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Polaroid Cube Act II HD 1080P Mountable Weather-Resistant Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Red) 6MP Still Camera w/ Image Stabilization, Sound…

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Polaroid Cube Act II HD 1080P Mountable Weather-Resistant Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Red) 6MP Still Camera w/ Image Stabilization, Sound…
Polaroid Cube Act II HD 1080P Mountable Weather-Resistant Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Red) 6MP Still Camera w/ Image Stabilization, Sound…



  • Its brilliant – The Polaroid cube two is here to prove that the best things do indeed come in small packages standing at just about 35mm (1. 4”) and weighing just 49 grams this tiny action camera is ready to capture your most exciting moments in stunning Hi-Definition video on the go.
  • Advanced camera technology – the cube records full HD either 720P or 1080P video and can take 6-megapixel still photos. To help capture more of the action, It features a fixed 124-degree wide-angle Lens, making it the ultimate combination of performance and small size.
  • Capture every moment – The rubberized rugged body ensure you on all types of extreme conditions.
  • Advanced simplicity – no more fumbling around with buttons hold the multifunction button until the led light turns green and you hear 3 beeps. All set! The built-in rechargeable battery and advance video and image stabilization enables you to continuously record up to 90 minutes per charge without worry.

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10 reviews for Polaroid Cube Act II HD 1080P Mountable Weather-Resistant Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Red) 6MP Still Camera w/ Image Stabilization, Sound…

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  1. sd

    This is a good little camera. I have four of them now, and for the £30 they cost at time of writing, they’re great value.

    I use two of them when motorbiking – one on the bike, one on my crash helmet. The one on the bike is connected to the bike’s power (it is three years old now, and doesn’t charge any more), so no battery worries, the newer one on my lid gets charged each time I use it.

    The video quality for me is gopro level. sharp, good colour, works reasonably well in low light, easily good enough as a dashcam type device.

    Being so small, you can tape them to almost anything, and the magnet is powerful enough to stick to the bonnet of a moving car.

    Downsides – you need a computer or playback device to get the video off of it. There is no way to view it otherwise, and it can’t work as a webcam, i.e. live video.

    For £30, no brainer.

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  2. L. Krippner

    If you buy this during or after 2020 you will probably receive it dead on arrival. The first one I bought was DOA so I returned it in exchange for a replacement which was also DOA. It worked when plugged into the wall but it would not charge and would not turn on under it’s own power. Fed up, I held onto it for a while but I wasn’t ready to give up because I had bought the waterproof case and an sd card specifically for this camera.

    I have experience with lithium batteries, and most electronics like this have some sort of lithium battery in them. My hypothesis was that since this product has been discontinued for years they have been sitting on shelves for years while the batteries slowly drained. Lithium batteries cannot go below 3 volts. If they do they start to become damaged and will not charge anymore.

    So I went to iFixit and followed their disassembly tutorial for these little cameras. And there it was. The lithium battery cells were puffed up, the clear sign of damage and too low of voltage. My multimeter read about 5 mV. Way too low.

    But the camera worked fine. It just didn’t have power. So I was able to purchase some nearly identical lithium cells on ebay and did the tedious process of removing the wires and control board from the old dead batteries and soldered them onto the new ones. And it fired right up! I am not recommending this process to anyone. Only telling you that it is possible to resurrect this camera if it is DOA. Lithium batteries can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Limited functions but that’s it’s strength. So much better than the cheap imports I used to use Picture quality is ace and it works upside down without having to reconfigure. Solid software and firmware (the cheap imports forget date and time, don’t loop record properly, have bizarre file naming conventions). My only gripes are that you can’t tell how much power is left and you have to buy a separate handlebar mount. Buy it in black so you can see the red recording light more easily. But overall, perfect for what I wanted if for.

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  4. Charles

    I have 2 others of this and both work as they should. This one came in DOA. Had no SD card, no software loaded and the charge lights do not work correctly, if at all. I’ve contacted Polaroid and Amazon to no avail.
    I was so pleased with the other 2 that I really wanted another but now will look elsewhere.
    UPDATE: Seems Polaroid wants to force me to return this defective item on my own dime and Amazon doesn’t seem like they want to handle this and just send me a return label. I’m not used to this treatment from Amazon and am disappointed.

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  5. mr. ed

    1) The Polaroid Cube records in video in the .MOV format: .MOV is an Apple format, ie. QuickTime. A download you will have to make, if you want to hear the audio of your videos. It will not play the audio portion of your video in Windows Media Player. You will have to buy third party video editing software (approx. $60 dollars) to edit your videos on a pc. Apple NO LONGER sells the QuickTime 7 “PRO” for simple video editing. You will not be able to do simple video editing in Windows Movie Maker.
    2) In 1080p, the camera will ONLY record 5 minute’s video. Then it will start a new video file. Thus video splicing will be a must. The time lag between the videos, will mean: lost video. ie. a space in your recording time.
    3) 360 cameras (panoramic view -> 360o degrees of where the camera is placed), have hugely come down in price. So you Really check those out on Amazon before buying ANY action camera, because they have become completely obsolete. The camera is nice and has good features and makes good videos. But again, this camera is Completely Obsolete. Don’t waste your money. The problems of video editing .MOV files will make you pull hair out of your head. Good Luck! Look for a camera that will record in mp4 or is compatible to youtube (.wmv) Polaroid did make an “app” for video editing on your phone, but they no longer support it on their website. You have to find it on a third party website like softonic. This camera is just not worth the headaches.

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  6. Carl M.

    This is a lovely sized video camera, idea for bike/cycle safety camera use. Picture quality is adequate at HD levels for review, and sound is near washed out by wind. Battery life on the 1080P setting is a disappointing 40 mins or less. The 720P setting gets a bit longer at about 80 mins.

    However, all of this is rather moot given that it was fine for the first couple of weeks usage, and then started to stop itself recording after arbitrary periods (2mins-30mins) without being touched – rather unhelpful when it is on a helmet and you’re on a 40 minute ride – you can’t always hear that it has stopped and it is very frustrating to discover that it wasn’t recording when you needed it to be. About three weeks later though it has stopped responding to the single button on the device – the one that turns it on/off/starts/stops/etc. Whilst it comes alive when plugged into a computer confirming that it can access the memory card in it, it doesn’t work at all aside from that, rendering it useless.

    Attempting to return/replace, but Amazon are not making this easy.

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  7. Adam Bisset

    Very happy indeed with this wee camera. It’s a tough little device, very easy to use and child friendly. Still-picture quality was not quite as good as I thought it would be, but video quality is better than I thought it would be (and I guess that’s what matters for an ‘action camera’). Obviously you can’t view your footage/pics on the device itself, but it’s easy to connect it to a computer, and you can use Windows Movie Maker or whatever to seamlessly paste together the 5-minute chunks of video that it takes. (You won’t notice the joins if you do so).

    You’ll need to buy a micro-SD card separately. Make sure it is properly formatted before you insert it.

    I would recommend getting this strap-on set []. It works very well for attaching the camera to a bike helmet.

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  8. Rana

    This thing does everything it says it does. It does have audio, but it’s fairly quiet. Also the videos play audio in VLC media player but not windows media player. The lenses is super wide angle, almost like a fish eye. It doesn’t do great walking around with it, as the shake from is a but off putting. Putting it on something smoother like a bike may work better. It works great in low light too. I particularly like the magnet. It is very strong and I can stick it to almost anything. This is a great camera for parties, as no one notices it’s there. I just love it.

    P.S. Don’t be fooled by the one that looks like this on wish. My boyfriend ordered one and was sorely disappointed. It is not just an off brand, it’s tiny and terrible. Make sure you get this from Polaroid and no one else, even if it looks the same it’s not.

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  9. The BoatBuilder

    I looked at all the sun £100 cameras as I wasn’t prepared to invest in a GoPro for just some fun filming. This fits the bill. Sensible price and easy to setup and use.
    When you first plug it into your PC/laptop a menu pops up saying how do you want to access the data. Select in windows explorer. If you select ‘do nothing’ it’s a whole world of pain to get access to the SD card back again.

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  10. Rene N.

    This thing is awesome! O.K., it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but since this model has now been discontinued and is available at a much discounted rate from full retail, it makes it an awesome deal.

    I have owned a Go-Pro Hero 3, Contour Roam 2, Garmin Virb, and Garmin Virb XE and I have found this to be one of my “go-to” cameras.

    If even I fear that any of my more expensive action cams are in some sort of mortal danger, out comes this little guy, because well, for the price, it is fairly disposable. Filming within a few millimeters next to a metal cutting saw? No problem. Setting up a shot inside a wheel well within an inch of a moving tire? No problem. I suppose that the Go-Pro Hero Session can do the same thing, but I won’t be out $200-$300 if something bad did happen in a high-risk shot.

    The footage is OK. About the same as Hero 2 or Roam 2. Not cutting edge by today’s standard, but if you are need that 5-10 second footage maybe a couple times in a 5 minute clip, then it doesn’t really matter anyway.

    I really found the magnet useful in setting up shots, especially on how-to videos and can be used to get angles without having to use a mount. It’s not for movie documentaries, so adjust your expectations accordingly. One of the companies here sell a case/adapter that allows you to use it with Go-Pro style adapters, which makes it even more versatile.

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