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  • Two Way Remote Control
  • 3.5mm Microphone Extension Cable
  • 1700 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Built-in, noise reducing microphone
  • MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards up to 64GB


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  1. Amazon Customer

    Its works very well but I find the buttons on the actual camera a little unresponsive (fine with the remote). For example when I turn it on I have to wait a few seconds for it to initialize, fair enough but then I want it to just start recording and get going however I’m finding I have to press and hold the button to start recording but if it’s very easy to accidentally just turn it off again which is annoying, I might just need to get used to it

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Good picture quality, batt life is around 3 hours, recommend getting a separate charger

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  3. Jason

    Camera does perform well and I’m quite pleased with the battery life. Just check sample videos on YouTube to see sample videos. YouTube compresses them severely but you’ll at least get an idea, actual quality is incredible though, even in pretty low light scenarios.

    **No charger**
    I’m disappointed that the camera does not come with a charger. You get a USB cable that you have to connect to your computer which charges very slowly and sometimes not fully or you have to get your own wall adapter charger.

    **Get a fast memory card, not a cheap one**
    Originally I had some trouble getting this camera to operate without giving me errors, freezing, etc. It ended up that my micro SD card was not fast enough to handle the 1080p video being written to it. I switched to a SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB micro SD card and have had no problems since. Originally I had the SanDisk Ultra micro SD card which was too slow.

    Drift’s customer service was unable to help me find the correct memory card. They simply told me not to use the SanDisk Ultra line because they’re too slow. They recommended using cards from the brands PNY and Samsung. I bought a card from each of those companies and did not have success with them either. It was very frustrating to me that they could not simply recommend specific cards that they knew would work.

    **Poorly packaged**
    I ended up ordering 2 of these cameras from Amazon and both came loose in the plastic display box. So they were bouncing around inside which concerned me. I guess they should be able to handle it though, but it just seemed odd especially since there is a place for them to be attached via their mount but neither one was.

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  4. electronics_buyer212

    I had a Ghost and was very happy with it until the USB port finally wore out making that camera unusable. For a replacement, I decided to ‘upgrade’ to the Ghost-S.
    When the camera functions as expected, which is most of the time, it’s a great improvement over the Ghost.

    The problem is that the camera is finicky.
    Sometimes it can decide to just not turn off no matter what combinations of buttons you press. The only way out of that is to let it run out of battery or to disconnect the battery so you run the risk of losing your movie.

    The worst part is when it starts failing to record, even after it successfully starts recording, and you get NO INDICATION that it has decided to stop recording.
    The latest failures are when it ‘suddenly decides’ that the card that it is using is too slow.. Well, the camera has been happy with that same card for many many hours and it also happens to be one of the highest speed rated cards there is. When the camera just stops recording because it doesn’t like the card, YOU GET NO NOTICEABLE INDICATION THAT IT DECIDED TO QUIT RECORDING. Maybe it does beep or something, but if it does, you can’t hear it over the road noise (this is an action camera after all).
    Today I lost a ‘never will happen again’ unexpected event because the camera had decided to just stop recording because it didn’t like the card, midstream.. This was not the first time that this kind of ABORT has happened, it has happened numerous times in the past, but it is the first time that it’s happened when there was some event going on that I particularly would have liked to have had a video record of it.

    I think the Go Pros look goofy, presenting a full flat camera like face to the wind, but if it reliably records.. I’ll be looking for one of those in the future..

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  5. brianbt

    I bought thid to replace a pencil camera looking to do vlogging. All comments related to its used on a Shoei Neotec and Shark evoline helmets with mic mounted inside the helmet. The ability to rotate the lens is a considerable benefit and allows the camera to be mounted in the most convenient place; the mounting has proved 100% reliable. The glass coating appears to provide a very high resistance to scratching.

    I am a 50 yo motor bike rider owning several bikes new and old.

    I am technically competent and found the set up simple. The instructions provided could be improved but youtube has several resources which more than compensates.

    The user interface is intuitive although I have accidentally found myself in the wrong mode with the camera not recording; this is a user issue and easy to compensate though pre-use checks.

    I had the mic on highest sensitivity initially; voice clear was understandable but substantially improved when sensitive turned down to medium.

    Video was excellent; I initially tried to control file sizes my setting frame rate to 30FPS. At this the picture quality was more than adequate but freeze frame was problematic, I now run at 50 fps.

    I have an older i7 laptop processing video in sony movie studio platinum and have no lagging or performance issues.

    I bought the Ghost-s over the competitors as I prefer its lower front aspect; I have no balance issues with my helmet and do not notice noise difference between when it is and isn’t mounted on the helmet.

    I use the wrist remote control; the instructions are dreadful and you have to figure it out for yourself which is difficult as the LED colors differ from what appears on the camera but once you do it works fine. For me its essential as the buttons on the camera are too small for sue with gloves.

    I have used this in all type of weather including bright sunshine, fog, heavy rain, frosty mornings and yet to find it lacking. Water proofing appears to be perfect.

    Battery life is excellent and I typically get several hours use with no issues- I though about buying spare batteries but at the moment don’t see the point. Charging is not bad taking around 3 hours from empty to full on a normal USB lead; I don’t have a dedicated charged so it may well be quicker.

    Negatives- the only one I have is that the USB port rubber broke off after only a few weeks use. The replacement unit is still intact after several months but I do treat it with kid gloves.

    Overall its a great camera and more than adequate for vlogging.

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  6. Paul Charlton

    This was bought for a relative, to use on an overland trip in his Land Rover. Latest pictures from snowy Norway suggest that it is functioning very well.

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  7. Amazon Customer


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  8. Tom L.

    I purchased this camera several years ago. I have it mounted on my bike and use it on every ride. I ride about 5000 a year so it has been with me for about 15000 miles of pedaling over hundreds of rides. It is still kicking and I have never had an issue with it. Battery life is fantastic. Typically I get about 3 hours per charge. On very long rides I bring along a spare battery. No need to buy the overpriced Drift batteries. I use the Wasabi batteries sold here for far less and their performance has actually been a little better that the one that comes with the unit. I use this camera mostly so I have a record of any incident that may occur on my rides. I recently broke my rear facing Cycliq 6 cam/taillight combination. I have decided to replace that with another Drift Ghost S as I have had such a good experience with the first one. So now I will have two of these cams on my bike, one forward and one rear facing. I also use the Gopro mount adapters available for the Ghost so I have all the mounting options with Gopro mounts. The only minor issue, it does pick up a lot of wind noise. I purchased an external Drift mic and this took care of the problem.

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