushless Motor, Return Home, Follow Me,2…

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Chris Barter

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     I am a first-time drone owner. I had been considering purchasing a drone for long time and I’d say this drone is perfect for beginners like me. It is very easy to use with high end features! The videos I’ve taken so far have impressed me in almost every circumstance, even while I was still trying to get the hang of just flying it. 😄 If you are considering getting a drone, definitely take the Holy Stone HS510 out for a test flight. I’m not sure how this compares with other drones, but this one is very easy to get the hang of. I’m excited to use this to my next vacation!!

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  2. Raf.

    Review for Holystone 510 Drone
    Pro’s and Con”s

    1. This drone is very easy to travel with because of it’s size!
    2. This drone is not that difficult to learn to fly the first time!
    3. The cost of this drone is much lower in Price than a DJI Drone!
    4. The Camera takes still pictures and video in 4 K!
    5. The Pictures are at a high level!
    6. You get about 15 Minutes of flight time for each of the two Batteries
    7. You can charge both Batteries one at a time!
    8. Since the Drone is white in color it is easy to see!
    9. Good WiFi and GPS connection!
    10. You should probably get another Battery to get some more flight time!!
    11. The Tech support is very good! Help is always there with Daryl
    12. I’ve been flying Drones for 20 plus years and really enjoyed flying this Drone!!!


    1. Don’t let the Drone get to far away as it is to Hard to see it because it is so small

    2. The drone does not have a gimbal to move the camera up and down to film in flight!! You have to adjust before you take off!
    3. This drone would not fly great in a strong wind!!
    4. You can see the Prop’s if the camera is set straight ahead when filming!!
    5. The Transmitter holder for the phone needs to be able to hold a phone
    with a protective clover! Dropping your $800 + Phone that cost a lot more than the Drone would be a Shame!! The Holder for the phone needs to be Much Better!!!

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  3. William G Scott Sr

    I increased my review from one star to four. Holy Stone customer service is the best I have ever encountered. They sent a replacement and called to ensure I was happy with the replacement. The replacement is better than the original but still drifts somewhat when making turns. It seems to land much better and doesn’t bounce around on the ground. Overall I would purchase again simply due to their customer service.

    I own three drones, from various manufactures, and have flown others. I found the Holy Stone HS510, I received, to have the worst positioning system of any drone I have flown. I tested it several times; calibrating it before each flight. I found the following; it doesn’t hold positioning when hovering (it tends to move all over the place), when performing a rotation, on several occasions, it would make a rotation in a 3′ – 4′ area and it bounces around on the ground (still applying power to the props as if it didn’t recognize the current altitude) when trying to land. It also had a tendency to be sluggish when changing direction and a very slow decent rate. Overall very poor execution of GPS/gyroscopic positioning system and general control of the drone. The packaging and accessories were top notch however if one can’t control the device with a little precision it’s absolutely worthless. I am returning for a refund.

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  4. Wasicun

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     The Holy Stone HS510 appealed to me because I was looking for something more portable than my Holy Stone 700D, which I’m very happy with. I travel frequently, and do lots of hiking, canoe camping and other outdoor activities. The HS700D can be disassembled to fit in a fairly compact space, but the appeal of a smaller folding drone for those outdoor activities led me to the HS510.
    The first impression I had upon opening the box was the quality of the protective carrying case the drone, controller and accessories comes in. That is a nice touch that exceeded my expectations. It will fit nicely in a daypack, under a car seat, or in a suitcase without displacing other essentials. You can check the specs for the size of the drone itself, but after flying the 700D for awhile, which I would consider mid-sized, the HS510 looks tiny! But it has some weight to it, even without a battery installed- it is a solid machine. The controller is much smaller than the 700D’s, and with its handles folded out is more comfortable in hand. It too feels solid. Its phone holder looks functional, but I use a dedicated tablet for my drones so I haven’t used that feature (the phone or tablet must have 5G wireless capability with this drone).
    The HS510 comes with two batteries, and the included charger (needs to be plugged in to a cell phone charger with the included USB cord) has ports for both. It does take some time to charge (specs say 150 minutes/battery), but the process is simple and straightforward. While the batteries were charging, I studied the included booklet of instructions for use, a critical step with any new drone. If you read many drone reviews you have seen those lamenting that the drone flew away, never to be seen again. I would guess most of those we due to the pilot failing to perform the calibration process properly, which prevents the Return to Home function from operating. Calibration isn’t complicated but there are no shortcuts. The HS510 indicates calibration status by flashing colored lights on the front of the drone (which are difficult to see in bright light) and a flashing icon on the control panel. I discovered a nice safety feature of the HS510 by accident. I did a short flight without performing the GPS calibration and the controller beeped an alarm and flashed a NO GPS message. After proper calibration I tested the RETURN TO HOME function several times and it worked flawlessly. I like to test the RETURN TO HOME function at the beginning of each flight anyway, it is good insurance. And the HS510 makes that process easy.
    When the first opportunity to fly the drone came, it was windy. I decided to power up anyway and at least verify that everything was in working order. I went through the calibration process and had no problems connecting to my tablet with the Ophelia Go app (which is different from the Ophelia GPS app the HS700 uses). All systems were go, so I decided to do some flying. I shouldn’t have been concerned about the wind, the HS510 had no issues flying in it. The weight I noticed when I first picked up the drone helps make it a wind-worthy flyer. I’m sure it has its limits but this breezy day wasn’t it. The wind did result in some rocking video, but the still photos were sharp. To get the best video, use a micro-SD card. The HS510 has an onboard slot for this. The FPV video is good for flying but the HD video stored on the card is better. I conducted several other flights over the next couple of days, and I really like this drone! The video and photos are sharp and clear, and the drone flies well. It has several special features. I tried the headless flight mode, the point of interest function and one key take-off and landing. All worked fine. It also has Optical Flow Positioning for flying indoors without GPS and a TapFly function, which I didn’t try due to a number of obstructions in the airspace. I recommend this drone!
    I do want to mention Holy Stone Customer Support. I haven’t needed them for this drone but contacted them a couple of times regarding my HS700D. Both times I received a prompt and effective reply.

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  5. Wasicun

    The item flew off not to return can’t even find the item been out all evening this evening 11:44 a.m. Saturday night item lost flew off $270 down the drain in less than a week don’t suggest you buy this item.

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