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Xtreme Biker

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Specification: Xtreme Biker

MPAA rating

NR (Not Rated)

Product Dimensions

7.75 x 5.75 x 0.75 inches, 5.6 Ounces

Media Format

Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC

Run time

55 minutes

Release date

May 20, 2003





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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Xtreme Biker

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Allen G. Moser

    Tape was very good enjoyed it very much.. it sure came fast in the mail. thanks amozon . com allen moser

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  2. Benny F Ball

    good action movie

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  3. Mike Cam

    It is a little confusing because the star is not really Lorenzo Lamas but Don “The Dragon” Wilson. Lorenzo is in it, but a smaller part.

    The sory is (Wilson) must save his son from a video game by fighting ,and winning each level. It’s kind of fun to watch a who’s who of fighters meet wilson at each level. The only real suspense comes from guessing who he will meet at each level, based on who’s in the credits.

    Overall it’s fun.

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  4. winterwolf

    I wasn’t overly impressed with the movie, the main character was iffy at best, there was no real chemistry between anyone. THe fight scenes were no where near the quality I would expect. And being a Lamas fan I was very disappointed that his entire role in the movie was less than 20 minutes. Not a very happy camper.

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  5. David Romano

    This movie *should* have been so much better. Forget the plot, it isn’t needed. Don’t worry about the acting, it’s unnecessary. This movie was supposed to be all about the fight sequences. As the DVD case advertises “25 Fight Scenes” and “10 World Champions”. Sadly, all those world champions must have forgotten to eat their wheaties when they showed up to work. The choreography was terrible. It was slow, choppy, technically poor, and rarely lasted long enough. I’ve seen many of these people in other films, and I know they are capable of better.

    Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Christine Bannon-Rodriguez, the Kim twins, Lorenzo Lamas, Eric Lee, Michael Matsuda, Brad Verret, Maurice Smith, Ray Wizard, and especially Chris Cassamassa. Half the cast was on “WMAC Masters”, and we know they can give us fantastic scenes with the right producer and fight choreographer. Cynthia Rothrock, Don Wilson, and Lorenzo Lamas have made careers of action films, and they were some of the worst offenders. The worst scenes? Rothrock versus Bannon-Rodriguez. Don Wilson versus Bannon-Rodriguez. Cassamassa versus Wilson. Wilson versus Smith (who has thankfully moved on to greener pastures as the head coach of the IFL’s Tiger Sharks, a more fitting use of his talents!). I can’t think of one good fight from the entire film, and when the film’s raison d’etre was fight choreography, it better live up to the hype. The only decent fight was between Wilson and Gokor Chivichyan, and that’s not saying much.

    This one didn’t. I’m glad this was only $10. Will I watch it again, sure. It kills time on a lazy Saturday. But if you want good fight choreography, go check out MK, MKII or something from China. There’s a reason very few people have heard of this film…except for the actors’ students, who are hurling around 4 and 5 star reviews based on that fact alone.

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  6. Michael

    As a fan of DTV cinema, it’s hard for me to find a film that has next to no redeeming value…but goshdarnit, I do believe I’ve found one. I watched “Xtreme Fighter” with low expectations, but for a movie whose selling point is twenty-five hand-to-hand fight scenes, the fourteenth collaboration between kickboxer-turned-actor Don Wilson and action handyman Art Camacho fell short of even my squat hopes. It’s definitely one of the worst martial arts flicks I have ever seen. Following its release, Wilson would endure only two more low-budget roles before retirement; co-star Cynthia Rothrock went on indefinite hiatus at once, since you really can’t go much lower than this. Both have reason to be disappointed, sure, but at least their film careers had a better run than those of the poor souls who will be known for making up the supporting cast of this blunder of a movie.

    The story: Jack Tanaka (Wilson, 


     series) is the single parent of his rebellious and troubled son Brad(Daneya Mayid). When grandfather/FBI scientist James (Aki Aleong, 

    Farewell to the King

    ) tries to bridge the gap between them by introducing them to a revolutionary virtual reality fighting game, a virus traps Brad’s mind in the game; the only option Jack has to save his son is to enter the game and beat all of the opponents and the virus (Christine Rodriguez, “WMAC Masters”).

    When it comes to the abundant fights, I could write this entire review by detailing how bad each encounter was, but I’ll save space by only mentioning the few times the action didn’t suck entirely. Undoubtedly, the film’s highlight is Daneya Mayid, whose acrobatic prowess shows so much promise, especially in his first fight with Chris Casamassa (

    Mortal Kombat

    ). Wilson, on the other hand, seems to cue bad camerawork and ignores any and all sense of rhythm or pacing for his lifeless bouts. The wrestling match he has with grappling champion Gokor Chivichyan (

    Bloodsport 2

    ) was pleasantly out-of-the-ordinary, Eric Lee (

    Weapons of Death

    ) shows him up impressively in a weapons-based match, and there’s a nod given to his UFC aspirations by fighting ‘king of the cage’ champ Brad Verret, but in the end, few things are less worth watching than his fights. Momentary coolness occurs when Don and Lorenzo Lamas (“Renegade”) fight alongside eachother, but like the rest of the fights, their team-up too short, too poorly choreographed, and too incompetently shot to merit more than a seconds’ interest. Some wire-fu takes place when Cynthia Rothrock (

    Above the Law

    ) takes to the screen, but this may very well be the worst work she’s ever done, too.

    The only aspect of the acting that surprised me is that even the usually-adamant Aki Aleong seems to go out of his way to look like an amateur. The production values are inferior to anything you’ve ever seen on “Power Rangers”. The CGI is both abysmal and unnecessary, the camerawork is that of a low-end TV drama, and the virtual reality console itself is a dolled-up Nintendo Gamecube. Concerning the script, I couldn’t care less about the fate of any of the bland and boring characters. The very nature of the virus is weird, since it goes from being a simple bug to wanting to destroy the world in the blink of an eye; it doesn’t even mention how it’s going to do this. Cynthia Rothrock’s character is the only kinda-sorta interesting aspect of the film, since she’s Don’s aspiring sweetie in the real world but in the game she’s…well, don’t worry about it; it doesn’t save the movie, either.

    On the bright side, the DVD does have fairly decent special features, including a very insightful commentary track by Wilson and Cynthia. If you’re into the band 


     and bad rap metal, then you’ll be happy of how much you hear of both. Nevertheless, this is simply the most disappointing film of Don’s I’ve ever lacked the pleasure of watching. This is a film that literally does everything it aspires to do wrong – even in B-movies this is a rarity. Steer clear, one and all.

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  7. Mary Ann

    I loved the story it was a new aspect showing different martial artists. Brad played by Dan Mayid, is awesome. His techniques look outstanding. I hope he makes more movies! I think he’s gonna be the new Karate Kid! Can’t wait for x-treme fighter 2

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  8. Billy Antonides

    After a long time waiting I finally got to see my karate instructor Master Dan Mayid in his first martial arts movie! If I did not know better I would think his fighting scences were for real. It has a cool story and X-treme Fighter is now my favorite martial arts movie and Master Mayid is now my favorite movie star! If you buy this movie you will love it too! I hope there will be an X-treme Fighter 2!

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