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TT Isle of Man 2012 -HART AM LI – SP [DVD]

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TT Isle of Man 2012 -HART AM LI – SP [DVD]
TT Isle of Man 2012 -HART AM LI – SP [DVD]


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13 reviews for TT Isle of Man 2012 -HART AM LI – SP [DVD]

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  1. Woody

    I picked myself up off the floor after every crash and was grateful to find no bones broken. If there had been more discs like this, maybe they’d still be making 3D televisions.

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  2. michael burke

    It’s not very often that a movie about racing entertains like this. It is simply the best racing documentary I’ve ever seen. The quality of footage is insightful and breathtaking. The human stories of why these riders risk what they do, and the wives and mothers, along with race owners and the mechanics that make the speed of these machines is captured in a heart warming and touching way. I started riding a year ago and this movie evokes everything that it means a feels to ride a bike. prospective all the thoughts that go through your mind It’s a type of movie you will watch over and over again. The Irish, English accents are thick, subtitles is highly recommended, at least the first time through! I had heard about the TT races, I now realize the challenge that it is. Many of the best riders in Motor GP, marvel at what these riders do. There is a still shot in the movie of a church with its bells ringing and the still of a Sunday morning being broken with riders speeding around brick walls at top speed.
    Race fan or not you will love this movie, it’s a must see.

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  3. L. Carlson

    Although this is a good look at preparations for IOM by Guy Martin and others nothing beats his On-board 5 star chase of Michael Dunlop in 2014.
    Still, definitely worth watching.

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  4. Mr. J. A. Bentley

    Before writing this review I have to say that I love motorcycles myself but have not ridden one for 50 yrs. I am into fast cars and speed myself, I spend a lot of time on roads in North Wales, Yorkshire and the Peak district in a luxury car with :N: number of air-bags and other safety features, but when these bike riders overtake me on roads where I am doing the maximum speed I often think that it would be quicker for me to get out of the car and walk by comparison. Now after seeing this film I am beginning to understand their thrill or buzz that they get out of it, but to do this on tight bends and varying road services I think that the mothers and wife’s must have some heart stopping moments. Sadly one day in North Wales I came across a young man laying in the road by the side of the motorbike that he would never ever ride again. In conclusion I would say that you are a long time dead and at nearly 80 I still think life is a privilege and has a value beyond anything else. So I would say that changes should be made to these circuits in the way that Formulae 1 was changed in the 1970s, No I am not a kill joy but these frequent deaths are a stain on the race organisers consciences. I really thought that the film was superb and was edge of the seat entertainment, but at the same time a wake up call to the reality of danger.

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  5. Olympus

    Love everything about the isle of man tt. Guy Martin reminds me of the real true racing legends. Watched this on my 120″ screen with 2 subwoofers and an butt kicker attached to my seat. Volume turned up, lights out, projector on, action and wowee!!! The on board footage is incredible with an huge screen and the 3d makes it even better. Used to the sound of racing bikes trackside and this truly sounds like I am back at the track. Everyone is asking to borrow this from me but I cannot stop watching it so go buy your own! Good sound, good visuals, good solid story to follow, true life and death. An utterly enjoyable watch for everyone. Please please make an follow up.

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  6. Jon Billsberry

    I should start this review by saying that although I enjoy watching motor car racing (especially Formula 1), I’ve never followed motorbike racing and I don’t ride a motorbike either. To be honest, they scare me half to death. And I came to this film having just seen the much-hyped Senna, which I enjoyed and admired, but wouldn’t rate as a great film. I was fearing that it would be similarly over-hyped. But I couldn’t be more wrong. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen and I would recommend it to everyone regardless of whether or not they like motor racing (of any type).

    What makes this documentary so great is that it explores the human condition and, in particular, attempts to explain why these men risk their lives to win a race. And they certainly do risk their lives and they know they are risking their lives. The year of TT races that this documentary covers allows the filmmakers to explore the full range of experience. They do this by observing the participants and letting them talk. There is no attempt to force the analysis; instead, we see how these men are drawn into this obsessional pastime and it comes to define their lives. The film is quite extraordinary in the way you get behind the various characters and by the end you cannot help but admire their brave passion. The racing shots are pretty awesome as well. And if you don’t know the story of that year’s TT races, you will be drawn into a dramatic roller-coaster of emotion.

    Only one aspect of the film disappointed me; the 3D. I wouldn’t have minded if the whole film was in 3D or if none of it was (frankly I’d have preferred the whole thing in 2D so that I could concentrate on the characters). But the 3D version is deeply flawed because although most of the film is shot in 3D, they couldn’t mount 3D cameras on the bikes. So what would have been the most amazing 3D shots ever – blasting around the life-threatening curves of the TT course – are absent. And the switching between the 2D and 3D causes you to notice and watch the effects rather than allowing you to focus on the story. But, of course, with this release, you can sit back and watch the whole film in blu-ray or DVD 2D, which is the way to go.

    This really is a fabulous film and one of the cinematic gems of 2011.

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  7. Rich Turner

    I am something of a motorcycle fan and enthusiast, so thoroughly enjoyed this awesome movie.

    But, to my surprise, my wife and my eldest daughter both really enjoyed this movie and the colorful characters that are driven to take part in one of the most exciting and dangerous motorsports races in the world.

    Great behind-the scenes look at the more-authentic, less-glamorous side of motorsports and what it takes to risk it all for nothing more than one’s name on a plaque.

    Why this hasn’t been picked-up for screenings and distribution here in the USA is anyone’s guess.

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  8. William A. Johnson

    Great look at some of the riders of the Isle Of Mann TT races. 3-D added a lot to my enjoyment. You will need a 3-D Blue Ray Player that will play region B discs. I purchased a universal 3-D player a few years ago so that I could enjoy some films that are not available on North American region A discs. So if you own a player that can play region B, I highly recommend this Blu-Ray.

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  9. Hi Def Watcher

    I have an Oppo player that plays any region disc.
    I wanted to see what my 3d tv could do with the Isle of Man.
    Most discs here are just recaps.

    This is a documentary.

    I was so impressed, and need I say now I am a Guy Martin fan!
    This is indepth, and does discuss the crashes that occur every year, sad but real.
    If you can play a redion 2 3D disc, this is a must have!

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  10. Michael Dobey

    excellent native 3d documentary shot in the uk. It is about motorcycle racing and it should have come out here in the u.s. But of course we didn’t get it. It’s region b I think. I have a all region 3d blu ray player so to me it doesn’t matter what region it is. This has lots of great shots of people on motorcyles racing around. And they are engaged in a very dangerous race. The blu ray looks outstanding and has a boring flat 2d version. (as compared to the exciting 3d version visually). This is worth owning. Just check out the region before you buy it. The blu rays picture is outstanding either way you watch it. But 3d fans should want this one in their collection for sure.

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  11. jack n kern

    Great video, read other reviews for info. If you’re in the USA and don’t have a European standard blu-ray player you can still watch the movie. Blu-ray package comes with a PAL standard-def DVD as well as the blu-ray disk. PAL dvd won’t play in your Blu-ray or DVD player, but played great in the DVD drive on my Windows 7 computer in Windows Media Player. If you have a computer with HDMI video output, you’re in business for your big flatscreen TV as well.

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  12. Robert Morris

    I have to ‘fess up and declare that I knew absolutely diddly squat about motorbike racing or the Isle of Man TT (except that they are both VERY fast), but brought this DVD after watching the BBC TV show ‘The Boat That Guy Built’ and finding myself fascinated with the character that is Guy Martin. I wasn’t disappointed on either front – there is plenty of focus on Guy Martin, more so than the other riders, but the racing left me breathless and with sweating palms. I was absolutely in awe of what these riders do and the speeds at which they do it at; as a documentary it works on every level – informative, exciting and never a dull moment. The filming of the racing is very well done, giving a real sense of just how fast these guys race and the danger they face on every corner; in fact this film is also tinged with sadness, as every year racers and members of the public lose their life either racing or riding the TT course. Again, the film makers handle this aspect of the phenomenon that is TT very well and strike just the right balance between the thrilling action on the course and the devastation to those left behind when a rider dies. As well as the main feature and extras, there is a bonus DVD with even more to keep the viewer hooked – all in all this is definitely worth buying, even for those like me who aren’t neccesarily into motorbike racing – I defy anyone not to be blown away by this. There is a great quote from the film – ‘Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive’ – sums up what these guys do perfectly!

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  13. NodNodPilot

    There was alweays the danger that this may have been another ordinary to good film about the TT that was launched with over enthusiastic marketing. This is certainly not the case and is an excellent film in almost every respect.
    Much has been made about the content around Guy Martin who comes across as a person with a distinctly individual character – rightly so and you may change your opinion about him once you have seen this. He is certainly different to many of the other of TT’s winners and front runners that you see in this film.
    The on bike shots, drama of the races, team background is all well portrayed with accuracy, style and in some cases artistically (the latter is questionable whether it is needed but is does add to the spectacle of the event).
    Final word – a well made film that is a must, not only for bike fans, but anyone keen on motorsport.

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