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Angel’s Wild Women

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Angel’s Wild Women
Angel’s Wild Women


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8 reviews for Angel’s Wild Women

3.8 out of 5
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  1. R. Berahovich

    Ross Hagen told me, in an interview, that the movie was shot at the Manson Ranch before the killings! He didn’t say whether Manson was there, but he did say that his wife Claire was so unnerved by the Manson clan that she couldn’t play her parts… and so they had to bring in another actress!

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  2. Linda Scott

    The Hells Angels get boring for their girlfriends, who decide to go raping and pillaging without them for a change. A hell of a good time. Regina Carroll and Linda Gordon with their girl gang are mean hot and sexy. A real cult classic you don’t want to miss.

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  3. M. Salmestrelli

    Sam Sherman explains the history of this movie with his excellent audio commentary. Troma and Sherman were thoughtful in their releasing of Adamson’s earlier works.

    Sherman explains how the film started out as a biker chicks movie but because it was being made literally just after the end of biker movies, it was not marketable. Enter reshooting and recasting the biker chicks as the protagonists against the Manson family types filmed on the real Spahn’s ranch. Filming on the ranch gives this movie a disturbing undercurrent of horror which does add to the menacing elements of the Manson family type characters. Imagine a Nazi war picture being made in Auschwitz in the late 40’s. An ugly feeling.

    The blending of storylines and reimagining of characters makes this a little uneven but it does work given the budget. With Al Adamson movies, it’s best to think of them in context with his low budget B-movie contemporaries.

    It’s sad that biker films came to an abrupt end in the late 60’s, early 70’s. This is one of the last made and it’s worth watching.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Super rare angels wild women one of the last films to b shot at the old charlie manson ranch he had already been in incarceration for 18 months by the time this film was shot in 71. a must for a grindhouse film collector

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  5. Al Pocolypse

    did not realize i was getting a burned disc. this piece of crap won”t even play on 3 different dvd players. very dissatisfied.

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  6. chris oliver

    a cult classic

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  7. Freakbag

    Biker gangs cruising around, causing little trouble.
    Having scene Satan’s Sadists first, I was not as impressed with AWW. The chicks could have been a little meaner and some more violence might have helped. Dragged at several spots.

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  8. creston hannaford

    This is one of my favorite reels by Al Adamson! Great biker sleaze from the 70’s. An Exploitation gem

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