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Beyond the Law

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Beyond the Law
Beyond the Law


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13 reviews for Beyond the Law

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I like it. Lower budget older flick, but its cool. And if you dont like Charlie Sheen because of his antics post-2 1/2 Men, go cry to your therapist!

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  2. Rex Venator

    I personally think that “Beyond the Law” is what some may characterize as a “breakout performance” by Charlie Sheen.

    As prior law enforcement, I instantly empathized with Sheen’s character (though I myself could never do undercover work) inasmuch that law enforcement really saps the life force of those who manage to stay peace officers for protracted periods of time.

    This little known film is a definitive “must see” despite the low budget, which, in my personal view blows away the multi-millions spent on CGI flicks with too many editing cuts. This is drama and the outlaw motorcycle community actually serves as a phantom character in this film.

    Personally, I really dig the film!

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  3. jim mccoll

    been looking for ages for this film got it as an us import but doesnt play on dvd player different format or somthing ??

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  4. TelSpruce

    Saw this film many moons ago, been looking for it ever since. Not for lovers of Two and a Half Men, unless you’re prepared for a completely different character.

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  5. Bri

    Great film

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  6. SnowEcho

    I have enjoyed watching this movie since the first time I saw it many years ago. This movie introduced me to the actor Michael Madsen. I’m very glad it did. Michael is a very good actor, as well as being a very talented writer. I also have several of his books. Back to the movie. I enjoyed this movie because it depicted a true story. I’ve heard some say it was loosely based on the true story of an undercover agent who infiltrates a motorcycle gang. However, to me, the acting of Charlie Sheen, Michael Madsen, and Linda Fiorentino was very effective, and believable in making a scenario that made it easy to believe an event like this could occur. This is another movie I have watched many times, and will watch it many times again.

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  7. The Librarian

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    Fixing the Shadow (1993) aka Beyond the Law aka Made of Steel is a film starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Madsen, Rip Torn, Courteney B Vance, Dennis Burkley, and Linda Fiorentino. It also stars Leon Rippy (who has appeared in many Estevez / Sheen films such as Firestarter (1984) with Martin Sheen, Maximum Overdrive (1986) with Emilio Estevez, Young Guns 2: Blaze of Glory (1990) with Emilio Estevez, and The Arrival (1996) with Charlie Sheen). I first rented this film on VHS in 1995; it was sold exclusively in the UK by Woolworths. I have since purchased it on DVD under the title Beyond the Law which, I believe, is the US title. When I first watched the film, I thought it was a solid Charlie Sheen thriller. However, I began to look at the film in a different light after watching Donnie Brasco (1997) and noticing the marked similarities. Both films have an element of sardonic humour; and yet, they are both based on true stories about undercover narcotics officers, and inevitably are serious films that convey a serious message, retelling the violence and stress that each undercover agent had to endure at a considerable personal cost, and with little thanks to show for it at the end of the assignment.

    The Story
    Dan Saxon (Charlie Sheen) is a cop who has experienced a troubled childhood relating to abuse at the hands of a police officer in the family. He is a small town police officer who is fired one day for taking sides with a Native American Indian staging a protest – crimes against the land, or Mother Earth. It is just before he is fired that he is inadvertently introduced to Blood (Michael Madsen), the leader of the biker gang The Jackals. Saxon is about to slip back into civilian life when FBI agent Conroy Price (Courtenay B Vance) approaches him with an assignment. Price seems to know a little too much about Saxon’s past, especially the childhood abuse. He offers Saxon a deal: to go undercover and bust The Jackals (who are known for drug and arms trafficking, and murder) and perhaps simultaneously end his conflict with the blue uniform. Saxon eventually agrees and sets out to attempt to buy narcotics from bikers, but is unsuccessful until he runs into Virgil (Leon Rippy). Virgil is not a member of The Jackal, but he rides with them and fixes their Scooters. Saxon makes Virgil a pseudo-deputy and Virgil helps Saxon become a hardened biker, he helps him get close to Blood and The Jackals.

    Saxon eventually gets close to Blood and the latter fails to recognize him, for Saxon has transformed from handsome and clean shaven police officer to bearded biker. All the while Price is feeding Saxon with money to buy illegal drugs and arms, and Saxon is becoming one of The Jackals, partly because it is his job; partly because he hates police officers. During his undercover operation, Saxon becomes romantically involved with Renee Jason (Linda Fiorentino), a photographer who is taking pictures of The Jackals. Renee remembers Saxon from an earlier speeding violation and warns him that he is treading deep water, that he could be killed. However, the longer Saxon remains with The Jackals, the harder it is for him to distinguish between right and wrong. He abhors what Blood is doing, but he sees him as a reliable friend; he wants to help Price, but he hates anything with a connection to the blue uniform. In the end, Daniel Saxon must confront his own demons, both past and present. He has had a shadow looming over him for most of his life and, as much as he respects Blood for taking him in and making him part of a family, he must ultimately take Blood and The Jackals down.

    Chris Rea – Working On It
    Chris Rea – The Road To Hell
    Corey Lerios – We Can’t Stop The Fire
    Asphalt Ballet – Hell’s Kitchen
    Juice Newton & Silver Spur – Roll On Truckers
    Diamondback – Push and Shove
    Asphalt Ballet – Soul Survive
    Saigon Kick – Body Bags
    Dying Breed – Sillusion
    Robbie Robertson – Broken Arrow

    German Versions:
    FSK18 is Original and Uncut
    FSK16 is Cut for Violence and Many Scenes are Missing, including the murder of the Asian shopkeeper

    The real Dan Saxon is an extra in the film

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  8. David Goralski

    I really enjoy watching this movie. It’s an enjoyable portrayal of an undercover cop in the outlaw biker world. It’s based off a true story.

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  9. Christina Flynt

    I bought this for my dad because he has been trying to find this for sooooo long, he loves this movie and watches it maybe twice a week. He says it’s a really good movie.

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  10. OC Summer

    Beware the ‘super biker’ who rolls in out of no where and claims to be superbadaz They’re really always undercover or informants…just like this one, but it’s still a fun movie. Right along with “Stone Cold” but not as over the top as brian bosworth, well maybe it is…you decide.

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  11. dave m

    great film

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  12. jolietjohn1975

    This movie is full of action and takes inside the dark side of the law when an officer with a dark childhood secret goes undercover for one of the largest drug busts nation wide as a biker from nowhere to infiltrate a infamous biker gang known for their drug trafficking and illegal gun trafficking exploits hes befriended by the leader of the gang and things seem to be running smoothly until he gets too deep he risks loosing himself in the process until a ground shaking moment in a robbery he waned nothing to do with his inner demons return to offer him a light into his downward spiral, inevitably leading to the large wide scale sting that takes the gang down for the count. Based on a true story.

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  13. RMH

    I’ve watched this movie several time over the years and it never gets dull. An amazing story of an undercover officer that went way beyond the call of duty and risk everything to get his job done.

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