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13 reviews for Fastest

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Liam

    I saw this at the cinema last year and I absolutely loved it!

    It concentrates mainly on Rossi from the 2004 – 2010 season and looks at his main rivals, which I loved as during the 2003 – 2006 years my favourite rider was Sete Gibernau and I loved how they talked about his rivalry with him!

    As you may expect it would concentrate on Rossi as he is the most iconic rider over the last decade. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend you buy it, I think it’s better than Faster and Ewan McGregor does a brilliant job once again narrating it! I’ve pre-ordered it and I suggest that anyone that reads this should to… BRILLIANT!

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  2. Yann

    When broadcasted in France, I run into one of the few theatres broadcasting this awesome movie. So when the blu-ray was released, I bought it nearly immediately. I was hesitating because of subtitles…It was not precised if there were any or not, especially in my native language.

    So, just know that subtitles (and also audio) are available in numerous languages such as, French (français), Portuguese, Spanish, German, etc. I will complete very soon to be exhaustive, but I want potential customers to be aware as soon as possible.

    Do not miss this movie. Pictures are beautiful, emotion is strong. You will feel “race”.

    This movie alternate original race video (not a simple copy/past of broadcasted races), interview. Mainly focus on Valé, you can also see Marco, Casey, Lorenzo and Pedrosa during the fantastic Lorenzo/Valé Yamaha seasons. You will remind why Valé is such a great rider (I am fan of Casey, but it would be a lack of intelligence not to appreciate Valé). The Blu Ray video quality is worth, and I will make sound review asap.

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  3. Ken46

    “Fastest” is a documentary on Valentino Rossi in MotoGP. The whole story revolves around him, as the world of motorcycle racing revolves around him, so it’s fitting. The whole production fit together and progressed better than Faster did, mainly because it was focused on the rise of the GOAT, then his bumbs in 06 and 07, his return to dominance in 08 and 09, and his struggle in 10 with Lorenzo and injury. The film expressed the feelings of Lorenzo, that while he may have been given a proven bike that Rossi developed, he was still faster on it then Rossi on a few occasions. In all, it is a great lesson in the history of man and empires. They rise, shine for a while and then fade into history, it’s just that some burn brighter and longer than the rest. Rossi is one of those. But, like Ewan said, in the intro and conclusion of the movie, It doesn’t matter who was faster then, what matters who is Fastest now. The question the world wants to know, does Rossi still have it? “Fastest” sets the stage for Rossi and his return to Yamaha. God speed Rossi!

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  4. Mario Orsini

    If you’re a MotoGP fan, you’re going to love this. I own Faster and The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid and I put Fastest right up there with those two. I does make me a bit sad to watch as when this was filmed Rossi was no longer at the top of this game. However, it’s not great rewatching it knowing that Rossi returns to form in 2014. #VR46in2015

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  5. LeBrit

    Excellent insight into MotoGP which you won’t get if you simply watch the races, unless you race yourself perhaps. Ewan McGregors best attempt since Trainspotting, which judging by some of excrement he’s been in is not saying a lot since that original film. Oh by the way as a spoiler; Rossi is by far the best as he can mix it with anyone and has a personality as a bonus.

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  6. S. Rodrigues

    For those who love motorcycling, this is a must see documentary. Very good to watch. <recommend.

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  7. MH

    Loved the insight into not only the riders but Rossi’s home town support as well.

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  8. Questonaut

    It seems to focus more on rivalries than describing the sport. Never heard of these rivalries before. I just like motorcycles.

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  9. Whyaduc

    In full disclosure, I am a TT fan first and MotoGP second. That being said, Fastest is the best of the three films in this trilogy. The cinematography was phenomenal. The breadth of their coverage of the sport in recent times was very good. Interviews with riders and fans was quite good too. If you don’t like Rossi, you won’t like this film. Much of the film focuses on his accomplishment and his personality. I really liked the soundtrack as well. My brother-in-law, who has little to no interest in motorcycles was transfixed by the footage and stopped what he was doing and sat with me to watch most of this fine film.

    The theme of this film concerns the level of perfection that is needed to win in this sport and the amount of danger that still exists. It focuses on the the amount of dedication that riders like Rossi, Lorenzo and Stoner have needed in order to succeed in the sport. The extra features are forgettable but the main event is good enough to give this five stars. If you love MotoGP, you must see this film. You will enjoy the footage even if you just have a casual interest in motorcycle racing.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Genius Alien

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  11. Alistair

    It has some gorgeous shots of motorcycle racing; what isn’t there to love about it? Check out the others in the series.

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  12. RubyRoo

    horrible, Amazon prime keeps charging me for movies I never get to watch! And since there is no real customer service, I just keep having to pay.

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  13. John D. Gardner

    This film captures the true essence of MotoGP, in depth and breadth, in spirit and culture. The rider, the machine, the tuners.

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