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Extreme Life – Inspirational Series Vol.16

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Extreme Life – Inspirational Series Vol.16
Extreme Life – Inspirational Series Vol.16


From the makers of the Award-winning TV series XLTV comes a DVD series designed to take today’s Generation to the next level. Powerful, life Changing testimonies from the world’s top extreme athletes and personalities living on the edge. Each DVD includes 3 episodes with Relative Topics, exotic travel and images that will have you on the edge of your seat- Xtreme Life- Sports with a message.

Topics Include:

FEAR: Fear plays a big part in extreme sports – fear can make or break us. In this episode we will see how these athletes deal with the live or die moment. We’ll be checking out some insane motocross action, from around the world. We’ll catch up with pro- snowboarder Paul Hardy to see how Jesus has changed his life. Next, we’re going to head over to Hawaii to talk with big wave surfer Manny Carabello, and witness God’s awesome creation as it’s never been seen before. The world’s biggest wave called JAWS at it’s best and the new sport of foil board surfing. We’re going to meet up with Mark Golter tearing up the road to see what it takes to overcome the fear factor, and to be a world champion downhill speed skater. Plus a whole lot more all on this episode of XTREME LIFE.

CHANGES: Change can be quite interesting and it can bring out the good or bad in all of us so how do we handle changes in everyday life? In this episode we’ve got all kinds of crazy action that’s gonna have you on the edge of your seat. Next we’ll meet up with Professional freestyle motocross rider Dave Demangos to hear what he has to say about being a Christian in the Motocross world Then we’re heading over to Hawaii where world famous pipeline surfer Tamayo Perry is being a warrior for Christ We’re taking off to the mountains to meet up with Matt Hammer, a pro snowboarder who’s using his gifts to impact a culture Plus a whole lot more all on this episode of XTREME LIFE.

GOALS: Setting goals and then trying to achieve them is one of the most difficult challenges no matter what age you’re at. So today we gonna look at some keys to help you achieve your goals. We’re gonna be rocking out at Spirit West Coast in California, but before we go there hop on board as we fly across to Hawaii and witness some of the largest waves ever ridden on a surfboard. Up next we’ll go skateboarding with the guys from Glory Skateboards. Get ready for this weeks Trick Tip with Boarders For Christ team rider, Jackie Anderson as she takes us step by step through the initial stages of surfing. To finish things off we’ll spend a day in the life of Pro BMX bike rider, Mike Montgomery, All this Plus a whole lot more on this action packed episode of XLTV.

Total Run Time: 68 minutes

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