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On Any Sunday

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Filmmaker Bruce Brown shows motorcycle racers, including Steve McQueen, and forms of their sport around the world.

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Specification: On Any Sunday

Aspect Ratio


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


MPAA rating

G (General Audience)


1.6 Ounces, 7.5 x 5.38 x 0.6 inches




Bruce Brown

Media Format

Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC

Run time

1 hour and 36 minutes


1998, November 11


Steve McQueen, Bruce Brown, David Evans, Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith


Bruce Brown, Robert Bagley, Steve McQueen


English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo), Unqualified


Monterey Video

Country of Origin


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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for On Any Sunday

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Questio Verum

    I have been on a motorcycle documentary watching binge, everything from MotoGP to extreme enduro. There are a ton of good ones and a few that are great, but for my money this one is the most natural, artistic and inspirational. Maybe that has to do with it being made in 1971, before documentary makers started trying too hard to make stylistic statements (although this doc is plenty stylistic). The two sequels to this are good but this one remains in a category unto itself. I’ve already re-watched it once and suspect I’ll return to it periodically. This is a feel good doc about riding and about those who ride. I suspect most people will want to jump on a bike after seeing this. But even if you have little interest in motorcycling this is one of those transcendent docs that will inspire you to do something you enjoy, whatever that may be.

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  2. Davalon

    This “documentary” was made in 1971. The quality of the film stock used was poor to begin with, resulting in images that are fuzzy. There is no sharpness in image quality at all. There is a dull voiceover describing everything we are seeing and hearing. That’s “complemented” by the worst ’70s-style “funny” music. The sort of cues used for gags or bloopers. This is endless.

    I was asked to watch this for a project I was asked to write. I kept fast forwarding through it, thinking it was going to get better; it didn’t.

    It starts off with an image of an overweight man getting on his motorcycle and zooming off. The camera is behind him, so we watch his huge haunches settle onto his seat. How anyone thought this would be a great way to kick off a documentary is incomprehensible.

    The VO actor speaks in “tones” of monotones. So, almost everything sounds the same, but on occasion there is the slightest inflection to let us know that it is a human being, not a robot.

    Two thumbs down.

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  3. Scottie

    Over the years I’d heard so much praise for this film that I eventually got around to buying the DVD. The quality on my PC monitor is poor by today’s standards, so it must be terrible on a big TV. Of course it’s very dated now but I still enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and commitment of ordinary people pursuing their passion with fervour, and for little or no reward.

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  4. Lippo

    A little dated now, but still highly relevant. Hugely entertaining and informative view of amateur and professional motorcycle racing, mainly in the USA, but with some vintage footage of the International Six Days Trial. Steve McQueen features occasionally in the film, although he not the main star. Some pioneering “helmet cam” footage, too.

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  5. C. H.

    Absolutely captivating–compelling verite cinematography, action, cast of characters/heroes, musical score, humor…even poetry in motion. If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, you’re gonna love this. If you’ve ever visited CA before it was ruined, you’ll appreciate the poignant, dreamy nostalgia. If you’ve done neither, I can almost guarantee you’re going to enjoy it anyway. Do your self a favor and see this gem.

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  6. JB

    I love this movie and rate it 5 stars! However, when I received it and put it in my Blu-Ray player, it would not play. When I looked on the back of the cover that the DVD is a region 2 DVD. When I ordered the DVD from Amazon, there was no indication that the DVD was not region 1 in the description. I will try to get a region 1 DVD and see if I can return this copy.
    I deducted 2 stars because of that.

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  7. duncan

    I remember seeing a part of the film & kept on trying to get a copy,
    Eventually the wait was well worth it,
    Just brilliant in all aspects & the slow motion clips are breath taking,
    Parts of the film are stuck in time, vehicles & health and safety. But the rest are timeless and just jaw dropping.

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  8. Tom Wecas

    I loved this movie. I lived in So Cal as kid and actually met some of the people in the movie so it is a little more personal to me. If you want to see through the knot hole back to a time that riding a dirt bike in in Southern California in the early 1970s this is the movie to see, a lot less people, a lot less regulation, and a lot less nanny government interference. If you wanted to ride in the desert an brake your neck it was your business. (Great time to be a dirt bike riding kid in California)

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  9. Patrick

    I saw this movie when it came out in the theater here in Albuquerque New Mexico. My best MC buddy Mark and I went and we loved it so much we hid in the bathroom three times to watch it four more times that same day. This movie changed my life. I have loved motorcycles ever since. I still ride and race. I watch this movie at least once or twice a year and feel it is THE most classic motorcycle movie ever and will never be surpassed. It is to motorcycles as The Endless Summer is to surf movies, and no surprise, Bruce Brown did both. I don’t know anyone who was around when this movie came out who loved motorcycles that doesn’t love this movie. It is a must watch for anyone, especially those who love motorcycles.

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  10. james

    I was lucky enough (and now am old enough) to have seen this movie when it first appeared in theaters.
    I was enthralled from the beginning to the end.
    Even “back then” it was obvious that this was a classic movie that captured a rapidly-changing era of off-road motorcycling.
    In the years afterward, the Japanese and European dirt bike companies began getting more and more serious about supplying world-class racing bikes. Soon, every kid could ride what the pros had been riding a year earlier, and the technology continued to provide more and more of what the riders’ skills lacked.
    But “back in the day” when this movie was made, it was more rider than machine and to my way of thinking more fun and less serious.
    No matter what your age, if you love anything two-wheeled on dirt, this movie will get your blood pumping and get your throttle-hand twitching!
    Bruce Brown worked on a shoestring budget, but that only helped him to put more heart and less theatrics into the movie. What he had done previously for surfing (“Endless Summer”), he did again for dirt biking.
    I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

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  11. They call me Goose

    A fabulous compilation of motorcycle sporting history, both in machinery terms and socially, quality film making of it’s time, anyone seriously interested in the background of the motorcycle sporting scene must own this!

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  12. PublicMenace1

    My husband has always loved this movie but his old copy had stopped playing properly so I replaced it with this dvd. He’s watched it at least three times in the 2 months he has had it, so he is clearly enjoying this copy of vintage motorcycle fun. Me? I bake cookies or watch something else on the other tv while he’s pretending to be Steve McQueen!

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  13. Rads

    This is a French version of the legendary film. The packaging and titles are written in French and the main commentary is dubbed into French.
    It is possible to select the American English commentary but in this mode I was unable to watch it without having French sub titles.
    Having said that, this is the original film (I think), which is a classic… a bit dated but great none the less. If you can ignore the sub-titles (which I can) then this is a cheap option of owning a copy of this classic motorcycle documentary.

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